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Poor Service HTC.... Don't Buy HTC....

I have purchased a new HTC One V on 14th April 2012. Now I am facing an issue with my mobile, the colour of lowest part of display is fading & yellowish colour can be seen (images are attached). nAs my mobile is under warranty so I called up HTC customer care executive. He told me that I have to take my mobile to nearest service centre that is in Indore.He also told me that if the service centre approves that it is a genuine problem and a manufacturing defects than only my mobile will be replaced. The whole process will take time around 10-12 days. Please suggest anybody some alternate solution as the process is too cumbersome and time taking.

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Honest Review from a Tech Geek

This is a honest review and i don't go by the the certified tag. I have seen the reviews on the internet comprehensively. I have seen the results on youtube as well. I typed in HTC One V for a week on youtube just to watch all the reviews and in the end i decided to buy not for the money part but for the tech part of this phone. I could've bought a Nokia Lumia 800 or even a Samsung Omnia W if i wanted a Windows based Phone but Android 4.0 ICS is awesome. nnHere goes the cliched pros and cons.nnPROsn1. Great build, good to hold and feel.n2. Great screen, as told by many whom i showed the phone.n3. Good battery life for a HTC, i've seen people talk bad about battery life in HTC phone but surprisingly it is good enough.n4. Good phone navigation for ICS which was absent in Gingerbread but it is not as good as WP7 Mangon5. Great camera with great features in it shoot and capture is the way it is.nnNow, for the cons i wouldn't really complain but it is an area of improvement to be done by the HTC people.nnCONsn1. Gets heated when playing graphic intense game, but not so much to bother about as it doesn't burn, imagine the heat in your computer's cpu or even your laptop's cpu running a high graphic game, considering that scale it is good enough.n2. Inbuilt battery is not a con but it is definitely bothering, it stays in your mind, what if my phone fails to boot up because the battery just went dead even after charging( worst case scenario ).n3. Internal memory, i wouldn't complain but many people would because it is a major thing. Not many do buy an SD card of high capacity and thanks to Flipkart they are giving 16 Gb of MicroSD .So it is worthy the price.n4. The screen is too glossy for it to sustain scratches.nnOther than all of these minor issues i wouldn't complain much, infact these are not even my complains, these are pretty common ones i see in places.nnThe phone is great for the price in Flipkart and the service. I wouldn't mind paying 18K because it is worth it.nnWord of advice----------->> Don't go by low prices. Go by the quality of service done, it always helps.

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Best phone on the Market for the Price.

First of all, A lot of people are blaming HTC telling that the phone is overpriced. Let me tell you that this phone runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC sense. Its a killer Combination. You don't get Android 4.0 anywhere today for low as this. Just wait for sometime, The price will surely go down since its just the initial days of the phone into the market. Let me go to the Pro's and Con's of the phone.nnPros - n1. Extremely efficient camera with a dedicated image chip for better photos even in low light. Can take photos at 4 frames per Second. Also takes 720p videos.n2. Beats audio works with anything you play with the device. Music, videos, games, application and even the videos you play on the browser.n3. Extremely light and comfortable to hold due to the 'Chin' design.n4. Htc sense 4.0 has so many new features like taking video and photo at the same time, Wireless HDMI connection to TV, Google the features to know more.n5. The phone is extremely smooth even though it just has a 1GHz processor. There is no lag at all.n6. Display is a Super-LCD 2, which is better than Super AMOLED for viewing angles.nCons-n1. No secondary cameran2. No Beats earphones available with the phone.n3. Built in storage is just 4GB.n4. Web browser needs more worknnConclusion:nnGetting your hands on an HTC One V is going to cost you about 17.5 K in the Market, which is definitely a reasonable price considering what you get in exchange. The smartphone has style and character that few devices in its price category can match, and i'm pretty happy with it for the most part. Just give the phone a couple of months i the market and the price will definitely come down.nnCheers.

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HTC ONE V its is !!!!

I have always been a Samsung fan and after giving a lot of thoughts and going through various videos and reviews thought of trying my hands on HTC.nGot the HTC One V 2 days back and I am absolutely in love with this phone. The battery is superb. The display is quite good as well. HTC could have done with the little more of internal memory.nnnThe camera of the phone is too good and capture images as good as any 8 mega pixel camera phone.nnThe design and build quality is perfect and the phone looks quite good in your hands.nThe beats enabled feature just enhances the music experience.nAbsolutely worth the money you spend on this phone.

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My complaint to HTC for Bad Customer Service and technical issue in HTC One V

Quietly Brilliant – In screwing customers nnI am compelled to write this harsh letter to you which is just me returning what I received from your Service Center. nnYesterday, 25-June-2012, I visited HTC Service Center, TVS-E Servicetec ltd located at 38 A, Bunglow Road Kamla Nagar, Opp Amitabh Banquet, New Delhi-110007 at 06:40pm. As per your website ( the timings of the center has been shown till 7:00pm. But when I walked to the attendant (a rude lady) at the counter told me that the timings are till 06:00pm only and so she can not entertain me. I informed that website showed 7:00pm as closing time then she said that there is a board outside of new timings. How typical, if you must change then you should do at your website first. nnMoreover before fixing your customer care timings you should understand that on weekdays, it is not possible for many people to show up to your service center before 06:00pm as most of the office timings does not allow doing so.nnStill, as they were already accepting one phone from the only other customer present in the office I asked them to accept my phone too, I had traveled from far, struggled traffic and rushed to reach there, though it is mere a 5 minute job the lady at the counter rudely refused. I wonder did you hire Nokia customer care staff? I did not buy Nokia for two reasons (1) Worst Customer Care Staff; (2) Technical Issues in phones. Unfortunately I am very displeased seeing HTC following Nokia footstep. First you sold me phone with built in technical issues; then you hire and train customer staff to be as discourteous as possible. Congratulations on completely understanding Indian market, we are used to be pushed around. Well, not me and not this time.nnNow let me introduce (may be known to you) major built in technical issues with my brand new HTC ONE V.nn(1) Display Issue- There is a yellow line on display screen at bottom which is prominently visible with white background.nn(2) Network Issue- Network connectivity of the phone is very poor. It does not detect signal at places where other phones of same network easily connects. This is true for Wi-Fi also.nn(3) Phone shut down abruptly and just refuse to restart though battery fully charged.nnThanks for nothing HTC.

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