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Honor 7
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poor camera (3)
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awesome phone (182)
value for money (29)
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amazing performance (22)
great sound (9)
hanging issue (23)
poor performance (6)
heating issue (106)
awesome performance (11)
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camera issue (1)
fast charging (29)
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fingerprint sensor (117)
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After sales service

Hello All,nnI brought this mobile on 2nd Nov. 2015 and it's good in camera quality design and all other features but on 16th December i had one issue with it.nOn that day it's display suddenly went out means I can't see who is calling me and all that. I went to service center nearest to me in Baroda, Gujarat. where they checked and said we have to shipped it to Chennai for repairing and it will take max. 20 days. I submitted mobile to them on 17th December. nnNow the biggest issue came in front of me that after submitting mobile till the date means 17th Jan. 2016 I neither get my device back nor the service center person & customer support center person clarify actual status means actually what happen to my phone. Even though they call center person not transfer my call to their higher authorities or may be their higher authority didn't want to talk with us. nnI bought that device because I thought company has there service center in my city but after facing that issue I realize that it's only so called Authorized Service Center. nnSo if anyone planning to buy this device than please read my review and their after sales service is very very very very bad. they only want to sell their product.

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Wondering Why I gave it a 4?? Read on..

I got the phone two weeks after the Order date. Thanks to Flipkart's excuses of the Big Billion day and the huge logistics rush.nnI'd like to deep dive into the Con's first and the Pro's will follow:nnAlert: If # 4&6 of the Con's matter to you, don't buy this device. nnCon's:n1. Heats up a bit in normal usage @ times(I'd call this warm while most android users wouldn't)- The solution would be to Change the Power Saving Setting to Smart instead of Performance.n2. The Phone Seemed to lag a bit at the start, first two days. I don't face this issue anymore.n3. The battery did not last a 9 hrs with moderate usage after the first charge but I discovered that it lasts well over one day after 5-6 Charging Cyclesn4. The Back Panel feels a bit slippery- Needs some careful handling- I'd recommend a good Silicone cover.n5. I faced some issues with Whatsapp Notifications being displayed when Whatsapp is killed- Found a solution for this on XDA Developers.n6. The Model sold in India comes with a single SIM when compared to the one sold elsewhere (UK/Rest of the world) which comes with a dual Sim + NFC (Yes, No NFC is available and it isn't really necessary I feel)n7. There isn't an inbuilt equalizer in the Stock Music App yet the quality of the sound output is Amazing (This should have been in the Pros but I'm just setting the context for the best features to follow :-D)nnPros: (Best @ the Last)n1.Superior Build Quality- Feels premium, great design and the curved edges(like the one on iPhone 4s) make it look amazing. n2.The Screen is a killer- Makes an instant impression for itself. Flawless and appealing. Great Viewing Angles and good Visibility in Sunlight.n3.The Main 20 Mp Camera does an exceedingly good job and comes with a Sapphire Glass coating (IT is more Scratch resistant than a Gorilla Glass). Has great photo modes (Panorama, Good Food, Beautify to name a few..) and Video modes like Time LApse, Slow Motion, Normal with a lot off effects. The Aperture f2.0 lens help click great shots.n4. Comes with a Scratch guard installed- You needn't run to a shop to get it stuck and No bubbles whatsoever. Very Precisely stuck.n5. Voice Wakeup: Although not a very mature feature, helps place call, find the misplaced phone etc.n6. The UI looks flawless with no App Drawer. Zooming in on the screen brings up Hidden Apps where we can hide apps from the main screen. n7. The Selfie Camera: The best camera I have encountered on a device. Can be shot by simple tap on the scree/Volume button and touching the Finger print Sensor. n8. Gestures/Motions: Enable easier usage of the devices, Supports drawing letters to open Apps. Swipe up, Swipe down on the finger print sensor which acts as a soft touch input., double tap on screen and much more. n9. IR Blaster (The Remote Controller): Easy to configure. Supports most of my devices @ home. n10. Sound Output: Eventhough the speakers are only above average, the sound output from the device produces well refine bass that creates a great listening experience.n11. Customizable Function Key: One of the best features thats unavailable in a lot of premium phones. Lets open different apps/action for the three functions (Single Press, Double Press and Long Press)n12. The Killer Fingerprint sensor: The best Sensor by far on a phone. No need to press. A gentle touch on the sensor that is so ergonomically placed unlocks your phone. The Fingerprint sensor is quick. Go ahead and compare it with the iPhone's/Samsung's/One Plus 2's. Will win head on.nnMy Conclusion: If you have a budget of ~22k, go for this phone if convinced. You will be amazed by the Build quality, the Vibrant Gorilla Display, Front and Rear Cameras, the smart design and the Finger print sensor for this Price. A great Value for money.

