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Google Pixel 3
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Google Pixel 3
Out of Stock
₹ 44,999
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Mindblowing purchase

amazing device

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Just wow!

The main highlight of this phone is it's camera quality,images captured in low light condition with the apk. application,very fast processor with unlimited backup of data as promised by Google, smooth as butter ,touch pad,This image is taken in extremely low light condition,I was unable to see the building with naked eye(was hazy),but with the night sight application, fabulous !

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Must buy!

Pixel Perfect One of the most gorgeous non-notch small size smartphone in 2018-2019. Amazing Display, premium quality build, awesome camera. Go for it blindfolded.

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i use 2 mobile ,one is apple and another is google,i am a big fan of google after using nexus 5,6p ,pixel so on,i bought google phone every year for camera and stock android and software update time to time,apple iphone 8 and pixel 3 price is almost equal,but apple camera is very bad,display is also small and not much creative,but google awesome. pixel 3 :- better front camera,good camera feature like top shot and night shot, improve back camera from last year pixel 2 xl

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Pixel Still the Best Camera but now a Better Phone

Flipkart's service was amazing. Delivered the phone a day earlier. Great Packaging by Google. All necessary accessories neatly packed. Stickers are awesome. Changing from an earlier Google Phone to Pixel 3 was fast and smooth. Hardly took 30 mins to update all apps and account settings. During Charging, however, the back of the phone heated up a bit. But inspite of the glass on the back, the phone has a metallic feel to it. Android P is a huge jump from Andriod O in terms of UI. Will take sometime to get used to. But feels snappier and faster. 4GB RAM is not an issue in a new phone but as it gets older, Google might have to update for better memory management. This is one of my concerns. Camera is great. But HDR sometimes gives a bit bloated pic. Be sure to select ambient color as Natural and not Adaptive. Pictures are highly detailed and great. Best thing is unlimited storage in Google Photos. Battery life is decent. Screen on time hovers around 4.5-5 hrs. Digital Well Being is a welcome addition to block the blue light from the screen and prevent overuse of some apps and the phone itself. All in all, budget buyers might find better-featured phones for half the price but for Google Fans and me, its a great phone. Disappointed that Google hasn't launched Pixel Stand and Pixel Case yet.

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