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Blackberry PlayBook 32GB WiFi
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Blackberry PlayBook 32GB WiFi
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Much better than iPad

I have an apple ipad and have used the bb tablet........ The tablet from blackberry is much bettr its got better camera.... Better processer....sooon a better OS.... And its gotnbluetooth (Apple lacks)nSuperb video formats no need to sit and convert videosnPhotosnInternetnWifinBetter touchn And most imp.. USB port!!!nTOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Dont buy the iPad buy this

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Why you should and should not buy this playbook

This is my second tablet after having an iPad2. So it is kind of a comparative review Playbook 16GB vs iPad2 16 GB wifi only model both.nnWhy you should buy Playbooknn1. Price, Price, Price. It is more than 50% cheap than iPad 2 (if we consider the latest discount that is going on).n2. OS is very good. Yes I like it more than iOS. The panel is also touch sensitive and panel & screen touch combination will create an intuitive os experience.n3. Multitasking is a joy to use in playbook. Simply superb. Even iPad and android tablet can't give you that experience.n4. It is blackberry. So better brand value, proper service, update etc are here than some cheap android tablet.n5. Hardware configuration is good. Screen resolution overall finish etc are one of the best.n6. It has implemented best speaker in a tablet. You can enjoy the movie, music without headphone. It is loud enough to enjoy in a group.n7. Android apps compatibility with the next OS update.n8. Browser supports Flash.n9. You can use this as a USB drive and drag-n-drop your files to it.n10. All favorite SD/HD movie format supports by the native player without any performance lag.nnWhy you should NOT buy Playbooknn1. Biggest let down is non availability of apps in the market. Though with the next OS update you will get android application compatibility but keep in mind that it will not be a 100% compatibility. So lot of world's fav application you can't enjoy here.n2. No proper email client is available till now for blackberry.n3. Updating Blackberry for the first time is a huge task. Server is overloaded always when they issue a new OS update. Without that update you can't use the blackberry. It took 4 days for me to update blackberry to the latest OS.n4. Screen is 7". My personal opinion is 10" screen is always better to use as tablet.n5. Little bit heavy considering its size. Feel heavier than my iPad2.n10. Playbook is not a success for Blackberry. So not sure about its future. Anytime it may be dropped.n11. We all know future mobile OS is android. So investing in a non android tablet may not be a good idea currently.nnnNow service from Flipkart.nI will not say it is bad but found it is not good when there is a problem with the delivery/stock. I ordered 32GB but as they didn't have the stock for 32GB they called me and confirmed that 16GB will be available and extra money will be refunded as cash refund. But ultimately they refunded the amount to my wallet not as cash refund. My idea was flipkart is better than any other e-Shops but I proved wrong.

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Absolute Bang for the Buck!

After having read up a lot on the playbook, I decided to take the plunge and pick it up during the offer period. nnFirst bit of advice to anyone considering the Playbook, please do your own research, based on your requirements.nnThe Playbook is a brilliant device as an overall package. The biggest drawback is the lack of apps and the fact that the future of the device is uncertain. Having said that, OS 2.0 (Which has been reported to be made available in February) will support most Android apps. This should completely take care of the apps 'situation'.nnIf you do not have a Blackberry phone, you are limited by its utility. But with the Bridge it is an absolute joy to use! The size is just perfect! The software is very responsive and the Multi-tasking is a God-send! nnGames run without lag and overall, the one week that I've had it, It never has hung. Accelerometer is sensitive and picks up even the slightest movements. nnNot sure if anyone has mentioned that it can be mounted as a network drive - This meas that as long as the Playbook is on the same wifi network, it can be accessed by any other PC/Mac on that network for file transfer purposes. It is also said to support printing to network printers (I haven't checked this out).nnAnother big selling point is the inbuilt GPS, (The ipad doesn't have one!) Works perfectly with Bing Maps!!! nnIt is a fingerprint magnet though, but the cleaning cloth provided with the unit takes care of that.nnAnother major negative is that there is no Skype app. There is a workaround though, but video calls are not supported with this option.nnOverall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend that you check it out - based on your requirements.

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My thoughts on PB

I was going to buy this tablet as flipkart was giving a heavy rebate.nnBut then again I don't have a bb, and without bb bridge its still not worth it, doesn't even have a native email client !! leave push mail !!nnBBM will NOT come to playbook even on OS 2.0 (feb release). nNo 3g, either bridge with bb or use an Android phone with hotspot.nnApp world is miserable/costly so now RIM is counting on the forthcoming android emulator, you can be sure there will be very few apps optimized for pb and if its android apps you want u can very well go with any of the n number of droid devices.nnMany android tabs support more Audio/Video format than playbooknnRIM already delayed these features a number of times and only God knows if they can deliver it on feb'12. nnAgreed its a very good price for such quality tablet,but given Adobe is going to discontinue mobile flash and flash being the USP for pb,not sure if there will be any benefit going with this instead of say a transformer prime/ipad2 (or the rumored ipad3)

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Though I'm a Apple fanboy

I'm a gadget guy and I'm a Apple fanboy from the days of iPod classic and have owned many apple products but just thought of trying something new (motivated by my positive experience with Windows 7 phones).nnPrice: 14k or less is absolutely great price for a product of such build quality.nnCamera: Works as expected from a 5mp (and 3mp) camera but remember there is no flash.nnSpeakers: Very good for a tablet, loud enough.nnTouchscreen: Excellent resolution, at par with apple stuff. Great for pictures and videos. Pretty good touch sensitivity, though not at par with apple stuff but its pretty good. If apple is 10/10, this would be 8/10.nnOS: Great multitasking capabilities but I'm afraid thats the only pros about the OS, rest of the story is kind of disappointing but its just the software and if rumors to be believed the next OS upgrade coming in Feb 2012.nnAppStore: There isn't really anything to talk about.nnFinal Verdict: As of today, its a great multimedia device with a unbeatable price tag. But for the business and enterprise class users, will have to wait and see what the next OS upgrade has to offer.nnMeanwhile, I'm writing this review logged in on my PlayBook. :)

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