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Asus Fonepad 7 ME175CG
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Rs 14,500
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Asus Fonepad 7 ME175CG
Expected Price
₹ 14,500
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Pathetic after sales service

A friend of mine bought this tablet in January. I asked him about the review of this product. He said "If the product works fine, it's a good purchase but if it fails, you'll be tortured by ASUS service centre in getting it back to normal state ". The basic problem was that the motherboard had going bad completely within two months of purchase. When asked for repairing at service centre, they quoted the price much higher(Rs 18k) than the cost of the product(Rs 15k). It was surprising to understand how a motherboard can cost higher than the product.nI would recommend you to not buy this product as I did not buy it too after this suggestion.nnAlso, Flipkart deleted review of one of the reviewer and my friend Gaurav. He was sent an email by flipkart to remove his review and when he did not remove it, flipkart deleted the deview.nAs his review was against ASUS and its product which might be decreasing the sales, they prefer to keep user preference and customer satisfaction below their sales. Never expected this from flipkart.

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Just bought Fonepad 7 from Flipkart

Friends, I have been referring about the best tab to buy around 20k for over a month. I have considered Samsung TAB 3, NVIDIA TEGRA TAB, NEXUS 7 2013 and Fonepad 7.nnFonepad 7 is by faaar the best tab ever made in the mid range. It outlives the hype made about Nexus and Tab 3.nnProsn+The phone features are as good as a normal smart phone, and tab is better than a non-phone tab. So, you get twice for the same moneyn+ Finish is top class. (though build quality can be improved)n+You get to choose 3G or Wifi for net, which makes it convenientn+Intel performs better than Snapdragon in every possible way.n+Music quality is awesome(though it is not loud enough for indian taste). You can hear every minute detail in the musicn+Asus mini apps are a new dimension to androidn+Flipkart service is too goodnnConsn+A bit heavy to holdn+Glossy screen is bad(buy a matt finish screen guard)n+No flash in camerannBottomline:nAll Nexus lovers and Tegratab lovers, FonePad 7 is by far my product of the year...Go for it.. Il give it 4.5/5

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not at all good ASUS zer quality !! bad mobo, bad router, bad phones, worst firmwares and now worst tablet

Looks - 3/5 nVery simplennBuild - 2/5 nNot at all impressive built is that of old Micromax phones. The power button was malfunctioning since day 1. I had to replace it WS seller replaced it for me in a weeks time. In the new piece, power button is working but it is not at all sturdy it will surely spoil within few months.nThere is no protection for MicroSD slot which is in the side. Its open! So its a headache during Monsoon. Plus dust will go inside easily.nMaterial is full plastic and you can see uneven surfaces and gaps at many places like one sees in chinese phones.nThere is no Gorilla Glass for such a big screen so a Screen Guard is a must.nYou cant remove the battery so tough to root this device in future.nPhablet is very heavy so not Mobile.nnUI and OS - 1/5nBugs and bloatwares nothing else !!!! Laggy like anything since kitkat... Call drops always first time... then works fine second time.... and terrible updates because...nNOTE : with one of the OTA update there was no network for all owners of this tablet for almost a month till they released a bug fix update again!!! IMAGINE!!!nnCamera - 3/5nCamera is good taking into consideration the price. Its a simple 5MP cam and ya it does feel like 5MP. Can only be used for timepass clicks ad notes and not for photography at all.nFront cam is VGA its good for Videocalling.nBoth cams are useless in the dark. There is no flash. nnMusic - 3/5nMusic output is good if used with good headphones like JBL, Sony etc. Device doesnt come with headphones. nBesides there is a problem with all fonepads. Headphones will fail to detect when you put first time. Then when you remove headset, it will show that headset is plugged and music will start playing on speakers automatically! After some initial plug ins and outs, headphones will start getting detected properly and will play properly then. Please insert headphones fully in its a bit tight you need to push hard.nnCall Quality - 2/5nnot at all clear and have to hold it in a special way wtf!!!nnNetwork - 3/5nWorks fine now! 3G working good and also Wifi is functioning properly.nNOTE : with one of the OTA update there was no network for all owners of this tablet for almost a month till they released a bug fix update again!!! IMAGINE!!!nnBrowsing - 4/5nNo Problem!nnPerformance - 2/5nsince kitkat the phone lags like crazy... performance is terrible man! nnDisplay - 3.5/5nDisplay is not bright enough. Gotto keep it at 100% for medium brightness. Viewing angle is good alomst 175 degrees cause of IPS technology but again I dont like that people besides you can see everything. PPI is only 206 and Resolution is 1280x800. But still the color reproduction is fair and clarity is pretty fine. Its very glossy so too much reflective and too many fingerprints. Dont forget to buy a Matte Finish Screen Guard for this one. You will get on eBay not in local stores. No Gorilla Glass so thats a very big headache! For overall daily task, display is not bad at all.nnBattery - 3/5nlasts half day maxnnMemory - 4.5/5n16GB internal (11GB available) and 64GB expandable. 1GB RAM available as said but 1.5GB wouldve been better causer 780MB is used by the OS. Plus you can insert any Pendrive it has OTG feature and its working. So virtually you have infinite memory!nnSpeakers - 1/5nPathetic! Its has dual speakers but the volume is extremely low! The volume of my LG phone with single small speaker is way better! With this phablet you need say goodbye to text to speech, google now speech output and whatsapp voice chatting. Really disappointing speakers I dont know what Asus was doing that it went ahead with such shameful speakers!nnFinal Verdict - waste - 1.5/5

