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DigiFlip Pro XT811
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Rs 9,999
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DigiFlip Pro XT811
Out of Stock
₹ 9,999
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Hi,nThis is my worst experience with flipcart. This product is dumb as out of 1 GB RAM only 150 to 200 MB used to left for user. Hence non of the normal game & apps can be executed. I had a visit to corresponding service centre they also doesn't have a clue. This product is now sued less for me. I have request multiple times to flipcart to return the product and refund back my money back or exchange it with some other product. Surprisingly they refused to go for any given option. HENCE I STRONGLY SUGGEST PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND EVEN THINK TWICE TO GO FOR ANY TRANSACTION WITH FLIPCART BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT THINKING ABOUT CUSTOMER. I RE-ITERATE AGAIN MY HORRIBLE AND WORST EXPERIENCE WITH FLIPCART AND I HAVE DECIDED I WILL NEVER EVER GO WITH FLIPCART.

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Full and True Review on XT811 Digiflip Pro Tablet

I am a tablet reviewer, I have also tried XT712 previously. Please read completely. Positives + Looks stable + The touch is good + Good display. + The ear phone freebie is good (not available now) + Battery backup is good + No heating issues or any screen issues + Good for watching HD movies and songs + Sound is good than XT712 but not the best for clarity + You cannot find these configuration for this price + CPU is INTEL powered so u can trust the processor. + OTG working good. + Good packing Negatives - Flipkart extended the delivery date without notifying - No flash, Camera in Tabs is only for rough shots. - RAM of 1GB is not enough to run graphic heavy games. - Your sd card will look protrude outside especially if you have some non-black sd cards (yellow- strontium) - Tough find external keyboard for this models - Update for Kitkat not known but promised - Update - Received on Dec 25 2014 - Multi-tasking sometimes hangs - Some apps like filemanager showing ads Update: - The case cover promised is not available in Flipkart site itself. you cant find in local market too (Hope Flipkart will ship as promised when its available) I RECEIVED THE FREEBIE (Quality of cover is not that good - delicate as diary cover and it will not perfectly allow you to touch all corners). - Tough to hold - heavy and large (8 inch) BUT COMPARED TO OTHER-GOOD - Average camera REMOVE THE PLASTIC GUARD, IT WILL RESOLVE I will try to keep the review updated. Still not used the voice calling

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Need Ebook Reader. This is It.

I wanted a Ebook Reader, E-Mail Reader. Place to view my Pictures. This Does it. nnThe Goodnn1. I Installed Moon+ Reader Professional. This works great for those of you looking for a ebook reader. txt, html, epub, pdf, mobi, umd, fb2, chm, cbr, cbz, rar, zip or OPDSn2. The Picture quality is great. n3. The Touch Response even better. n2. Good Battery. n3.If you buy digiflip power bank digiflip-power-bank-11000-mah-pc01. You can be without a power source for a reasonable long time. nnnThe Bad.nn1. 1GB RAM. You cannot have too many apps running on this machine. You cannot also let any specific app to bloat as I learnt. My device crashed within an 1 hr after I unboxed it. I had to reinstall the errant app and prevent it from being SMART cause of its smartness and causing the memory hog. n n2.OTG transfers will take ages. 100MB tansfer via OTG takes 10 minutes. I don't know if its only a problem with my device. (It easier to remove the SD card out and transfer. The SD card access is outside the device , so its easy). Anyway who needs it on a regular basis. n3. 64GB -128GB OptionSD card would have been good. n nnThe Uglyn1. I tried taking a photograph while in motion. The tablet crashed. I also don't bother about. Cause for me "A Tablet not a Camera" nnAlso I haven't updated the device to Kit- Kat 4.4.2. It might slow it down. I don't know that for a given but the updated release might hog more of Memory resources that are available. This could make the touch responses slower. I have to the feedback from others and Digiflip in this aspect; Hope they respond. nnSummary : At 11,000/- Its a Great Buy for the Software setup it is released with.nnSuggestions: A Product would have been better with a 2GB RAM. XT911 has that but its price point is 16,000/- ( XT911 also has a Higher Screen Resolution, Screen Size 9 inch; which is nice if you view HD movies. - Otherwise this product is identical ). At 2GB RAM it would have been a runaway success.

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Budget Tablet for Average user, Not recommended for professionals

This is a really nice tab, but only for the average users. There is a noticeable lag when swiping through different applications. The reason being that 843 MB of RAM is used by the system and 146 MB is left out for other applications. The tablet desperately needs another 0.5 or 1 GB of RAM. Averages users will find the tab lagging when swiping through HD images. The tablets features an 8" IPS display, but lacks a premium feel. The touch is more of plastic kind. The back panel is matted and give a good grip. Flipkart could have tweaked the UI a bit to make it more presentable. Movies are good to watch on this one. System upgrades will take ages. I started downloading the update last night and its has done only 70% in 10 hours ( i have a 2 Mbps connection). Apps are installed in a jiffy, but the upgraded OS of size 331 MB takes a lot of time. The Camera is rather pretty good, though low light clicks will become an issue. The tablet has one 3G micro sim and one SD card slot next to it. The SD card slot is uncovered and makes this an entry point for particle debris. This will cause heating issues in future. Hence a book case is a must buy addon. One good thing about this tablet is 32GB expandable and OTG connectors, but the OTG transfer will take a lot of time. The tablet takes a bit of time to sync up with the read/write speed of the system( if laptops are from the year 2014 then this tab is from the year 1947 :P ) . Battery backup is good giving me a solid 10 hrs on 3G surfing. Overall great tab for the budget user but definitely not recommended fro designers or photographers. Thumbs down from my side. Flipkart give out a screen guard for free already attached to the screen.Flipkart says that they have dedicated service centers, but i have not been successful in locating one. Pros: Budget 32GB expandable OTG 3G sim HD IPS 8" inch Upgradable to 4.4.2 Kit Kat Cons: Heavy Plastic feel uncovered SD slot Heating issues OTA downloads take a lot of time Speakers are not that great

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On the 4 th day the display is out. when requested for return one person from flipkart asked me to charge the the tab for 8 hours switch off and then press vol and power key, reboot option will come and do reboot everything will be fine. he also cancelled the return request. after charging for 8 hours, and doing said as above, nothing happened, its only less than 15 days after delivery of the product but return option is unavailable now. digiflip is your own product, is this the responsibility to your customer, please do not cheat anymore person with your own bad product Digiflip Pro XT811 Tablet. now i understood the value of Brand. i compared lenovo samsung asus etc with this poor brand,my mistake. if you can't take the responsibility of your own product then who else can take??? tell me what i should do now with your tab??? nfriends don't just look at the features this tab is offering, there is no guarentee that the product will fuction for more than a month. nDO NOT BUY THIS BAD PRODUCT. please understand why iam giving 5 star to this product.

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