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Bang for the buck.Mid range killer phone Updated 26th Oct

Huawei has always had a reputation of getting it bang on when it comes to price-performance ratio. With their subsidiary brand Honor they have set the bar even higher.nFollowing are the pros and cons based solely on my observations and in comparison to my earlier phones note2 and lg g2: nPros:n1. Build quality: Unimetal superb build quality with plastic only at top and bottom of the back panel to improve antennae reception. Doesn't get better than this. n2. Battery life: Has been good for the most part. With moderate to heavy usage easily lasts a day. Great optimization by Huawei here. Even though the battery capacity is lower than Oneplus 2 , the optimization makes it a much better deal. This being my primary requirement, i've been really impressed. n3. Camera: 20 mp camera doesnt disappoint. Clear sharp images under good light conditions. Front 8 mp camera with a light assist hits the sweep spot as well. Tons and tons of customisation options like food mode, slow motion etc. Low light condition clicks underperform though. n4. Fingerprint sensor: The sensor is blazingly fast to response and the placement is perfect for the index finger. Besides unlocking it provides customisable functions like swipe down opens up notification panel etc. This sensor is supposedly the fastest in the smartphone market right now. n5. Sound quality: Sound from the speaker is pretty loud. Even the sound quality from the headphone has been amazing so far. Lack of an equaliser option does hurt but isnt a deal breaker as the DTS option makes for the most part of it. n6. Performance: Performance is fluid and RAM optimization is superb as well. Stutters rarely thanks to the 'not so optimized EMUI' nCons:n1. The biggest turn off has been the UI which Huawei calls 'EMUI'. Even though it provides tons of customization options, lack of an app drawer does keep me wanting for more.n2. When it comes to updates, Huawei hasnt been the best of brands. Marshmellow update has been promised in 2016 first quarter. Lets see how that rolls.n3. Placement of the headphone jack at the top is not to my personal preference.n4. Phone does tend to get warm (not hot) when using power intensive application.n5. Even though the build quality is great, the metal on back makes it slippery to hold. nSpecs do mention Fast charging , however I read somewhere that it happens by default with the supplied charger and a separate charger is not required. Could just be a software gimmick. nI was really confused among moto x play, oneplus 2 and Honor 7.For the price point and with the optimization it offers , it really is a no brainer to choose. One word of caution though, many are still ignorant of Huawei or Honor as a smartphone brand here in India. Deal breaker for the fanatics and flaunters, Perfect deal for the 'Smartphone' users. nnUpdated (26th OCt)nThere are so many tweaks available that it takes so much time discovering them all.nA few great ones are listed below:nn1. USB OGT: Fantastic support. Phone was able to recognize my 2TB hard drive as well.n2. Slide up and there will be an app search page.n3. Pinch in with both fingers and there will be a hidden app drawer.n4. Can assign a fingerprint lock to individual apps.

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Honor 7 The Beauty and the Beast together

I am writing this review after spending just above 24 hours with the Honor 7. First of all, hats off to Flipkart for delivering it much before the promised date considering that I ordered it amidst the "Big Billion sale". Truly superb!! nNow, coming to the phone, it is a beautiful looking, stylish and sleek handset with the back and edges made of good quality metal except the 2 strips of plastic on the top and bottom sections of the back (though they blend well with the overall design element and don't look out of place at all). By holding the phone in your hands, you are bound to get the feel of a top notch, premium device. The specs have already been mentioned by the other reviews already posted here but one thing is for sure that the device performs as per the hefty specs. Truly, amazing!! nThe Emotion UI 3.0 works like a charm without any lag what so ever and you get a bunch of themes and wallpapers (pre-installed as well as downloadable) which gives the magnificent look to the home screen. The extremely responsive finger print scanner, the smart key, front LED Flash for those super selfies, the 21 MP rear camera, the loud and clear speaker quality (and of course the placement of the speaker grills) just give you enough reasons to love this beautiful beast. nHowever, some of you folks might find the below points as "cons" which personally I don't feel (these have been mentioned by my friends while they were checking the phone out) :-) n1. Fast Charger not included in the sales package even though the phone has inbuilt support for fast chargingn2. No headphones included in the sales packagen3. The back of the phone feels a bit slippery and you need to take extra care while gripping it. nApart from the above 3 points, there is absolutely nothing that you can even think of as a con while using this device. I would suggest all of you to go for this lovely piece of craft from Huawei and believe me you wont regret it. :-) nCheers!

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Gorilla Glass Missing Best Smartphone of 2015 till Now July&39;15

This would have been the cellphone of the year-2015 with a Gorilla Glass. Rest of the features are top in the segment.


Best in class configuration.


Non Availability of Gorilla Glass & No confirmation on supporting Indian 4G telecom Band.

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