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Honor 6
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₹ 14,999
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Best smartphone you can get. PERIOD!

LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola et al are selling their flagship with high-end spec between 32+ K to 45+K rupees. So when lesser known company like Huawei comes with a spec which beats all these flagship phones on paper and costs about half or less than half, then one tends to be suspicious at first. Like me.nI was very skeptical (especially after reading AnandTech review, which I will cover later in this review) about this phone. After owning this phone for a week I am converted person.nSo, before I begin my review, here is my summary. This is the BEST smartphone right now in Indian market. PERIOD! And here is why!nn1.UI - I am not a huge fan of chinese UI (MIUI and EMUI) skins which ape iPhone UI. But surprisingly I love the EMUI 2.3. Its light, smooth and does exactly what you would expect without being an hindrance or restrictive. I am running Google Now Launcher because I am used to it on my Nexus 4 and it works beautifully with EMUI. My only wish is that I hope EMUI can allow us to go immersive.nn2. Buid and Quality- Surprisingly Light and ergonomically well designed. When Samsung came out with Galaxy S2 I fell in love with it becasue of its form factor. Honor 6 is very similar to that. Although mostly plastic, it doesnt look cheap at all. And can compete with any phone out there (including iPhone and Sony Z3) on looksnn3.Camera: Much better than my Nexus 4. Not as good as Sony Z2 or Z3. But Colors are great. Noise is low. Does well in lowlight. .nn4.PERFORMANCE: Not a single hang nor a single reboot since I bought. That to me is a performance as expected. I am not a gamer so I am not interested in benchmarks. But this phone is smooth and very responsive. No lag, no stutter, no problems. Video rendering is awesome. nn5.DISPLAY: Brilliant 1080p full HD. Best screen there is.Nothing more to add here except that my battery goes quickly because I cant put the phone down. I have got into this habit of turning on my screen every few seconds to look at the beautiful screen! :-)nn6.BATTERY: With 1080p and Octacore you need a powerful battery. Honor has one. nnHere are my results from everyday test.nnI am a heavy 3G user. I use 3G 10-12 hours a day and rest on WiFi. I use the screen heavily on News, Whatsapp and Google+ . So I do about 4-5 hours of Screen On Time (SOT). I needed a phone which will last me at least from 6AM in the morning to 10PM at night (with still little bit of juice left!!).nnBIG PLUS - Battery is a Fast charger. You can charge to 20-25% in 20 minutes. Thats fast and helps you get about 5 hours of life with moderate to heavy use.nnHere are the real life testsnnOn Wifi: With a single charge I got over 24 hrs with about 5 hours of SOT with 1080p display On, Bluetooth ON, Location ON (WiFi), GPS OFFnnOn 3g (10 to 12 hrs in office) and rest on WiFi: I get about 14-15 hours with 3 hours of SOT with 1080p display ON, Bluetooth ON, Location ON (WiFi), GPS OFFnnHere is the TRICK to make the phone work for 24 hours on 10-12 hours of 3G and rest on WiFina)Charge the battery full overnight and use the phone normallynb)When the battery drops to 65-70%, charge for 15-20 minutes to get to about 85%nc)Use the phone normally nnUsing this trick I got 24 hours of battery life with 4 hours of SOT. nnScreen Save Feature: Huawei claims that by turning the screen to 720p resolution (using Screen saver in settings) we can increase the battery by 20% . I have not been able to replicate this. In my test both 1080p and 720p get me about the same battery life with above config. So may be I am missing something or its just a gimmick from Huawei.nnUltra Power Saving mode; This is pretty much useless in normal daily life, unless you are in a place where you cannot charge and need the phone for calling or SMS desperatelynnStand By: Extraordinary standby time!! In my test the phone takes about 2% every 6hours on standby. Which translates to 300 hours of stand by!! That is impressive!nn7.Now coming to AnandTech Review:nWith a hind-sight I feel AnandTech review was designed to make it look like this phone is failure in front of other flagships (who probably pay AnandTech?). The WiFi review was a big thing. They made it look like a piece of crap. nLet me tell you - All connections 3g/WiFi/GPS/Bluetooth are fast and smooth. No Lag No drops and No issues.nGPS is faster to acquire than on my Nexus 4nBluetooth connects faster than my Nexus 4nWifi seems faster than Nexus 4 (I did Ookla speed test and I found Honor 6 getting better Mbps than N4 on same network, not sure how!)nLocation acquisition on Wifi (non-GPS) is faster than Nexus 4.nNO ISSUES Whats So ever!! nn8.Lastly the CONS: For me the only con is the lack of Dual SIM. Otherwise NO issues! People are complaining that they didnt get headset. Whats the use of a crappy headset that you get with Moto G? Buy your own! For this price, lack of headset is nothing for me.nn4 Star Because I am wary of giving it a 5 star so soon! :-)

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Its an honour to have a Huwaei honor!!!

