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HTC Desire SV
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HTC Desire SV
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If You are fortunate enough to read this .... do not even think about buying this mobile...i bought it for my brother one month back @ 22k...i have used galaxy s2 for almost a year and a half....and all i can say this is definately not a value-for-money product...its very phony..i got deceived by its specifications and some haste from my part that resulted me buying it..Camera is 8MP but the image quality is like tht of a cheap chinese camera. No HD video playback not even HD ..but it cant even play 720p video. and some 480p videos it ws able to play tht too with some lagging and poor colour saturation . 4gb memory is written but what u get is 1.1 Gb for storage media and all..

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Don't buy this phone

Before writing my review let me tell you that I bought this phone on Dec 1st. So I have used it for sufficient time to write a review about it. In simple words, don't buy this phone. Now the reasons:n1. Battery - 1 day with conservative usage with 2 simsn2. Camera - No HD, bad quality for this price range.n3. Can't play 720p movies.n4. Available internal memory only 1.1gb as opposed to 4gb specified.n5. Less than 1gb RAM, creates problem when working with multiple apps.nEverything is mediocre, don't buy this.

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HTC Desire SV model has autoreboot issue So please beware

This Mobile was launched in Nov 2012 and I had purchased this phone in same month of launch because of its look. But after using this for for 4-5 month this phone started rebooting automatically. nnCustomer Service is worst you would have ever experienced:n So I started contacting HTC customer service, they advised me to delete all the apps which i had downloaded still problem didn't stop and then they suggested to start my phone in safe mode but unfortunately issue didn't resolve.nnThen finally they asked to submit the device at service center to repair it. Somehow I managed to submit the device, I got my phone back after a week and unfortunately issue was not resolved yet. Then they asked to submit once again if they are unable to repair the phone then they will initiate for replacement. Then I manged again to submit the phone for repair but unfortunately issue is not resolved so far.nnIt been 4 month past struggling with HTC customer care and whenever I ask them they always advise to submit once again. Then I asked is there any limit to submit any device, then they said if it is repairable we will ask to submit but once our back-end team says its unrepairable they only we will proceed for replacement. nnSO THE CONCLUSION IS THAT HTC BACK-END TEAM WILL NEVER SAY THAT THIS PHONE IS UNREPAIRABLE AND UNFORTUNATELY YOU WILL NOT GET A REPLACEMENT. VERY SAD

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Good phone with pathetic customer service

I purchased this phone on 25th December 2012. What attracted me towards the phone was its big screen size, smooth UI, decent video and audio quality and good technical specs for my requirements.nnThe big screen size is definitely a boon for vociferous readers. I especially use apps like Pocket, Flyte e-books and Kindle and reading is a smooth experience. The UI is also aptly sensitive and for someone who is not into gaming at all, the phone runs without any hiccups. Thus, it's an economical buy for people who will be using it for simple and professional applications.nnThe main reason why I have downgraded the phone's rating is the terrible after-sales customer service. Two and a half months into buying the phone, I have already submitted the device 4 times for repairs for the same issue and spent countless hours on the phone discussing and arguing about it with them. All they do when I call to report the problem is request me to submit the device for repair once again. And, if what one of their complaints escalation manager said is true, the company does NOT have a replacement policy. Instead, I am told, the company replaces the devices as a GOODWILL gesture. Talk about self-aggrandizing attitude!nnFinally, I would recommend you buy the phone with a silent prayer that you never have to contact their customer service.

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Awesome BUY with Great Looks.........

If u r looking for a good dual sim phone in the market.....then this is the best phone in the market with uncompeted feautures...........Forget samsung s duos because its display is not good as this one and s duos is even smaller than this one.......nThe PRO's aren- Brlliant huge crystal clear 4.3" displayn- Awesome finish and Great looks.......n- Dual sim(gsm+gsm)n- 8MP Camera Just ROCKS!!!!!n- HTC Sense 4 ui and Dual core Processor(Really FAST!!!!)n- Free 25 GB Dropbox SpacenThe Con's Are-nthe cons are minor which would make enough efeect....n- Front video calln- It use microsim.....u have to cut your sim into a small shape...but its easy just see some videos and pdfs to convert a sim into microsim......nVerdict-nIf Looking for dual sim and ur budget is somewhat high....THEN ITS A MUST BUYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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