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HTC Radar
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HTC Radar
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Awesome start from Windows

Less is more. nnThis is what HTC and windows Mango bring together in such a sublime and minimalistic way. With its classy aluminum silver and milky white panel to the smooth UI, everything about this phone is near perfect.nnI was looking at the HD7 before but Windows launched the much awaited 7.5 Mango in India and I knew this was the phone to buy.nnLike:n1. User Interface : The ultra slick UI which will take your breath away for sure. Extremely sensitive all thanks to Mango which allows seamless transitions from one screen to another. Android and apple take the back seat here.nn2. Screen: Awesome Gorilla screen with more than 240dpi - super clear nn3. Design: Ergonomic to hold, pleasing to look. Great design inside and out.nn4. Applications: Lot of interesting applications for windows - growing every day. I am sure it will attract more developers to write apps for windows in the near future because of the User Interaction. Some must have apps: WhatsApp, gmaps, Toggle...nn5. Entertainment: Zune gives a great way to connect your files from your computer to the phone. Decent sound with SRS option and stereo headphones.nn6. People hub: This has to be the most awesome part of Windows Mango. All your contacts from Google, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo come together as one. You can link them as one account which lets you communicate with your friends by text, write on their wall, send a mail or call. You have to try this to know what it feels like!nn7. Camera: 5 MP with great autofocus and flash, better than HTC Incredible S and iPhone4. The focus is just really fast with 720pi recording.nn8. SkyDrive: Even with no option to add extra memory, there is an option to upload all your docs on windows skydive where you get free 5GB data storage space. nn9. Email: Almost every mail box you have can be configured on the windows Mango and pinned to the start screen. nn10. Notifications: See new messages, mails, alarms without unlocking ur screen. Different sounds for different needs.nn11. Shortcuts: Create your own shortcuts with apps available for almost all Windows features. Pin them to ur start screen to allow one click access.nnDon't like:nn1. No screen rotation locking.n2. No Skype for Windows 7.5 - not yet but will be soon.n3. Only 8 GB storage out of which Windows takes up almost 2.2 GB. n4. Does not come with Zune installation or any software - need to download it.nnI am extremely pleased with this purchase and even more with FlipKart for the great service they provide. The phone was delivered within 3 days (sunday included) and the packing and delivery was perfect. 5/5nnIf you want to be noticed and experience a new way of using mobile phones, then this is the phone for you. If you just want a stand to place applications then please go ahead and buy yourself one of the drab androids or iPhones. nnIf you have the time and some more cash to splash, there is the Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Omnia/Focus S and HTC Titan- all running Windows Mango. nnUltimate value for money. My best purchase for a long time now.nnThanks HTC, Windows and FlipKart!

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HTC RADAR!! IOS and Android under the RADAR

I had used this phone for a day, before placing the order here on FlipKart... This is one Awesome Phone... Screen is the best i have seen so far.. SRS audio gets the tight bass on your headphones. Camera and the flash is stunning!!! Battery lasts for two days without charge with moderate to heavy usage.nnThe Windows 7.5 Mango is one futuristic O.S.!! Man, it looks like the phone has done some time travelling from the future and has landed here! The O.S beats the sh!t out of Android(i am a Android developer and have been with android since v1.6). The IOS feels so Boring in front of Mango.nnStunning man, stunning phone!!nnThis is one all rounder phone!

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A breathe of fresh air

I have been with this device since last 1 month and have gathered enough usage exprience to write my views on it. So read on..nnHardware- It is no longer a surprise that hTC makes the sturdiest looking unibody design devices and this has come true with Radar too and it certainly distinguishes itself in a crowd. The first time I put it out to use, all the colleagues near me jumped to see how pretty it looked and how snugly it fitted in the hands. The white version I have has the whites very marked. The lower lip which also acts as sim cover adds a chin like extention. Some may not like it and it even come out conspicuos. The black version has a better conceal to it. Still it is an acquired taste and goes well if you come to think of it. The back is mostly sturdy looking aluminum and an upper end with camera lens and speaker grill. I have dropped my phone 2 times so far and it has survived without any blemish. Thank lord! The screen is SLCD with standard WP7 resolution, still the colors are a little more saturated giving off their flair with the animations of WP7 software. I did not miss the GS2 screen.nnSoftware- Having started with Andriod and going to iOS and taking a route to Mango Windows 7 was not an easy choice. I was sceptical and so should be you. I am glad I did, it is flawless. The touchscreen keyboard is a joy to type and it is on par with iOS keyboard and greatly better than any android keyboard. The screen animations are subtle and give off the lagfree handiwork of software refinements made in WP7 mango. As said by windows that it is a see and go OS in that the home with its livetiles keep telling you about the most important things happening in your mobile life, it is a great and proven statement. I enjoyed the sms interface, the calling and also the web browsing. nnApps- One thing which made me sceptical about the whole WP7 adoption was the less than impressive marketplace. Yet, the most popular apps are there and they are even more useful with their metro based designs and functionalities. Many allow the app or any particular feature to be pinned on the home which gives you teh realtime update which is cool. Still, I would not say bing maps or bing search rocks! I still want my google maps and google search. Even when forced I can live with bing, yet google maps is sorely missed. Some third party apps give you google maps, yet the native apps on android simply out of the wordly limitations. The games are main highlights of WP7 with their integration with hardware acceleration and X BOX integration. Play Assassin Creed HD and tell me you are not blown out by how cool the 3D interface is. The games for WP7 are many and perform better with Radar and so will on any other device. So go for this or Samsung focus/flas/W etc. nnBattery life- As a heavy user I am easliy put off by poor battery life. I have used 5 HTC devices earlier with android and it always sulked. Yet,hTC with WP7 are a winner party for battery. It lasts a full day of 24 hours and more. It simple reminds me of that famed Maruti ad, " Ki karoon, petron khatam hi nahin hondi" I am happy.nnFinal thoughts- The price and value are favoring this over Lumia 800. Still Lumia 800 would be better in regards of feel of device and more exclusivity. If you want a Samsung phone go for Focus S as that has superamoled plus for better sub pixel level clarity at a huge screen. If you happen to buy a Radar, you would still feel great tp have spent money wisely and beautifully. ( beautifully for the OS)nnJagannath.

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Awesome delivery awesome phone.

everything that you can wish for...... mango have it for u. radar is the best phone i've ever used till date and its completely different from other os like android and ios and i'm not afraid to say it is the best os ever made . apart from that phone look great have all the great features. even my friend who have an iphone says its better than mine .nand for people who thinks that 8 gb is not enough let me tell them window provide 25 gb online free storage which is quite enough .so no need to worry about storage.

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Not worth the money

Give me one good reason to buy this phone for 20K plus? The extra 6000Rs I am paying is for the OS. So the hardware turns out to be pathetic.nnSupports only ...nGSM - 900, 1800; UMTS - 2100, cannot use it in USA (1900)n5MP camera with no flashnNo Java supportnNo HD or HDMI supportnNo google map, gpsnScreen resolution is just 480 x 800 pixelsnnNow compare this with Sony Ericsson Xperia neo VnGSM - 850, 900, 1800, 1900; UMTS - 2100n5MP camera with LED flashnGPS and google mapsnScreen resolution is 854 x 480 Pixels with 16M colorsnHDMI and HD support

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