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HTC Sensation
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HTC Sensation
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Had it for 20 days now.. Satisfied!!

Ok.. So had it for 20 days.. The PROS and CONS firsthand..nPros:n1. Very very gorgeous compared to Galaxy S2n2. Samoled screen was something that attracted me towards S2 but trust me.. This has SLCD screen which in noway can be called bad at all.. Its dazzling..!!n3. SENSE interface rocks.. far better than anything else..n4. Bit heavier than others but I like it that way personally., no plasticy feel.n5. Camera is the best mobile camera I ever had. Flash doesnt spoil pictures..n6. I bought it for 24K its worth the money!!nnCONS:n1. Since I said as a pros.."No plasticy feel".. its metalic body heats up, is not a big issue though for me.. but heat means energy loss, not sure if that affects battery life.n2. Ringtone volume could have been louder, specially for India where environments are noisier. But vibrator doesnt let you miss any call. Ring tones are loud enough to be heard in places the phone of this standard deserves to be.. :Pn3. Earphones should have been of better quality..after 24 k u expect that.. Bundle earphones are good but not great.n4. I would still say.. Nokia will slightly win over call quality and sound depth during call, but the phone beats in all other departments.. so its negotiable.n5. No physical Camera button.. I miss this.. :( You cant take your own shots by the primary camera,, until in-front of a mirror.. :)nnnObservations:n1. Battery will last for 1 day if you use your smartphone like a smartphone..Dont expect the battery last for 2 3 days like nokia as no smartphone will give that until you use ur smart phone as a stupid phone in total offline mode.n2. Regarding deathgrip issue: If you want to exhibit deathgrip issue, yes you can! but if you want to avoid it, again you can..!! So not a showstopper..n3. Volume switch is bit too big.. often gets pressed due to large size, leading to unwanted volume alterations.. will get used to though..n4. Girls go for 3.7 inch screen as this 4.3 inch will be a bit tough for you to handle this in one hand.. Just a suggestion.. :) nnnOVERALL GO FOR IT..

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Sensation price cut

@ Abhijeet - HTC India has recently reduced the price of HTC Sensation. It is unlocked version and does not come locked with any provider. The price cut is also because of HTC's flagship phone ie HTC One series is due to launch very soon. I suggest its a good buy after the price cut.

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Sensational indeed!

I've been using hTC Sensation for a week now and its an amazing experience...nnBefore I bought this phone , I read many reviews and some of it were on complains about Wi-FI signal drop... nBelieve me , I've never diSconnected Wi-Fi and it works perfectly fine....nnCall quality is awesome, Browser and Sense UI is slick...nGaming is smooth...nI've played Let's golf 3 , MC 3 , Nova 2 ,Assasins creed, Asphalt 6 and the usual angry birds,Fruit Ninja and blah blah blah....nEerything works like a charm....nnI'm 15 years old, I always browse and play , nand I say go for it !!! nnQuitelly Brilliant!

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Risky phone

It is a good attempt by HTC but I've heard all over the internet about ts 'Death Grip' issues and pathetic battery life. Go for Galaxy S II instead.nThere must be some reason why the Samsung's flagship is a chartbuster and is selling like hot cakes.nIf you are ready to take a risk go for HTC. And by the way, the camera of all the HTC phones are crap. I've experienced it myself.

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It was so confusing for me to choose one phone...nthe confusion was b/w Samsung Galaxy S2 and Htc Sensation..nAt last, after seeing so many reviews and videos on youtube, hearing from people who have used both the phones,ni decided to go for htc sensation,n1.more pixels, sense 3.0 (OMG)nIt Actually Has 1gb ram, but its told only 784mb, heard from some website, otherwise, doesn't matter for me,nit doesn't lag but samsung galaxy s2 does, i saw in one myself..nit is a super phone, and u'll love it, and after the 2.3.4 android update, it's battery and wifi drawbacks are recovered, and they've got vanished,nits a god now..n( My Brother Has One )nI've Ordered Mine TOday, nWIll Get It IN 4 Business days.. nAnd Yeah, Get A Good And Fast Memory Card For It, If You're going to Buy..nEnjoy..

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