Asus Zenfone 5 (8GB, 1.6GHz)
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Asus Zenfone 5 (8GB, 1.6GHz)
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Poor market strategy and poor customer care

I have been looking up for 8 GB version since last 20 days and its still unavailable while 16 GB is available all the time. I guess its just a strategy to sell 16 GB version more because both the phone have same features except of memory at the cost diffrence of 3000 bucks.nIt is very much Disappointing.Such a big customer oriented company you should not act up on like this.You are creating big advertisements this fone is blaa blaaaa blaa and at end of the time availability is nill.What is this ? You are giving a wrong message to the customers.If the stock is not there up to the market needs you should not give the advertisement,people will select some other brand and let them relax.This is like gambling.why some fones are selling @ premium rates?One of my friend got 8gb phone yesterday night.You people are cheating us.Ur strategy everybody knows.Even i tried ur cc yesterday night but no use ,Keep on giving the message that ur in a que or ur call is more important to us so please be on line .How long we can wait for the silly thing.Not only that in SO be straight and honest in terms of Advertisements.

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Broken Display with a fall from a height of 3 FEET.

Dear Friends,nnRecommended Only for persons who can handle it with CARE. Here is my story.. nnThe Mobile worked satisfactorily as per the specifications except the Battery Life but I am more concerned with the Gorilla Glass. I just dropped the mobile from a height of about 3 feet and when I picked up my phone, I was shocked to see my glass broken on the first fall itself. nnShocked as I was a Samsung user and have dropped my Old phone a multiple times without causing any damage to it.nnBiggest Shock was when I called the Asus Service Center mentioned in the ASUS website to find out that the replacement would cost me an approximate of Rs. 4500. nnI bought this phone for 10,000 and the glass replacement cost is 4500.

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ASUS Price!

Hello i am writing this review when the price of this model is 8999.This is doubtfull price.I will tell you why.It is better to buy Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG instead of this.See nnAsus Zenfone 5 A502CG (Newer) nCPU=1.2 GHz + Intel Atom Z2520 (Same as Asus zenphone 4) nRAM=1GB nDisplay Resolution=qHD, 960 x 540 Pixels nBattery 2500 mAh (only this is a little more) nPrice=8999nnAsus Zenfone 5 A501CG (Older) nCPU=1.6 GHz + Intel Atom Z2560 (Better)nRAM=2GB (Better)nDisplay Resolution=HD, 1280 x 720 Pixels (Better)nBattery 2110 mAh nPrice=9999nnSo for only battery if you want to buy??nnOtherwise add extra 1000 and go with Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG.This model is like upscaled Asus Zenphone 4.To be frank I own ASUS Zenphone 4

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Dead phone, cannot turn on!

Opened the box was working fine, the next day its dead!nJust got a white screen and now phone will not turn on no matter what!nHave called flipkart for help and they will call back to help!nLets see what happens next!nReally disappointed!nSeriously worried about quality of products being sold here!nnUPDATE:nA replacement is on its way, lets hope the new piece works fine once received!

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Please avoid bying it for now

Well I received the product today. I bought this phone, due to the attractive specs.nAfter 1 hour of using this is my reviewn1) IT really feels cheap ( the image that u see, is not what u get), moto e looks better in hand then this phonenn2) Design is kind of like htc. However apart from 5 inch screen,its god damn tall. Feels like note 2nn3)It has a intel processor. I thought with 2 gb RAM, it would run well, but there were lags while multitaskingnn4) Wifi connectivity is the worst. It kept on disconnecting while downloading apps from the appstorenn5) Whats that hype about zenUI, its the worst UI i have used still nownn6) Even after half and hour of changing settings(etc), both 2g and 3g dint work. I could connect to only wifi. (It could not get automatic settings and yes the sim was registered as i could make calls.. and i did have net activated called up network operator too), tested with two sims. The sim was getting connecting in galaxy s3.nn7)Camera i must say was the only good feature i likednn8)Earphone that comes with,is pretty much cheapnn9) The phone is really light.nn10) Please dont start saying this is wat u get for 10k. If u see the specs its really good. However if 2g,3g doesnot work,the first day, i dont think i would continue using this phone. (God knows if service centre even exsists)nn11) Moto g is still better option paying 2k extra bucksnnI have already applied for refund and its under process.This would be the last phone i buy from flipkart. They provide good service however the last 3 phones i bough from flipkart in the last 3 months, all had some problems sometime or the other.nnFor people who want to order wait for others review and then order it. I dont feel its worth the money. Go for Moto gnnI never write any review for any product. I was really disappointed after unpacking the phone.So please people avoid the disappointment wait for more reviews .Let the product get shipped to more people.nAnd all the people giving it 5star because of the specs, wait until u use the phone and then rate watevr u want

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