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Wow Windows Phone,Ready to seamless experience

Windows Phone 8 is best mobile OS, no second thought in that.. nWhy.....?n1. Fluid and Seamless experience.n2. Best integration of social networks (Facebook,twitter).n3. IE10 (Common don't think abt old experience of IE,try once now IE10).n4. Camera apps(Apps integration into cam).n5. Most of the information right on ur home Screen.n6. Backup and Sync (Apps, Contacts, Photos, Videos, SMS).n7. I prefer Windows over Android(My first smartphone was Android).nnNow Compare 8X and Lumia 920:nnDisplay: :n920 : 332 PPI, Supper sensitive touch screen, Clear black tech, Past refreshing rate n8X : 341 PPI.n There is not much difference b/w PPI ,but lumia sports additional futures.n nWinner : Lumia 920.nnDesign & Build : :n920 : Unibody polycarbonate, 70.8x130.3x10.7mm, Weight 185 gn8X : Unibody Polycarbonate, Size 66.2x132.35x10.12 mm , Weight 130 gnnExcept weight both are smiler in size but 8X sports more curved edges,we fell more thinner than 920nnWinner : 8X(thinner edge)nnStorage : n920 :1gb RAM, 32gb versionn8X : 1gb RAM, 8gb ,16gb versionsnnBoth are doesn't have expandability.n nWinner : 920nnCamera : n920 : 8.7MP with OIS(nokia Pureview camera)n8x : 8MPnHere 920 has great capabilities like,taking low light images,more stable videos,but day light image colors are good in 8x(but nokia working on s/w update to fix the issue).nnWinner : 920nnS/w and Apps :nBoth are running on WP8 but nokia lumia series sports with more exclusive apps like city lens,nokia transit, nokia drive and more.nnWinner : 920nnThen think yourself and go for which one u like but i suggest lumia over 8X,Both are great phones no doubt in that.

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2 critical drawbacks at this price.

I am using Lumia 800 and it is great phone. WP OS is absolutely stunning and many limitations and drawbacks of WP 7.5 are now rectified in WP 8 so I guarantee that user experience on this and any other WP 8 device is going to be top notch!nnHOWEVER, particularly about HTC 8X, I wouldn't have pointed towards 2 critical drawbacks mentioned below if it was mid range phone but at 35K I certainly don't expect it.nn1) 16 GB non expandable memory out of which ~13 GB is available to users. My phone has same amount of memory however user available is 14 GB (as WP 7.5 OS takes bit less memory) and still only 2 GB is left after having my favorite app, games and music. I agree my music collection on phone is large than what people normally have but its still a issue. HTC 8X is WP 8 phone and WP 8 apps and games are bigger in size, HD games for WP 8 will soon have gigs of size. Plus HD video shooting takes much more memory. So I am sure you will run out of memory if you install high quality games, apps, shoot or store HD videos. Very less memory will remain on phone for music especially if you are audiophile, you will be disappointed. Beats Audio will be useless in this case or you will have to constantly manage apps, games and videos to free up memory.nI certainly won't expect this hassle after paying 35K. Would you?nn2) Not a single dedicated navigation app. I am very used to Nokia drive on my phone. I have downloaded whole Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra maps on my phone (just 111 MB in size on WP 7.5) and experience of truly offline and voice guided navigation system is truly awesome! I never though I would find navigation utility this much useful that every time I have to look for new place, destination, it does it flawlessly. Those who have used GPS drive navigation on phone (especially offline) will agree to this.nAgain one would ready to compromise this feature if it was mid range phone but wait. At 35K, I at least expect proper navigation system let alone offline and voice guided. There was news that Nokia drive will be available on all WP 8 but it don't seem to be happening after all.nnI was thinking of buying this phone as Nokia is constantly delaying WP 8 launch but after research I came across these points which at least matter to me. I am ready to wait more for Nokia. And good news. I am certain that both Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 don't have these limitations. Proper navigation suite is available on these phones along with many other location services which I found useful on Lumia 800. And 920 has 32 GB internal memory and 820 has 8 GB internal but 32 GB expandable memory so that one can at least store all music and videos on card.nnNonetheless, WP OS experience is just so convenient and UI is very neat and clean with great user experience!

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Neat and Clean phone.......

