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Asus Zenfone 4 A450CG
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Asus Zenfone 4 A450CG
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Do not Buy This Product

I got this product some 2 weeks back from Flipkart at Rs. 5999.nnThe phone was working fine till today, apart from heating , camera and low battery life issues. I was fine with them as I anticipated them before buying.nnBut today as I was sitting on a chair and working , I tried to take my phone out of my pocket and it fell (approximately from knee height).nnAnd the great so called Gorilla glass shattered to pieces.nI called Flipkart they refused to take any ownership about the issue, they gave me some local Service Center Address, where Asus was no existing.nnnI called Asus number available in web, was able to connect after 6 hrs of repeated retries.nThey gave the right address of the support center, and when I reached there my frustration doubled.nnThey asked for Rs 4000.00 just for the glass (display and touch are working fine) for a phone which I bought at 5999.nnI tried calling Asus guys and they said they do not have any information about price of spare parts.nnNow I do not know whom to reach out, probably the only option to get my phone serviced at the asked price.nProbably that is the plan of Flipkart/ Asus when the market or sell the product.nnI would suggest not to buy this phone.

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Where did the Zenfone A450CG Vanish???

Asus were supposed to launch 2 models of Zenfone 4 via Flipkart,ni.e,nA400CGnandnA450CGnnwith the later having a bigger screen(4.5') + Better Camera(8MP) + Led Flash + better battery(1750Mah) + Better Screen Resolution(480x854) and also Android 4.4.x KitKat out of the box only @Rs.1000 more.nnBut I guess Flipkart realized the fact that the A450CG would kill the sales of A400CG,nSo vanished away the A450CG model listing totally.nnEven today,nwhen you google "A450CG" the 4th link that shows,is of the flipkart's selling page of the same.nBut to everyone's demise,on clicking the link,we are taken to the homepage of flipkart.nnSame happened to the Zenfone 5 (8gb) series to sell the (16gb) version.nPrice being the vice-versa factor in that case.nnAlthough its a good marketing strategy,nBut people,nWe shouldn't be fooled with such marketing tricks.nStop buying this phone and wait for the A450CG to be brought back,or leave a mail to Asus regarding the same.nnOnce done,the price of this model will automatically get lowered too.

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After nearly 4 months of use.....previous titleDon't worry Radio is there....and much more to expect or not to expect.

After nearly 4 months of use:n----------------------------nThis is gonna hurt.nThe phone used to crash many times.but there were many updates from Asus for that too to resolve those crashes.may be they knew this.nnAnd when new Android OS update came on air, was happy thinking of what new features it will give me, but then phone refused to update and got stuck.had to reset from recovery menu and then again when I checked for updates, it says no new updates.looks like Asus removed new OS upgrade for the moment from its servers or may be its another bug.nnAnd now the phone keeps on restarting when I do the following:nnPlace the phone on a metal surface and then start play store and try to just access app list. Boom!! It restarts everytime on doing this. also when screen is turned off, it gets shutdown automatically after sometime without my someone may be trying to call me, but its no disturbance :-)nnFinally I will give it 5 stars on a negative scale if available. Will update more once I take it to their service centre for repair.nnPrevious review:n----------------nYes i said it right. The phone does have a radio. I don't know why the spec says no radio. So after clearing this doubt, i directly come to the pros and cons:nnPros: n1. Budget Price of 6000n2. Dual Simn3. Front and Rear Cameran4. Radion5. Resolution is 800x480, but i didn't find any pixelation. So don't worry it's a good display resolution.n6. 4" screen its enough good size.n7. 1 GB RAMn8. LED light in front for charging statusnnCons:n1. Both Sims can't work on 3G. One Sim has to be operated on 2G if you want other Sim to use 3G.n2. No option to have network as "Automatic" "3G only". Only "2G only" option is there to select, if not selected then it takes default setting as automatic because i can see the network switching sometimes between Edge and H+.n3. Speakers are too low on sound in some applications and while ringing.n4. Will not charge most of the times from Laptop USB port. Keeps on saying "Insufficient current".n5. No earphones provided in the box.n6. Very glossy display. Its definitely a mirror. Though not very irritating.n7. Selecting hide application option in application menu removes icon from home screen also.n8. "BACK, HOME, RECENT APPS" buttons at the bottom doesn't have a back-light.n9. Volume and power button are easily exposed and prone to damage when back cover is openednnI hope this review helps.

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Fixed battery Issue ....

hey guyz .nI bought this phone before 1 month.nthe phone is working perfect .n1. Back Camera is very good. however flash is missing. Front is ok not too great. the best thing about the camera is auto focus. Camera is heavily customised. front camera also has face detection sensor which generally not fount in this price segment.n2.display is good. however viewing angles are too great but satisfactory.ndisplay is bright enough . you cant feel any problem even in sunlight.n3.sim card are working good,network strenght is also good.but one thing that i felt is bad we can not connect manually to 3G network . Hope ASUS will do something in KItkat update.nPerformance of the cpu is quite impressive. Antutu benchmark is over 18000 which is realy surprising in this range. heads off to Intel.n4.speaker Sound is very clear however too low . we can not hear anything in noisy environment . sound in headphone is very impressive . however u cant get any of the earphone within the box . you have to sort out some extra bucks for this.n5.The design of the phone is very good. good thing is capactive buttons are out of screen but bad thing is they are not BACKLED.back cover is good ,it has rubberised coating . feels very good in hand .power button and volume rockers are made of cheap plastic with metal finishing.n6.Gorrila glass looks good . it would get any of scratches hardly.n7.lets talk about software .nphone is operating on Android 4.3 jellybean OS .User interface is heavily customised by Asus by ZEN UI which is running makkhan malai on this phone .ZEN UI looks quite different .i thing Asus has done hard work on getting what people want.n8. Call quality is pretty awesome and crystal clear.n9. Battery : one of the major problem with the phone is its battery.nbattery is of 1600 mAH which is not too bad .nnormally phone works for 4 to 5 hour in continuous usage of wifi and web browsing.nbut guyz today em gonna tell you how u can increase the battery life .nfirst location services and auto syncing should be off.nsecond smart saving function should be on in ultra saving mode .nthird u cant find in the phone . but i m telling how you do find in the phone .nGo to setting>About>software information >build number.nclick on build number 5 times continously . now it will tell you that now you are a Developer.nnow open setting again and u will find the option of "developer option" at bottom side .nopen it and find "set background process" at bottom side ,open and "set it two or one."nnow done . it will increase your battery life from 4 hours to 8 hours. battery would not drain automatically even in stand by mode .nThank you all.ngud luck.

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we have not received notification when the mobile was in stock ???

I have been waiting for the mobile to get in stock , all of a sudden it shows out of stock from coming soon ...nit was not notified when the device was in stock ... why flipkart has notify me option when they can't justify them ...nnPlease inform well in advance so that we can book them .....

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