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HTC Wildfire S
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HTC Wildfire S
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Recently ordered this phone from flipkart. The phone was delivered in perfect condition and on time by filpkart, as always. But upon using the phone for a week, i realised the phone had one major flaw. It was with the INTERNAL MEMORY.nnIt only has 150mb of free internal memory as oppose to 512mb ( 350mb is already taken by the OS), while out of the 150 mb, 70-80% of it is already pre-loaded with apps like the HTC sense, Peeps, etc. nnSo now when you want to install apps of your own, you only have around 20mb-30mb of space left. The phone starts acting all stucky and weird. Now, after not installing the apps you want, the cache starts becoming a problem. So every time you have to clear your cache for all the apps to make space and let the phone run smoothly (apart from not getting to install the apps you want). You will just have to enter login information again-n-again. They do have a way of transferring the app from phone memory to card memory, but sadly, most of the apps are not transferable. n(It seems the apps which have their own widgets, are non-transfarable)nnSad that such a beautiful and powerful phone has such a major problem. Im sure HTC could have sorted this 'Internal Memory' problem, but they didn't, just to restrict the user usage and experience. So now, you have no choice but to upgrade to a higher end model.

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Honest Review

Hello Folks. Well i purchased a HTC Wildfire S about a month back. Although I didn't purchase it on FlipKart, I just thought i need to write a review. I have heard one too many folks with nothing but bad things to say about this phone. So i thought i'd write a review. Ok Review first.nnLook and Feel : nA decent looking handset, with gorilla glass (Although prone to minor scratches every now and then), plastic body but feels premium finish, with USB to micro USB cable for charging which can also be plugged directly to charger as well(this is a standard with most smart phone i guess). The 2.3 gingerbread OS is slick. HTC sense adds for a better looking UI. nnnHardware: nMost reviews claim the processor to be slow, But it is not. I atleast have 20 apps running simultaneously, just to check for any lag. But guess what. No lag what so ever. Smooth as ever. Memory available to the user for installing apps is only about 130 MB. The remaining 390 odd MB used by the OS and default apps. You can install apps to the SD card, but all google related apps cannot be moved to the SD card like maps, google plus which actually consume atleast 25 MB. This may be a problem to some, But i say install only what you really need and you should do fine. Expandable upto 32 GB, so storage is not an issue. On board speaker is decent, although it could have been just a little better. Default earphones provided are awesome. Got great sound.nnnBattery Life: nPeople have complained about the battery life. And i would agree. Max life i get is about five hours(Using the internet, messaging, chatting, 3 hrs Music, fiddling around with other apps and a game or here). It is not bad if you ask me. Just make sure you carry a charger around or atleast the usb cable just in case. nnnCamera:nI am sure many would want to know about. Captures decent pictures with good light. But the sensors on board don't perform that well in low light, which directly results in bad pictures. You could use the flash, but it does not help most of the times. Overall, one of the better cameras for a phone in this budget.nnnApps:n2.3 OS is the all new improved version. A little different than the previous ones. You could get a lot of apps of the android market. The keyboard is a bit of problem. Keys too close to each other. You could always get anothre keyboard off the market. Facebook, twitter, peep, friends stream, gtalk, maps, youtube etc are by default present. Youtube videos plays in HQ. Phones works better with WI-FI. Opera Mini browser is faster than the on board, so you should probably get that. Pinch and zoom works like a charm. The widgets are all very easily customisable. Music player is great. nnnIt is a great phone if you want it to be. Keep your expectations real. Just because it looks like real high end phone doesn't mean it should work like one. Remember - It is a phone and not a computer.nnMy rating is 9 out of 10.nnAlternate models LG p500, DELL XCD, Galaxy ACEnnThanks for reading.

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Using Wildfire S for last 9 months...

Hi people, I have been using wildfire s for last 9 months...yes, when I bought the phone, I was unhappy about the battery life and the low internal memory. And I almost decided to sell my wildfire s and buy some high end android phone with large internal memory.nnBut 2 months back, I came across the process of rooting my wildfire-s. Rooting is the process of gaining administrative access to your phone.nnWell, I understand, the process is a little confusing but once you gather enough information about rooting, it will be a cakewalk.nnSo, once I rooted the phone, I was able to install a custom ROM (Cyanogenmod 7.2) which not only enhanced the performance of my phone but also resolved the 2 critical drawbacks of this phone - Battery Backup & Internal Memory.nnOnce I rooted my phone, I can dedicate some space on my external card which acts like phone's internal memory. I dedicated 2 GB space on my 8 GB sd-card and now I have almost 75 apps installed on my phone and I am still left with more than 1 GB space in my sd card.nnOnce I rooted my phone, I was able to control my CPU speed i.e. underclock it or overclock it when required. So, I underclock the phone CPU when I am not using it to the minimum value so that it consumes less battery. And believe it or not, I am getting 30 hrs. of battery life on moderate use i.e. I make 10-15 calls a day, send 50-100 sms per the net whenever needed...and facebook and google talk is constantly running in the background.nnSo, I hope, this review would have answered most of the queries that you must be having.nnI am very happy with my wildfire-s now...nnThanks for reading this review.

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'Good' But Not 'Great'

If you are one of those who wants people looking at your phone when you take it out of that pouch (You would surely need that, because protection for the screen is minimal) , go for this phone and if looks don't matter to you so much, I would advice you to stay away.nI call it the 'sophisticated baby', its sleek, its classy, its enticing and it surely has that 'Aww' factor.nWhy should I buy?(it might convince you, why not to buy?)n- Looks! Looks! and Looks! Its closest competitor 'Samsung Galaxy Ace' can beat it in many aspects but not on Looks! this phone beats many models of HTC itself, and other manufacturers on looks, hands down. This baby stands out.n- The 5 MP Camera is excellent in natural light and gives good high resolution snaps but there are some major hiccups in no light or low light surroundings.Actually under insufficient light you have to be really intutive while clicking a pic (guessing the frame) because all you see in the screen is nothing (Major flaw).n-The sound quality of this phone is really good! but the problem is the volume, its surprisingly low, if you find yourself mostly at noisy places, get ready to apologise to many callers over not attending their phone call.They may not understand, that you never heard the phone ringing :).If using vibration mode irritates you, please give this model a miss.The headphones provided with this set is Awesome! makes up for the low speaker volume of the phone for me. n-The screen resolution is really good and the viewing experience is satisfying.n-The touch is nice but if you are going to use this phone in humid conditions where you may sweat a lot, the touch becomes resistive once the screen is covered with sweat :) (personal experience.That is, using it in Chennai was sometimes irritating but in Bangalore, it works fine).n-Good processor! There is no Lagging problem with this model but the Internal memory is really low, beacuase their is just 150MB Internal storage.(the OS takes up the rest of the space) n-Battery Life is reasonable and would be sufficient for a sane user. For Insane one's I cant comment. nIn my view (after 8 months of use), in its price range its a 'Good Buy', not a 'Great Buy'.Nowadays when such innovation is going on in the handset market, with new models coming up every other day, anybody who can afford this phone would move onto a new phone in like 14 to 24 months. So, why not go for looks, than quality in features? but then again make your choice depending upon the kind of usage for the product.nThanks! Feel free to give feedback on my feedback :)

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Most Dumb Phone ever

as the review above the internal memory is so low you hardly can install few apps.. beyond that phone become useless.. please dont buy this.. If you really want to waste money.. put it down your toilet.. atleast you can see money going.. this you see every time and repent on your decision..nGifted to my wife and from that day i have repented.

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