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Blackberry Curve 9220
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Blackberry Curve 9220
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Overrated as usual

Its high time RIM brings something new to the market rather than launching minor updates to their already outdated range. Why would I pay 10k for a 600-800Mhz processor? And BBM fanatics should really try Whatsapp instead. No GPS, low end processor, bad camera and a glossy plastic body. I can get better in other phones in the same price range. The only pro is the good battery life. I would recommend it only for people who hate touchscreens but still want a smartphone. Otherwise you have better options.

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Blackberry Think twice, maybe thrice!!!

A "smartphone" with no 3G, outdated App store, below par specs, same old design, and priced at nearly 11K. i really don't see any reason for anyone to buy this,if its for BBM, well there's whatsapp which is cross platform. Since Blackberry is in a free-fall in the US and European markets, they're coming out with so-called "budget" phones in India and trying to sell them with a "its cool to own a Blacberry" tag line. If you are planning to buy this with the sole reason of believing its cool to own, I'd ask you to think again and choose something that you'll enjoy using, rather than choose a phone that others perceive to be cool.

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best phone under 11k

blackberry curve 9220 had really been a surprise, OS 7.1 at this rate is a dream come true.nsure it does not have a 3G, but who cares, it have a wi-fi, and anyways in India how many video calls do u make with a 11k smartphone. iPhone's, i agree they may be at places better than blackberry's bt androids stand nowhere near a bb.nSamsung along with other phones at this range have same processor, and the are useless.nHTC's UI is god, but so is bb's.nn people who are talkng abt using whatsapp as a replacement for bbm, u don't have a right to talk, till u know the difference between a inbuilt n so thoroughly tested IM like bbm with a third party app.nandroid app market is full of crap, n stats suggest about 60% of users don't use most of the apps installed for the second time. Blackberry at least provide only useful utility apps.nBefore buyng ths phone make sure what u want from ur phone, if its high quality video playback and multimedia support with good camera, this phone is not for u, i would suggest go for some basic phone n buy a ipod touch, it is what u want. nbut if u want to make a statement, your search ends at a blackberry.

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Excellent Communication phone !

-Before purchasing this device, one should bear in mind that it is made for what it is -Communication & Socializing. This device is not for playing games or watching videos!n-Mails & BBM are the hallmark of BB & it's a magical experience to have them on this instrument. Whatsapp or anthying else is far inferior in this respect!nBB' monthly plan for Mails & Messaging (for any carrier) is 299/- n& for Mails/Messaging + web brwosing is 399/-per month.n1 day, 3 day & 7day plans (full usage) are also available with every carrier(Vodafone, Idea, Airtel etc) for youngsters & everybody.n-Facebook, Twitter,Windows live messenger, Yahoo! messenger, Google talk come preinstalled.Viber,Zomato, unzipme, Bebuzz, Screen Graber etc., you can download for free ! What else one wants for a 11k phone?Free Android apps are really craps & useless.nUI is great ! OS7 is very fast on a 800 Mhz processor (even better than its Android counterpart running on 1 Ghz + processors) & multitasking is swift.nWith a resolution of QVGA, 320 x 240 Pixels, the display is nice & bright. Font size can be increased with some settings.nIt is a pleasure to use BB's trademark Qwerty key pad. nBattery life is great! nSound quality of speakers is nice. Call making is a pleasure.nIt has no 3G,but what are you going to do with 3G on a budget phone ?nWeb browsing is smooth & uninterruptive with GPRS, EDGE & 2G.n2 MP camera serves the purpose. Only in dark conditions, the picture quality deteriorates(if your are a professional or an ethusiast of photograhy, then why not buy a camera, matt ?)n-It has a nice good quality plastic body. Only thing is that one would refrain from opening the back battery cover so frequently !nOverall it is an excellent phone for small enterpreneurs & youngsters.

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Buying A BB Just For BBM And An EntryLevel BB Experience. This IS The BB For You.

Blackberry has just extended its BB Portfolio in India, by launching this Entry Level Blackberry Curve 9220, Which is the Successor to the Existing Blackberry Curve 8520. nRIM has put a great Blackberry with this Curve for the indian youth. This phone is not the Best BB out there in the market, thats for sure. it is a pure entry level Blackberry with the most Popular and Basic features. nI love the dedicated BBM Branded Key on the device.nThe BB OS 7 is a major development highlight for this BB. The BB OS 7 is the best BB OS out there for sure. i have used it. nAlso this is the First Blackberry With FM Radio, So its another Good feature for the users.nnOverall, this BB is a nice buy for those who have not experienced Blackberry Magic, Lol. But existing Blackberry users would definitely go for the Higher end Curves like the 9360/9380.nnNice & Basic BB.

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