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HTC Desire C
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HTC Desire C
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Dumb reviews by fellow flipkarters !! The phone is best !!

The phone hand on experience was very impressive and after finding out deep information from an HTC expert and one of Desire C owner. I found out that the phone is upgraded in every sense and best in the market. 1. The people who have doubt with the processor have not gone through Technicals or History of HTC. HTC always comes out with latest in terms of hardware and the hardware quality is best in the market, 600MHz scorpion processor is an next generation mobile processor and if u compare it with 1Ghz processor of Samsung, then the desire C 600MHz scorpion processor is like 1.5 too 2Ghz. ( Now many may question me for that so here is an example, for the same, PC or Desktop in the market today u get with Intel i3 and Intel i5 processor, but they are differentiated in terms of performance by 1st generation and 2nd generation, so the same way the 600mhz HTC processor have difference with Samsung 1Ghz or any other company except Motorola they have processor same as HTC ) 2. Talking about camera, Desire C 5mp camera is the best in comparison with any phone with 5mp in the market, picture ones transferred to PC or Projector tells everything about the camera. 3. Terms of music this phone finds no competition in this price range in the market, with it BEATS Audio System. The sound quality is exceptionally good. About headphone they are best in quality as they are not BEATS headphones but the headphone are extreme good in quality and compatible to BEATS Audio System, each and every part of music is loud, Soft and Clear. 4. Its no where comparable to HTC Explorer both are very different products. Price range for the product is impressive with the kind features, and hardware quality. This phone is an very good option for people who want every beat of the music they are listening, people who want exceptionally good camera and latest feature in phones.

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wanna be a review?? use the gadget first..

the phone is lagging problem...putting up in a simple language...nmost of the guys here want a frontal camera...but they cant afford a 3g data plan :D :Dnyou want a 1 ghz processor..but no such game or application requires a 1ghz processor on google play store..still i must add that it's 600 mhz prcsr is smooth in its operation and execution(for your knowledge samsung ace's 800mhz prcsr cant run temple run but desire's 600 mhz processor can..for an example)..nmusic..(its a beats audio supportive phone..nothing else to add)nwrapping up my review now- "plz buy a phone and use it for a while and then write comments...dont be a wannabe critic"..nhope it might not offend you guys ;)

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HTC IS Best in every Aspect.

Here i have seen people Are giving reviews without using HTC phones, As they have a perception in their mind HTC is Overpriced. nI am a user of HTC from past 5 years. Starting it with HTC P3400, then Diamond touch 2 and now HTC explorer. nnlet us make it simple, Its all about engineering.n600mhz, and can run lots of app. and multitasking, without get heated much, Pathetic. Isn't?nhaving dual core and still lagging. heat like hell after 30 mins use. Amazing. isn't?nnWe are running towards the specs only. What is use of having a dual core and high end chip if we will not able to use it at maximum. Run for the technology not for specs. nnI buy HTC explorer because:-nni love its GPS:-n nI am amazed to use explorer GPS. You dont need a GPRS/3g/ edge to run its gps. its in built No extra charge. only if your phone connecting to the net to download the MAP and a map does not take much Kbs to download.and a 98 rs recharge for net on airtel is enough for one month to use this service. or just download the map via WiFi, and you can see your exact location even your phone is not connected to the edge/Gprs/3g. nnI love its wifi Hot spot:-nnto run this you dont need 3g, however when you run it, it shows the 3g written on top. But its the indicator that your hot spot is active and now you can connect up to 5 device with it. You can connect your laptop, Ipod touch. you can restrict the no. of device who can connect and who can not. you dont need a Dongle at all or any connectivity cable to connect with it. Its Wifi. and in 2g(Edge). The speed is enuff, almost 238kb/s for surfing. nnInterface and touch:nOnce you grab it you touch it. You will realize it. Why htc is best in smart phones.nnSo far for me this three features make me buy this phone at this price and I am Happy.nnregardsnAbhinandan

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Fantastic and the BEST phone with in this budget, Loving it.

