HTC Rhyme
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Rs 31,760
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HTC Rhyme
Expected Price
₹ 31,760
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Too costly

This phone is quite costly, better go for Incredible S(Awesome phone with 4 inch display & 8 mexapixel camera. But Incredible has android 2.2 os rhyme has 2.3. HTC rhyme comes out with HTS SENSE 3.5, it really make you feel fantastic while using the phone.HTC disappoints with the high cost.

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Htc needs to stop robbing it's customers!

Great phone,pathetic price. Same is with htc a price of 24-26k dual cores and 8 mp cameras are expected but htc doesn't deliver in that part.Come to think of it,th difference between this phone and the neo v is that rhyme has 256 mb more ram and htc sense which is way better than timescape and some more internal memory...but are these things worth 9k more?? Of course not.

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too expensive

too expensive at this price with simple 5 MP camera and 3.7 inch screen... its better with HTC INCREDIBLE S which much more..and response too NETHAJI.. HTC INCREDIBLE S DOESNT COME WITH ANDROID 2.2 , infact it has got 2 updates - one with version 2.3.3 and second with 2.3.5 and also with HTC SENSE 3.0

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Overpriced and no dock as part of package sold in india.

Don't understand why the phone is so overpriced..even with reduced price of 21.5 k it doesn't make sense to me.More so when the box contents too not the same that we can get overseas.One of the positives i considered about this phone was the dock that could be served as charging stations as well apart from alarm clock or music dock is missing in the packages shipped in India.That's sheer idiocy!!nnThe phone however is good with decent internal memory but with HTC One V on the shelves now at price less by 3.5k , this will have competition from its own sibling.

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Waste of Money

For this price its better to spend another 3k and get Samsung Galaxy SII or Motorola RAZR. This Phone is not all value for money. HTC is robing people. this phone is not even worth 15k. Just bcoz of brand they are looting people. This strategy not going to work for long time.

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