I was initially reluctant to buy this product because I wasn't sure about the brand.I went against my will due to its killer specs it hadnnI also did my due diligence before buying it. The reviews were extremely positive and they compete against Mi4 and it must for a reasonnnI was pleasantly surprised with the phone. It was butter smooth and the Emotion UI is insanely simple to usennProsn1. Beautiful designn2. Super smooth touchn3. Easy and simple UIn4. Incredible performancen5. Long battery life ( get more than a day and half) - MotoX dies in 8 hours and my phone in hoursn6. 441 PPI displaynConsn1. Not many people know about the brandn2. Draws too much attentionn3. No Dual SIM and 4GnnNote: This product has a Kirin 920processor and not a Mediatek processor

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Great for the price, no need to spend 3040k for a brilliant phone

Ordered it on the bigbillionday and got 1500 discount, Thanks to FlipkartnnAfter months of reading up about Honor 6 and a day of actual use, I am penning down a first-hand review, mostly the points which are not covered in other reviews found on the net, hope it helps: nnBUILD, QUALITY AND DESIGNn• Superb fit and finish, good material quality. Feels premium and nice to holdn• Very light for the size (around 130gms) but doesn’t feel flimsy at alln• Narrow bezels with a good percentage of area covered by the display itself (Unlike the mi3) make it more compact than other phones with 5 inch displayn• Rounded corners and super slim profile makes it practical to use (Unlike square-ish corners of mi3)nnDISPLAY n• One of the best things on this phone is this gorgeous display. You can easily notice the sharpness due to the very high ppin• Vibrant colours, sufficient brightness, good viewing anglesn• Super AMOLED screens have better contrast (OK, I am really nit-picking here)n nUI n• Simple, smooth and very functional. For anyone who has used an android phone before, there should be no stress to adapt to thisn• Not very far from stock android, and changes made on top of it feel very natural while using and there is almost zero learning curven• Default theme works good for me. For those who want to play around, there are plenty of customization options available ( both local and online)n• Lack of app drawer doesn’t really matter as you can still keep your favourite apps and widgets closer and group and push back othersn• EMUI 3 is around the corner, waiting to try it asapnnCAMERA AND IMAGINGn• The 13mp primary camera isn’t anything brilliant (only if I compare it with the ones on other flagships) but does the job welln• Don’t underestimate; it’s still the best I've seen in this price rangen• 5mp front camera is a surprise, great for selfie lovers; it’s a wide angle one and captures good range. You can easily take a selfie with 2 friends by your siden• The beautification feature should be popular with the fairer sex, it actually softens the skin texture and removes unwanted details from your face n• The stock editor packs in some innovative stuff (slim face, slender nose, enhanced eyes etc.)nnPERFORMANCEn• I can’t say much about it as am not much into hi-performance gaming. Basic stuff like switching across multiple apps and webpages was handled with easen• Became a little warm at the back and showed some lag after half an hour of streaming full HD videos on YouTubennAUDIO QUALITY - This is one aspect which is greatly neglected in other reviews. Here's my taken• Easily one of the better sounding phones in the market. IMO, it comes second only to the beats range found on more expensive HTC One seriesn• Superb audio on speaker, no surround speakers thoughn• Good with headphones, but not great (I am switching from Beats audio and feel it’s better)n• Decent volume level with good frequency response, the bass tends to get muddy at times though. I am no audiophile, but can tell good from bad using my Shure SE215sn• The stock music app comes with dts enhancement which works like a charm (still not as good as beats audio in HTCs)n• FOR THOSE WHO CARE FOR MUSIC AND ARE WAITING FOR THE MI4 - I have tested Mi3 and it sounded pathetic and if gsmarena reviews are anything to go by, Mi4 will be no different. Good to see Huawei has done no cost cutting on this frontnnFinally, A SPECIAL MENTION OF THE WiFi (for those who have read anandtech review and are worried about the poor WiFi). Firstly, I haven’t read about this problem anywhere else, and now that I have used it, I can say it has been flawless. I HAVE EXPERIENCED GREAT SPEEDS AND NO DROP WHATSOEVERnnPackage Content -2 Screen protectors (Front and Back) are included in package, Good that Huawei chose these over some flimsy earbuds for the namesake.

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You can pronounce it WAH BHAI!