I've purchased this thru FlipKart, ( my 2nd transaction with FlipKart so far), they are very much prompt on the delivery. I'm delighted again. Its been a month I bought this phone and now I want to post my review after getting familiar with the phone. Of course its lengthy but these are my honest thoughts. nLike many, I was also confused initially to decide on which one to go for, as there are lot of Andorid models available in the market. This is my 1st Android. I've done a lot of research on various companies models within my budget of 10 - 13k and for good features i'm looking for are - 5 MP camera, Decent screen size and memory, Good OS, nice Audio and video. Narrowed down my search to Samsung Galaxy Ace and HTC desire C. Confused which one to finalize. My friends suggested Samsung, as it has very good network of service centers .nand samsung is the most happening SmartPhone in the market. Some good features like Call Conferencing, LED flash, 800Mhz processor are not there in HTC Desire C but available in Samsung Galaxy Ace. nBut HTC is looking pretty good in Hardware specs like 500 MB RAM, 4GB Internal Memoery ( 1 gb is of Users), and most importantly latest version of Android - Ice Cream Sandwich.nThe dilemma still continued as Samsung galaxy ace looks better Specs wise. nnFinally almost decided to go for Galaxy Ace,but Just before placing my order in FlipKart, nI've reviewd both features honestly and decided not to compromise for some features / Specs ( ofcourse those are good) which i really dont use or hardly use and concluded finally to HTC Desire C.nn1)Call conferencing - i hardly use. not even once in last 6 months. So i dont bother even my phone doesnt has this.n2)LED flash for camera - I went to a mobile store and taken the pictures on both phones in normal light, HTC clarity is clearly dominating Galaxy Ace. And in the dark light its not that good, n but i'm not buying this phone for photography in the night. I use the phone camera for On-the-fly pictures but not for occassions. I use my digital cam for that. n3)800 Mhz processor - I'm really not satisfied to know that we can not run TempleRun game in Galaxy Ace.n But we can run it in HTC Desire C with 600 MHZ processor which also has a separate graphics processor, without any lagging.n4)512 MB RAM - Galaxy Ace has 256 MB Ram, where HTC Desire C has 512 MB RAM. Friends, I'm telling you, for an android phone for running multiple apps, RAM is equally important. Not just the processor speed. otherwise it lags a lot.n5)4 GB internal Memroy ( 1GB for user) - Galaxy Ace has 158 MB internal memory, and i dont know how much is for User out of that. Compared to this, HTC has 4 GB whole and 1 GB for User. n Obviously latest andorid version ICS needs more memory. 3 GB gone for that. Even after that 1GB for user is more than enough. You can install a very good number of Apps without depending on SD card.nn6)8 GB SD Card is Bundled free with HTC Desire C, where as only 2 GB with Galaxy Ace.n7)HTC is equipped with latest version Android ICS ( 4.0.3) where as Galaxy Ace is Gigerbread the lower version( 2.3)nn8) Stylish look, Sleek design, not very bulky to carry. Fits perfectly into your Palm without compromisig the screen size 3.5 inches, same size as Galaxy Ace.nn9) You will get 25GB of online storage free for 2 yrs with HTC with, which is quite useful.nnAfter the Usage, i've observed a bunch of good features like, Speaker phone will be turned on when you flip your phone. No other buttons to operate. nScreen is Auto Powered off when you keep the phone at your ears (to save battery), and you take it out, it will be on again automatically.nVery decent battery back up, once fully charged, its coming for almost 2 days under the moderate usage (including playing games,surfing the web.. etc).nWi-fi connectiviy is the best. I can use it even in another room, away from the room where my wi-fi Router exists ( ofcourse router signal strength also contributes its share here).nMost importantly, phone book contact search is awesome. It searches people with both numbers as well as alphabets. I've never seen this kind of search earlier.nI did not use Maps, so no comments. Beats Audio, many people said great about it. Yes, audio quality is very good, But i did not find a great difference with Samsung.nVideo quality is also decent in normal light, but not great. Dont expect HD videos with phones.nnAnd this phone is the BEST with in this buget range. When You are getting almost all good features, better hardware within your budget,what else you need.nnI sincerely thankful to the fellow Flipkarters who posted their valuable reviews which helped me to decide.

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HTC is simply best

HTC is the Best because it is HTC! nFind out why!... here is the reason....nHTC Wildfire was the first HTC that I have bought 2-2.5 years back. I was confused whether I should go for samsung which costs 11000 to 12000 having same configuration or slightly better configuration or buy HTC Wildfire by paying 1500 to 2000 Rs more. But when I watched demo of HTC sense(a proprietary HTC feature which adds significant value in user experience) on youtube and experienced actual demo piece at nearby Croma store, I decided to buy HTC. nOnce I have started using the phone, I was amazed by its features like searching contacts faster (it has algorithm where first few contacts you call frequently/is registered as received or called , it appears on top if the search character matches), sharing updates on FB/twitter in fraction of minute, amazing camera, superb and rich browsing(Flash support in browser was only available with HTC phones in the range of Wildfire phone before 2 years!), easy to share web URL on FB/twitter, Very good audio quality and lot more. nI did not have to think about other brand when I have got HTC One V few months back.nI would suggest to go to nearest store, experience HTC and then only buy any other brand!

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