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Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML 128GB
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Rs 24,990
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Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML 128GB
Expected Price
₹ 24,990
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The worst camera phone i never used so far!.. i have used all top notch phones from 6s, nexus 6p, s6, z5 etc etc.. seeing the spec, i purchased tis device!!! nnLuk- nStylish and Elegant nnProcess - nPerformance it;s powerful..nnBattery - nGood 8hrs in 4g!.. and 12+ hrs in 2g.. nnCamera - nRear nNice in day light, Worst part is low light photography.. even Mi4i will take decent pics at night... nnFrontnWorst in both day and night..nnSo beware guys, if u focused on camera, please don't ever buy tis device..

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Nice Phone

asking for a LONGER LENS than offered...ya'll might have wanted someone that knew a tad about photography to actually review the device. The phone covers 28-84mm optical and keep in mind the most used Zoom lens on the planet by pros is the 24-70mm zoom. I have being actually comparing pictures of other devices...the Zoom spanks the iPhone 6S and the Samsung S6 which isn't surprising cuz "digital zoom" that all other phones offer isn't a zoom at all. digital zoom cameras simply crop the pictures (and megapixels with it). Also not covered in this review...Optical Zoom lenses do alot more than "bring things closer"...if you take the same shot in a wide lens and a zoom...the background of the zoom will appear larger.

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looks great but overpriced

its looks great but price is way too off samsung s6 or s6 edge might be better option nnfront cam big nonrear cam day time goodnnight or low light its kind of worsennasus has to work more harder on this issue n price & camera clarity two major drawbacks rest is good

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Expected a better product

I received the product today.I got it for 15.5k.The product is getting very hot while charging.Even opening of camera app and using wifi make it very hot mainly along the edges of the Phone.There is no software update to Marshmallow on OTA.Camera pics are average.This might be the case for my handset. I will try for replacement.Lets hope I got the proper phone this time.

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Must buy!

So far the best and the most compact camera phone with optical zoom and great low light photography features! When you own it, you do feel the power of technology in your hands. This is the phone for the camera freaks such as I am. I'll only list the cons (just for those who still have doubts), because the pros are listed in the specifications. 1. This is a single SIM phone. 2. The phone heats up quickly when we use the camera(as the very powerful Intel processor starts to do its main work). 3. And "with a powerful camera and processor comes a great issue of quick battery draining". 4. It works on Android-L and there is no automatic update for Android-M. You have to download the update from the website of ASUS and have to install it manually. Otherwise, don't think and just go for it.

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