I had to get a new phone quickly - my previous phone's display was dying - so I did not wait for Mi4 or OnePlus to be launched in India, and went for the Honor 6 at 8.01 am on Oct 6, and got it on the 7th afternoon. My reasons:nn1. The exact dates of arrival of both Mi4 and One+ are highly uncertain.Even when they do arrive, hanging around on OnePlus forums for days or months, hoping for an invite; or trying to be one of the lucky few (probably in the ratio of 10 to 1) who manage to snag a Mi4 in the flash sale, is not really worth the time and aggravation. nn2. Both of them will probably be available in India only in the 16GB versions, and neither has an SD card slot. So expandability of upto 64 GB in the Honor 6 is a big plus (it's a OnePlusOne plus one ;). nnREVIEWnAfter 5 days of usage, I am pretty satisfied with it:nnBUILD QUALITYnIt has a plastic build, and while it does not feel as good as metal in the hand - or look as premium - plastic is a better material with regard to phone durability (#bendgate!) than metal, and is much less prone to warping, scratches and dents.nnDimensions are comfortable (First time I have put a 5-inch phone in my pocket and I must tell you that the rounded edges are a good thing!) It is very light and thin, so reading for hours in bed does not make your hands ache.n nSCREENnScreen is gorgeous, colours are sharp and the resolution is fantastic. Viewing angles are average. Legibility even in direct sunlight is good.nnOCTA COREnI understand that the Kirin 920 is not as good as the Snapdragon 801 in most benchmarks, but in everyday usage it probably won't matter. I have not encountered any stuttering, lag or frame drops so far.nnOpen Mic+ (or Utter) gives the Honor 6 the always on listening feature and it works well without eating up too much battery due to the low power cores being present.Just say OK Google (or whatever phrase you choose to set) even when the screen is off and the phone will wake up and follow your every command! So that is the advantage of eight cores on the Honor 6 (four high power and four low power) - you need no longer be envious of the Motorola X! nn3GB RAMnThe only phones with 3GB ram currently available in India cost upwards of 40 or even 50K, and this is less than half that! (Edit - there is the Gionee E7, but even that is around 30K, and the Amigo UI reviews are not good.) I have had more than a dozen apps open, and the RAM usage has never crossed 2GB, so multitasking is a breeze! You always have more RAM available without having to shut down apps!nnCAMERAnCamera quality is good (I haven't tried the other flagships so really can't compare). I love the 'double click the volume down button to take an instant snap when screen is off' feature - it is much better than the 'double twist your hand to take photo' on the Moto X - how can you aim properly or hold your phone steady to take the shot when you are jerking your wrists? nnThe Selfie Panorama feature (you can take a panorama even with the front facing camera) should come in handy when you're alone in a picturesque spot or you have more than a couple of friends along with you in the shot. (Note: Ideal for 'Familfies'™)nnVideo quality is good (I wish it had 4K recording, but hey, you can't have everything in 20K!)nnWIFInWifi is quick to connect and performs well, and as someone has noted before, the poor wifi mentioned in the Anandtech review seems to have been due to a faulty individual unit and is not a problem with the device per se. nnIt does recognise a 802.11ac signal, but cannot connect to it, and so we must conclude that 802.11ac (the latest wifi standard introduced in 2014) is not present in this device. It will however recognise and connect to a 5ghz 802.11n signal, which most older devices - and even some newer ones - do not. (5ghz is a wifi frequency that does not have much interference unlike the more commonly used 2.4 ghz, which has become too crowded. So you will get faster wifi speeds if you connect to 5ghz, providing, of course, your wifi router supports it)nnSIGNALnIt seems to have a strong antenna, since it goes down by only one bar in my building's lift, where every other phone loses signal completely! nnGPS lock happens with 3-5 seconds.nnBATTERYnEasily lasts for a day with heavy usage, more for normal usage.nnAUDIOnThe one thing which I was most apprehensive about, since there is only one speaker and that too at the back of the phone. It does get muffled when you put it down on a flat surface, but is slightly better when you have a case. Well, all I can say is, audio quality is not the best, but is good enough for speakerphone conversations. Don't expect to listen to music through the on-board speaker! Sound through headphones is good. Call quality is also adequate.nnAll in all, if you're in the market for a phone right now, The Huawei Honor 6 is the best 20K you can spend. nnP.S.:nWA WAY? HWA WHEY?! WHA WHE?!! No, In India we can call this WAH BHAI Honor 6!!!

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honor 6 review

well as per flipkart logistics team they assured me to deliver the phone on saturday 11th october but got my phone today itself within 35 hours of purchase isn't dat awesom well i know all of my friends are looking out for some hand on review by the genuine buyers.I had lots of doubt regarding honor !!!.nnnduring initial few hours of usage of my phone nn4g: well the phone notifications icon does show that this phone supports 4g but since i have not used it so can't comment as of now .nncamera: NOT TO BAD NOR TOO GOOD JUST MEDIOCRE QUALITY nnUI:pretty goodnnBATTERY LIFE : CANT COMMENT nnSCREEN SIZE:DECENT ENOUGHT TO FIT IN AVERAGE PALM SIZE OF 5.5 INCHES JDI GOES WELL WITH THE PHONE AS WELL nnWell on the other things will come with detailed review soon been with phone for just 2 hours

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