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Apple iPhone XS
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Apple iPhone XS
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Nice design, Handy and easy multi tasking

Finally I decided to go with Apple as it now has an LED screen instead of IPS LCD screens that Iphone 8+ and previous versions had.. ( I also used my dads iphoneX for around 2 months and decided to go for this when I was convinced) Though it is expensive, i believe its worth the money.. I feel its much more secure than Android and its not forcing me to have Facebook, Youtube etc that my Previous Samsung phones always did... Just to let y ll know that I was a big fan of samsung.. I have used Note 1,2,3,4,8 S4, S7 edge etc.. Though its screen was good.. they use to slow down after some time of use.. I purchased an Apple only after positive reviews from my friends and I am loving this so far.. 3 GB RAM in iphone x or 4 GB RAM here in iPhone XS is far better than 6 GB ram in a Samsung.. I also play PUBG and I am also loving the Gaming experience.. Very important, it runs on High graphics mode where as my Note 8 use to work on medium graphics even when I used the mobile on Gaming, High performance or Entertainment mode... So, I am loving my iPhone so far..And the face ID is just awesome...

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Exquisites as peace of jewelry.

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Not worth

Too much .. just too much heating Same in hands as iPhone X

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Golden Brick iPhone XS

Pros :Phone looks elegant & has amazing built quality.Curved edges and it's shiny appearance will grab the attention of alliOS 12 is smooth and has lot of enhancement which are friendlySiri seems to have settled. She clearly understand what we say... Ofcourse, still cannot answer all the questions though.Cons :Such an expensive phone & it does not support 4k display though it's a OLED screen. That's very disappointingCharging your phone will take 2.5 hrs as the charger provided is a tiny tod which does not support fast charging.Very slippery & tend to slip and fall if cover is not used. I would recommend spigen transparent cover which provides complete protection. Since it is covered with glass, it will attract smudges. You need to always carry a cloth to clean it.Overall, only buy if you are passionate of iPhone, if not you have ample number of Android phones in market which are far better than this device.

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Only four star

Double sim support

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