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BSNL Penta IS701C T-Pad
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BSNL Penta IS701C T-Pad
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A real value for money

I bought this tablet from a BSNL shop in Kolkata.nAfter reviewing the product I found the screen resolution is same and sometimes better if I compare with peer products in market like Lemon tab, HCL tab.nI found the Android Ice Cream Sandwich working superb on it.nI have played mp3s and Videos and they work superb. To my utmost astonishment even mkv format played without any difficulty (Full HD). I plugged in a Sony earphone and the sound output was unbelievable, hence no need to carry ipod any more.nFurther the most important part, I have used my data card to browse web, download android apps and configure email. The tab is supporting 3G just like any laptop would do.nI have accessed google maps and places, they are working very accurately.nNow the battery, today even best smartphones like Samsung galaxy 2 and similar products' battery doesn't last more than a day, what can u expect from a big screened android product running multiple tasks together? Still I found constant use(web browsing, watching videos, etc) the battery lasted more than 4 hrs(similar to galaxy tab)and on standby more than a day.nI am really satisfied and happy to use it.

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Is awesome once you do a few tweaks

I was super-excited to see a tablet that costs 5k and has a 1 gig processor, 512 MB RAM and the biggest perk ie Ice Cream Sandwich!nPlaced an ordered and got the delivery within 5 business days.nI have been using this tab for 10 days now and I can report it is awesome for its price tag.nLet me break some points (and solutions) down:n1) The touch screen is great! Just a feather touch will do! (useful if you play Fruit Ninja!) ;)n2) The tab does not come with a data cable. But I noticed that a Canon camera data cable I had was able to connect the tab to the PC!n3) I'm sure you have your own set of good headphones that you can connect to listen to the unexpectedly brilliant quality of music in this tab. The Android music player has a custom equalizer that makes the sound even better!n4) The camera isn't that good. So don't plan on making video calls through this device.n5) The tab will promise you some pre-loaded apps but I did not receive gmail, play store, angry birds. I put in gmail and play store through my computer, but both of them do not work. But I just read a review below that has a software update link from Penta and apparently that helps. nIn any case, Play Store is not absolutely essential... try which has setup files for all Android apps and the tab already has an 'APK Installer' app that helps you install ANYTHING!nAs for g-mail, the tab has an pre-installed E-mail app that helps you sync multiple e-mail accounts.n6) I noticed that on charging the tab for 2 to 3 hours the battery charged from 59% to just 66%. But that's somehow an illusion, since I used the tab later to watch a movie for 2 hours and the battery went from 66% to 65%... So I guess its just a software bug.n7) Battery life is good! 4 hours of continuous video watching, browsing and games will get the battery low. On standby, it can go on for days!n8) Views PDFs, docs, excel, powerpoint... what else do you need?!n9) Lastly, it plays almost all formats of movies and videos and the screen is large enough for enjoying the experience (that too for a pretty long time!)nnConclusion: Buy this tab as a cheap option and if you want easy access to the internet and to use as a supplement to your otherwise feature loaded laptop. 5k is a small amount for all the features you are getting and instead of looking for what is not featured in the tab, you should try and solve the shortcomings just as I have!nnThanks for reading!

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First and fore most DON't buy if u r a {GAMER}nPros:-nawesome display nice and Bright and good touch response, 5 touch pointsnplays 1080p HD video'snBrowsing and pinch to zoom is awesome and smoothnit has Flash capabilitiesnyoutube facebook twitter all work greatninternal memory (user available is 2.4 gb)nSupports 32 gbnSpeaker is pretty loud works great on headphonenTablet is not that heavynA charging notification light (turns off when charge completesn4.5 hrs on avg useage(brightness to med, music, vid, wifi, some games,etc)nTab looks Good.nnCONS:-nStill not successful in making a decent video call from skype, but audio call works.ntablet lags or hangs on using heavy applicationsnin box only tablet and charger:(nAngry birds and less graphic games work , Temple run doesn't play goodnnot many accessories like pouches etc avail in market.nIt takes lot of time to Charge(similar to funbook).ni will upload unboxing and REVIEW of tab on YOUTUBE. DO WATCH IT.nTOTAL PAISA VASOOL TAB.:)

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very good very good price in android 4.0 tablets. experience very good.touch screen goodnbut no sim card slot.only available in white colour.i use it and i think it is good.there are no head phone and data cable with this.

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Reply to Mr.Siddhartha clarification on SIM card slot, GPS navigation and map

This is reply to Mr.Siddhartha clarification:nIt doesn't have Sim card slot. nneither GPS navigation, But one can very well download map software on it.nI hope it give better clarification to Mr. Siddhartha to buy Penta. Remember the ad "Pehle ishtemal karo fir vishwas karo :)"

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