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Dell Venue 8 32GB 3G
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Dell Venue 8 32GB 3G
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Excellent product upgraded to 4.4 kitkat

Who am I? I a samsung smart phone user since 2010. I started with 160mb RAM phone and currently use 1GB RAM phone. What I was looking for? I was looking for a tablet for my wife and 6 months old kid. Earlier I wanted a 'all-in-one' device with sim and call feature. But I realized using tablet for phone function is just not the thing. And there is no sense in compromising just for a 3g sim slot in device when you can tether internet from existing phone or buy wifi at home. Why did I buy Dell Venue 8? Because of its superior specs. No other device has 2GB RAM, 1280 x 800 pixels, Hyper-threading processor, 4100 battery, 8 inch IPS, Dell brand and quality. What is my experience so far with this device so far? After 1 week of usage I find this device worth every penny. Pro: OS - Vanila version of android 4.2.2 ships with device. Dell doesn't do any heavy UI customization. On first boot it updates to kitkat 4.4.2 over-the-air (OTA) Build - Solid, no plastic feel, back panel is matt and non-slippery. No branding on front side. CPU - Intel processor is Hyper Threading capable. A dual core Intel performs better than other cheap quad core MTK, snapdragon, etc. (no comparison with qualcomm they are far better than intel in mobile processors). RAM - 2GB RAM and almost 1.3 GB is free while playing heavy graphics games. You just can't beat that. Display - IPS - view angles are good. Resolution gives this device high PPI. I have personally used Lenovo Yoga 8 inch but that device doesn't match resolution of Dell. You could see pixelization in Yoga but not in Dell. Battery - A typical good battery for tablet without 3g feature. 3g is main culprit for battery shortage on your device Internal Storage: 32 GB out of which 26 GB is for user. Out of which I got 23 GB available even after installing all my apps and games. That's massive. Benchmark: Antutu Benchmark for this device(12,700/-) is ~22,000. It ranks above Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone(27,000/-), Samsung Galaxy S3 phone(24,000/-) and Google Nexus 7 2013 Tab(16,000/-). Cons: Issues: After 2 months of usage I noticed two issues - 1) tablet screen goes white after playing videos for variable minutes using any player. 2) tablet screen becomes unresponsive while playing games (asphalt 8 mostly) and you must lock-unlock tablet to resume playing game. Build: Non removable battery, dell wants you to throw away device when it is old :-) Accessories: No head phones in the box Charging time: Bigger battery, more charging time :-) Sound quality: Single stereo speaker at the bottom of device is well placed. But it lacks quality. I can tell that because I am a musiniac. It doesn't even makes good sound with my wooden woofers. Device just does 'ok' with sound. Dell, did you miss something here? Is Dell Venue 8 worth price? I bought it for 12,700/- including 1000/- discount from ws-retail. At this price this device gives is unbeatable deal. Are there other options? 7 inch, 3g, call, tablet, phone under 10,000 = DigiFlip 7 inch, 3g, call, tablet, phone under 14,000 = Asus phone pad 2013 7 inch, 3g, call, tablet, phone, branded under 14,000 = HP Slate 7 voice tab 8 inch, 3g, call, tablet, phone, with good phisical looks under 17,000 = Lenovo Yoga 8 How should you buy from Flipkart? The prices on flipkart for this device (any many others like Lenevo yoga, HP Slate 7) keep on fluctuating. You must keep an eye on price and buy it on the cheapest day with some offers. I watched price of this device fluctuate between 19,000 to 12,700 in last one month.

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A review after a year and a months use

It has issues, from the day one, issues like touch insensitivity, long charging time and so on. However, after a year and a months use I do not regret buying it. Here is why- I purchased it at a much lower price than the MRP and also got a 3G-wifi dongle free. 32 GB of external memory is more than sufficient. Soon you would realize a screen size of 1 extra inch makes a huge difference at least for reading pdfs in a potrait mode. The tablet has awesome specifications on paper. But it also does mamoth tasks for me from running powerful games to running Fortran programs (CCTools) to handle drawings in Autocad 360. So the tablet is awesome in hands too. The touch issue gradually reduced probably through 3 software updates from 4.2 to 4.4.2. Also pressing the power button off and on is a sureshot cure for the issue. It has an intel processor and many applications are not compatibles, (say MS office). But developers are working on making their apps compatible with intel processors. For instance after checking from the MS team, I inststalled the preview version of MS office for android, whuch is compatible with intel processors. Now it works great. I do not need to talk about the basic android/google features. They are great. More so if combined the ith a device like this.

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BEST and ECONOMICAL Tablet in 8 inches category

I ordered the tablet on Evening of 22nd, 6.30 PM and it was delivered on 23rd 10.30 AM. MOST AMAZING service by flipkart. About the Product itself: - It is a great value for money tab at the price range (I especially got it for 12049/-, which makes me extremely happy as during writing the review its retailing for 15K+) - I DO NOT play games and use it to Read, Take Notes using Kingsoft while reading, Watch Movies and Browse occasionally and it has served my purpose EXTREMELY well. - Screen is crisp. Please don't compare with Nexus / iPad mini etc... This won't stand a chance. At the price they're giving it, it's worth is ALL I can say - Battery lasts for about 7 hrs with continuous usage of watching movies About 5.30 hrs with continuous Wifi Usage Just using it as reader lasted me for around 15 hrs of usage. All in all the best money can buy if you are looking for 8 inch experience and on a Budget Regards, Sada

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not worth

this is 3rd Android tab i am using, it by far the worst in terms of usage even at this reduced price. 1. Screen stops responding to touch , u need to lock and unlock screen to get it working again. 2.Wifi wont connect if u went out of coverage area and come back in coverage , restart Tab to get it connected to same Hotspot u have been using. 3.3G connectivity is not consistent keeps on dropping and slow. i use same service provider for my S4 mini and dont face a problem. 4. tough i am not a gamer but some games i played on device were slow , to me it looks more of a optimization problem with atom. only good thing for me is screen size that was what i bought it for , display is crisp love to read my ebooks on it.

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bought in a higher price, 17999 sad that its coming in 13999 INR price, worst snapdeal is offering 11999

DELL a well known brand in India no need to say that. i bought this same product in INR 17999, tablet is good some people would say its a value for money tablet, i say NO. you got what u are paying for, display is not good as its an IPS although its not that bright as it should be, auto brightness and full brightness is same, intel processor is good but play store apps is not yet ready for intel processors, i am really not so happy for wid the tab, now i am going for all the CONS or bugs i got here 1. screen is very low on ppi ~189 ppi pixel density~ atleast we deserve 200+ 2. build is fragile i got some empty space type feeling in back side of tab :( 3. battery sucks even 4100 i run it vanilla but even it last only 4 or 5 hours (NOTE display is not that bright) 4. intel processor is yet to optimize for androids performance is SO SO 5. touch problem is so common in this tab my two frnds bought the same model inspired bye me we all three got the same problem regarding the touch the touch freezes we have to lock then unlock the screen then it again responses 6. force closing is a common i play clash of clans a lot i am at TH8 :P after using whatsapp when i try to open other apps mostly clans it reeboots i restored twice the device yet problem stays the same 7. screen is gorilla protection :P i dont think so i put the tab in my bag accidentaly dont know how its scratched by a ball pen lolzzz 8. my vodafone sim not supported airtel supported reliance supported WTF is going on i regret i bought this tab :( better go for nexus 7 i will suggest u guys avoid this tab even it priced at 10k go for asus fonepad or nexus wi fi model u will got satisfied even a good spec cant make this tab a hero flipkart i am disappointed wid the price drop man :( i wish i have an option to return the tab :(

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