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Google Nexus 4 16GB
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Google Nexus 4 16GB
Out of Stock
₹ 26,299
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A complete planned phone

Hi friendsnnI bought this phone not from Flipkart but my info should help you decide making the right choice.nnCons:nNo in built FMn12.3 Gb is all you to get to play around with your filesnNo micro sd slotnHard to read under Indian Sunlight nNon user-replaceable batterynLow Light Camera is 6/10nnPros:n10/10 First to get Google updates (Mother of all pros)n10/10 Extreemly fair Pricingn10/10 Excellent Displayn10/10 Classy Designn10/10 Very good call quality n10/10 Catches wifi Signal even at relatively long distancesn9/10 Battery Backup lasts for a complete day n10/10 Speaker Outputn9/10 Music Qualityn10/10 Hassle free stream of 1080p HD Movies n10/10 No lags on HD Gamesn9/10 Voice dialing works without internet/data and understands neutral Indian Accents flawlessly n10/10 Micro USB to HDMI using Slim port TV output is excellentn9/10 360 degrees photo-shot and 180 degrees Panaroma shot very decentn10/10 Swipe keypad for will love this if you are frequent sms playernnnYou don't need a film star to promote this phone. nPeople who use it will recommend this to their friends and family.

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A True Beast, coming from an iOS user!

My first ever review on flipkart. nnSo after months of waiting, Nexus 4 is officially in India and even at the price of Rs. 25,900($349 in USA because it's sold by google not LG) it's easily worth it. I am an iOS user and LOVE my iPad(iOS is still the pick in tablets, thanks to quality of apps) but Android has gained a lot of respect in my mind ever since they launched ICS. It was refined, much less lags and unified tablet and phone experience like Apple has done with iPhone and iPad. Came Jelly Bean(4.1) and suddenly, Android on phones became better in my mind than iOS(which really needs a change in iOS 7) and after the launch of this beast Nexus 4 with 4.2, it became clear that I am switching to Android in terms of cell phones. I waited and waited and thanks a lot, Flipkart, it's finally in India. Pre ordered it and waiting for my delivery. But I know it's awesome because a friend of mine got his from USA early and I envied him. HARD. nThe performance is fluid with stock no nonsense Android and no bloatware. And 2GB RAM is the pick of the impressive specs for me. It can run so many apps at same time and true multitasking SHINES! n16GB is more than enough even though memory isn't expandable. Especially if you have a Laptop or a Tablet for your entertainment needs. I know it's more than adequate for my needs.nAnd more importantly, reason I won't even get a Note II at same price is because this beast will get updates directly from Google and almost immediately. Like Apple does it with their iOS products.nThe cons are rare as the glass on the back can be broken with an unlucky drop and LG's service hasn't served me good in my past experiences but a back cover will do the trick.n Secondly, well I can't think of any to be honest.nHope flipkart will deliver it on time so that I can start a friendship with Google Now(lol!) which is much faster than gimmicky Siri and actually provides you assistance. nIn conclusion, this won't attract mainstream users who just want fancy android skins on top of pure Android for attractiveness but for the geeks in each of us, this phone is the way to go especially cuz it's future proof unlike other android phones as it will get updates faster than any other Non-Nexus phone.nnNexus 4, the journey begins!

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Worth Every Penny!!