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One Of the best Supports keyboard and mouse

I wanted to take time before I write a review so its after one month of use . To say I am extremely happy with the product . I have used TAB for last 3 years including Blackberry playbook . And this didnt disappoint me . I searched for that perfect tab for 4 months before purchasing this one . there are positive and negative both ..nn+ n1. The screen quality is quit good and impressiven2. The processor is intel so no talk on quality .n3. Video. I ran a 6 Gb movie . it was smooth . seeking further into the movie was quick and instant .n4. Subway surfers , temple run are ok .n5 . The TAB supports KEYBOARD and Mouse (I tried it and tested) you have to purchase a OTG cable you also get that arrow like windown6. the tab supports 64 gbn7. The sound quality in dual speaker is quiet good . always try not to keep it at 100 % that will effect its longevity. Beside there is an app named audiowizard . Its an excellent app by asus . you can control the audio environment with it .n8. There is reading mode to make your reading strain free .n9. Battery backup is excellent if more . I had playbook and it had a massive 5300 mAh . and this one is no less . I charged it 1 day 12 h back with 45% charge still left , continuous wi-fi on (no gaming off-course) with game it lasts for 5 hr . n10. there is a widget named Task manager by asus , it helps in keeping the ram free .(Though it shows not adequate ram "one of my negative point" but then asus has taken care of it pretty well )n11. Wi-fi signal strength is mindboggling ... my sony phone , playbook has 1 signal bar and this beast has 3nn-n1. RAM is not adequate 2gb would have made it perfect . you can feel that lag (though negligible) . using task manager frees up the space . n2. The back cover is extremely extremely extremely slippery . very poor design by Asus . I had to purchase a universal cover to solve this problem .n3. There are few software bugs right now in the recent update like .. the help menu opens now and then , the number of home screen always stays to 5 even though you decrease them to 3 they will again go to 5 after restart (Its a software issue so can be rectified) n4. Proper screen guard is not available . but having dual speaker helps in smaller screen guard to fit in without cutting it .n5. The main point .. Asphalt 8 lags in high setting . so gamers go for nexus .n6. The audio quality of the phone is poor . but then who uses a oversized phone to talk and make fun of himself , using bluetooth solves the issue . nnOverall :n There are other brand too even those computer making big companies who are venturing into tab world ,all this have same price range and similar config . But they have past background of abandoning there tab with no support . Asus builds nexus which has huge sale beside this fonepad 7 had previous version . so I do expect asus to be in TAB business in long term . so support available . this tab also provides call facilities which actually helps than just 3g . In just 3g without call you cant dial to see the balance or 3g balance .

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Good but not the Best

I have been using this product for almost 2 weeks now and I think this will be more accurate and unbiased.nnPRO'sn+IPS HD Screen - Images and Videos look great from any angle.n+Processor - Intel Clover Trail+ gets you good performance and Efficiency.n+Camera - 5MP rear with decent photos and FHD Video, Good wide angle front camera with HD resolution.n+Memory - Comes with 4gb usable memory but expandable up to 64gb with external SD card.(Class 10 16GB external SD will cost you just 850 RS)n+Call Facility + 3G - Now this puts the tablets above the rest. I can use it as a phone and I can access internet anywhere with the help of 3G/2G.n+Music & Video - The music quality is really good(through Earphones) & FHD videos play flawlessly.n+Android - Updated to 4.3 Jelly Bean. Smooth and Fast.n+Battery - Gets you through a day easily.n+Charger - Comes with a 1.35A charger and gets you a quick charging for such a huge battery.nnCON'sn+Glossy Screen - The screen is very glossy and feels uncomfortable for eyes in bright outdoors. The screen also suffers from lack of optimum brightness. The touch sensitivity is also not upto the mark.n+Call UI - The User Interface for calling is a bit buggy. Attending calls is troublesome most of the times. Bluetooth call connectivity is poor, takes 3-4 sec to connect to the call after pressing the call button.n+GPS & Compass - 8M accuracy even with GLONASS in open space !!!. My Xperia S locks on with 3M accuracy even inside my office. Compass is not so acurate either.n+External Speakers - Comes with a Dual Speaker and yet sounds less than my Xperia S Mono Speaker. Very badly disappointed.n+Build Quality - Not great at all. Doesn't feel sturdy.n+Accessory - No Earphones.nnOverall its a gret value for money Tab and good enough for designer like me. Please don't forget to charge your Tab for 8 hours before first use(Read user Manual).

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