Happy to see first Windows Phone 8 handset , Now available in INDIA. And Goes Out of stock when out from pre-order.nHTC are making windows Phones from the start of windows, but were badly hitten. But this time thay done neat job following the trendsetter, ie Nokia.nSome interesting pros:-n1. Screen of 8x is even more clear than that of Lumia 920. it has woophing 340 ppi density while 920 boast just 330 ppi (time to forget Retina display 320 ppi).n2. The Back camera isnt any new, the same one used in one x but still produces better picks than pureview on 920 IN DAY LIGHT ONLY. It do not have OIS but still its OK to produce HD videos.nBut real catch is Skype certified 2Mp wide angel Front Camera. So it is the best phone ever to do video chat, and with skype integrated in WP8, it takes experience to much higher level.n3. Processing-. 1.5 ghz snapdragon dual core s4.n memory- ram is 1gbnn4. look and feel- while 8x is ultra slim, ultra light, has perfect size and also has nice colors. Fact thqt it is 3rd most slim phone present now makes it more sexy. (first one ofcource slimmer lighter bigger the iphone) with such properties, it is surely head turner and make you standout in crowd of dumb B&Ws.n5. Sound and music- Not many phones comes with Inbuilt Amplifier and this one is king in that department . It has Beats By dr.dre certified Amplifier and Noice cancellation equipments. It also has Beats software in it to enhance sound and gives deep bas. Though I am not a big Fan of POP HiP Hop but only like Rock and Rap so I didnt like it much as listning to Rock music on it creates artificial effects instead of theater feel, but fortunately., there is an off feature available.nMisc- Battery backup is nice, though u can't change battery as it is unibodi, but with fast processor, u will never need to, it is gsm version, cdma will also come (not seen before on wp). Corning Gorrila glass 2 for no scratch andnhard touch screen.nn something abt wp8n it is totally new os, and has nothing n to do with 7.5/7.8 except user interface.n with new native code with windows 8 fr pc, its almost sure we gonna see many new new amazing games and apps which we have never seen before.n wp8 has all new UI with lot many new feature which were not in 7. It is now much safer than before with firewall intigrated in internet explorer 10. other features include Rooms, kids corner, live apps, live resizable tiles, new colors, live lock screen, and more. google wp8 for more details.nCons Time:-n1. IT is Not 4G LTE phone, only 3g. comon HTC, we also wanted 4G compitible pones for future.n2. It is not Wireless charging capable version of HTC 8xn3. Memory- only 16gb that too non expandable.n4. Not much exclusive apps made available by HTC to compare With Nokia Apps. n5. Maps though provided by Nokia in it but still you will miss turn by turn offline voice navigation in it (coz no one can beat Nokia drive, atleast now)n6. It is a striped down version of original HTC 8x and still priced 35k, I mean there are better phones available in same price range, for example, Nokia Lumia 820 which I am damm sure will be priced lower than 35k, and still has many features like wireless charging option, Super sensitive touch to use keys, pen, nails to give input, Changeable back cover, All exclusive app of nokia which I told u about. and many more. Do consider that before buying it.n ok I have said much.n FINAL words, It is a neat and nice phone and if u don't wanna wait more, buy it coz it could easily forstand ur needs and even better than same level androids.nnHappy New year, Enjoy Shopping!n thanx for reading.......

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Really Good

Bought a HTC phone from HTC store. Amongst the first ones. Just 2 daysnGreat phone in looks, designnProbably the best phone now.nHad choice between S3 and 8X, but preferred to risk for Windows 8. nBattery life , etc - yet to be provennnYa its new OS but what it does is takes you ahead with great connectivity features, if you are connected on facebook, Linkedin, twitter, skype and even office mails and apps. It all integrates very nicely to one and that why probably this WP8 system does not names it as "CONTACTS" but 'PEOPLE", where you are connected, updated and also call !!nnA very good phone but if marketed well it can be an upmarket phone to carry in the same league as iphone or S3.

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Windows Phone 8 on HTC 8X

First of all thanks to filpkart for a really good service and delivery time. nNow the phone…. It’s a really great phone solid build quality nice martial used and good color. Although it’s pretty easy to see the finger prints on the screen but overall looks beautiful. The setting up the phone is pretty easy and took about 2 mins to get it up and running.nSetting up the emails and facebook was very easy for me as I have been using windows phone from long time now and the process is same.nSetting up credit card/debit card and PayPal was also very in wallet to use with NFC enabled devices and took me about 5 mins to do that and I was ready to TAP my phone to make payments.nAnother big improvement I noticed was backup functionality. Now you can back up all your text messages, chat etc and I think it was long overdue. Some other minor changes in the settings and all.nNow the back camera…and frankly its bit disappointing….some time pictures will not be in focus if you the camera key to click the picture but if tap on the screen the pictures comes out fine.nLow light pics were below average but normal light pictures comes out good if you tap on the screen. I think some firmware issue and HTC should fix it.nSound on the phone is just amazing…especially if you have a Beats head phone. I tried a normal headphone also still it sounded really good (better than most of the phones/mp3 player out there).n I would say the phone is bit overpriced but hell if you are a windows user and like to listen to music on your phone go for it.nMore update coming soon

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