I have been using the Nexus 4 for almost 3 months now, had a cousin buy it in the UK and bring it over and I guess the experience qualifies me to write a review for all potential buyers of this phone. First off, I’d like to say that this phone is EXEMPLARY considering the price you’re getting it at.nnSoftware: The phone has Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which is the latest version of Android, and carries the promise of quick future updates of the succeeding versions (Key Lime Pie 5.0 for example). This is one of its best and most important features, you’ll be at the cutting edge of mobile software (albeit stock), and Google is taking it seriously. This becomes apparent as you use the phone, everything is quite intuitive and the lag that Android used to be blamed for earlier has vanished since the implementation of Project Butter. The user interface looks and feels good in stock mode, and one always has the option to tinker with launchers (I’d suggest Nova Launcher Prime). I have to add some extra bits about the user interface now.nn1. Google Now: Excellent concept, but it’s not really efficient in India (as compared to US and UK), nor is it completely responsive to our accent. It’s much better than Siri though in that regard. As more and more information gets based online, this will become better. nn2. Keyboard: Google has released its version of the Swype keyboard (it comes inbuilt, you can turn it off if you don’t like it), and it’s WONDERFUL! The prediction software it uses is second to none, it’s almost like the phone reads your mind. You can still type normally with the swipe function turned on, comes in handy when one wants to type in Hindi or any other language. nnEngine: The phone comes with a Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU, 2GB RAM, Adreno 320 GPU and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset. Now this was the benchmark on devices released towards the end of last year, it has since been overtaken by HTC One and Samsung S4 among others. Although the spec sheet looks good on paper, the phone has been known to trail phones like the Samsung S3 and HTC One X+ on certain benchmarks but this has been attributed to those apps not having received updates to utilise Jelly Bean effectively and the fact that Jelly Bean is more taxing on the processor than ICS. But based on usage, this phone functions perfectly and unless you’re into heavy gaming, it will not disappoint you. Hanged once for me while playing F18 Carrier Landing, and that could have been due to some unfixed bug in that game. nnDesign: Although it’s not exceptionally designed, this is a phone that is pleasing to the eyes and hands. Build quality is really good, much better than Samsung, but not Apple or HTC level. The shiny design on the back is nice, but beware, its glass, and prone to scratches and cracks. The phone has Gorilla Glass 2 up front but a screen guard is advisable. As is a polycarbonate cover for the back, Amzer seems to provide a few choices in India (I’d suggest Spigen or Rearth but I’m not sure if they’re available in India yet, I use a Rearth Rinke Slim, got it from the US). nnCamera: The camera I must admit was a bit disappointing. After having used the cameras on iPhone 5 and HTC One X, I was left wanting by the Nexus. True, it has an 8MP camera, but the way it performs could have been better. There is a lag before the picture is taken, unlike the Apple and HTC phones. Don’t get me wrong, the phone takes good pictures (as long as you hold it still and the object you’re clicking stays still). It takes good HDR pictures too. It’s just that it doesn’t live up to its competition. nnBattery: This could be a sore point for those of us who’re on 3G plans. On decent to heavy usage, my phone lasts between 6-8 hours on a full charge. But if you switch to using only 2G networks and use it minimally, it can go up to 15 hours on a full charge. When you check your battery status you’ll see that the screen takes up a lot of juice. One way to combat this is to set your brightness low, or put it on Auto. The battery cannot be replaced, and LG claims it has a life of 800 charge cycles. nnOther Points:n1. Heating: The phone heats up on sustained usage of intensive apps, towards its top on the back. It does the same on phone calls lasting more than half an hour, can get uncomfortable sometimes. n2. Integration of Google Apps: Maps & Gmail are a breeze to use (sustained use of Navigation will drain your battery though). n3. Memory: You get 12.72 GB of usable space, pretty decent unless you have a huge music collection you have to carry around or if you’re into heavy gaming. You can use Dropbox and Google Drive too.n4. Has replaced my computer for almost all browsing purposes.nnOverall, I’m very impressed with this phone and I’d recommend it without blinking an eyelid, because although this phone is not perfect, for that price, this is as close to perfection as it gets!!

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NEXUS 4; The Reality !

How is Nexus 4? Are you kidding me? Do you realize that you are concerned about the "NEXUS", the mobile designed by the developer of Android, GOOGLE. It has only one priority, to provide the best Android experience, without any compromise, and Google is not a cheap company and we all know this, Hence every single bit of the phone is premium quality and take my word for it, ITS GOOGLE you ignorant!!!nnStill not satisfied? Well Let see the Pros and cons:nPros:n1.Its Nexus, Hence will be the first one to get updates. IT MATTERS A LOT ! Not even Galaxy S4 or other mobiles of over 40k will get updates that soonn2.Screen : The resolution is not the best(1080p) but still is 768p and the ppi is 318, but above that, human eye cannot differentiate. So I say, that’s more than enough !n3. Hardware : Snapdragon Quad core processor one of best processors of this time, so it makes this device one of the best ! The speed test list this device on 3rd, while leaving Galaxy S4 and HTC One (some model) on the top. But both of them are around 40k and this, just 25k.n4. Be it GS3, G-Note2, or even iPhone5, this puppy beats them all somehow. Look at their cost, it is way too high then this one.n5.Gaming: Both the graphic and processing hardware are excellent for gaming though this is not PS3. You can play a game for around 45 mins flawlessly and then, well the device gets hot so let it get cool and relax yourself !n6. Camera: The 360-sphere allows you to expose your talent of photography, and also the pictures of the pictures you like, to the whole world, by uploading them on G-Maps ! The whole world sees it !n7. Physical Design : The Front has no hard keys that makes it look premium. The back panel looks SUPER-FANTABULOUS with the nexus texture. nAnd the reviews stating that it cannot be left on non-plane surfaces, as it will slide down, Are they crazy ? Who buys a 26k Mobile to leave it anywhere ? The Build Quality is just great !n8. Capacity : Though external Storage is not possible, the internal 16gb memory is more than enough. I do accept that only 12 GB is available, but frankly, I never needed to more than 8 GB on my previous devices, and yet I DO WATCH MOVIES AND PLAY GAMES on my phone.n9. Soft keys: The reviews tells that the soft keys become a problem for gamers as they can by mistake press them while gaming. I do accept that this is the problem at first, but later when you get used to this mobile, it does not happen.n10. No FM radio, GOOGLE took the best decision of removing the FM radio from this device. Who purchases a High-tech mobile to listen to FM while having the power of Dropbox and 3g on hand. Its removal was just the conservation of the memory from useless app and hardware.n11. Battery cannot be taken out: I do accept we cannot keep a spare battery and replace it with the one in this device as the battery within cannot be taken out. But it provides fair backup of 1 day. And you can always put it back on charge after every 12-14 hours when you reach home. Those of you who are concerned about the replacement of battery, YES IT CAN BE REPLACED WHEN DAMAGED BY COMPANY AND LG HAS NICE SERVICE REPUTATION! n12. High-tech Interface: It’s the basic Android interface, nothing extra. it supports all the apps that are available on Google Play, that several devices do not. The OS can be replaced with CM (which will surely provide way better experience on this device than any other) or even other os like Ubuntu touch. This is not possible with any other “factory-locked” device but this one is unlocked!n13. Still looking for more? You gotta be kidding. It’s the best thing you can buy today!!! No device provides this many features.nnA PIECE OF ADVICE: IF YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANDROID, WINDOWS AND I-OS, YOU CANNOT APPRICIATE THIS DEVICE. YOU SHOULD GO WITH SOME OTHER FANCY THING BUT PLZ NOT THIS ONE. IT IS USELESS FOR YOU. IF YOU ARE TECHY HOWEVER, IT IS YOUR END OF WAITING, THIS DEVICE IS THE ONE.nn==========================================nCons Now:nOnly the high price is not acceptable. This device is available for just 18-20k in US. Then why 26K in INDIA? That pisses me off.nRest all the things are given GREAT thought on when designing it and this device is JUST-WONDERFUL and THE BEST of ALL!nn===========================================nABOUT FLIPKART :nI booked Nexus 4 on flipkart on 4th of June, The product was delayed in shifting (due to high demand offcourse) and flipkart, in a way, disappointed me with the delay. However, not much later, after 6 days of order on 10th, the product was finally shipped and I recived it on June 13th, that is after 9 days of order. So I am frankly not considering it as the fault of flipkart, as the demand was too high for this phone in the market.nIt is not in stock even now but i hold it in my hands. How lucky I am !

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It has warranty Not fake! Think a little!

It has warranty because LG is planning to launch it and its sort of a preorder here! Its LG India warranty dear ignorants! nAnd as far as the phone is concerned, well it got the awesomeness of AOSP bunched with the best in class processor+GPU and 2GB RAM. Apart from storage, there actually is nothing one can ask from this phone!

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