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Huawei Ascend G600
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Huawei Ascend G600
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Its a 7 star Rating smart phone....

I could rate 7 star instead of 5 star. I dont have words to describe the performance of this mobile... First of all thanks to Flipkart for their fantastic delivery within short time and good support. Actually there was a minor scratch when i received the mobile and battery performance was not that much good according to given 1930mAh. But when I called Flipkart they have replaced it within 3 days. Fantastic support. Huawei mobile is simply fabulous. Y people are going for branded mobile like Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC... When u r getting everything needed within 15k then encourage these upcoming good companies. Very few people knows about Huawei. It is a giant in manufacturing modems and other communication devices. Everybody use 3G dongles and net connect data cards. All are manufactured by Huawei. Their clients are Reliance, Tata photon, Airtel, Dishtv, Idea etc. This has triggered me to go for this product. So, far I ran HD movies, played 3D games and doing multitasking. DTS surround system is awesome. Nobody can beat this mobile within this midrange. Its a worth of 25k but u need to put only 15k. Amazing HD screen. U cant justify whether it is an AMOLED screen or LCD screen. The IPS screen LCD is awesome. I stopped watching movies in TV. Now I am downloading movies in lapy and watching in my mobile.... crazy na :)0 Here are few pros and cons of this mobile. Pros: 1. Amazing 4.5" HD display with Gorilla display 2. Excellent 3G speed and fast performance and multi tasking. 3. No lags while playing 3D games. 4. Excellent DTS audio system. 5. Few useful pre installed apps... they didnt dump all unwanted apps like in Micromax, samsung etc. 6. Cloud storage 7. U would carry a Transformer instead of Battery. Amazing 1930mAh battery. Lasts more than 1 day. I used 30mins for calling, 1 hour browsing, 1 hour music, 3 hours movie in high brightness and other apps and use for 1 hour. Still left with 20% battery. 8. Excellent 8mp front cam and 0.3 back cam. Very useful for web chat. 9. Watched Piranha - 1 movie and scared sometimes due to excellent audio effects. Use good quality ear phones and at night time. Definitely u will feel theatre effect and must u scare :) 10. Supports DLNA. 11. Touch is awesome and when u touch is the screen... u will feel that butter is floating on the hot pan. 12. Powerful 1.2 GHz dual core S4 qualcomm snapdragon processor. Cons: 1. poor quality of headphones. Not at all suitable for DTS effect. Buy creative or skull candy earphones. 2. Only 768MB RAM. They could offer 1GB RAM. 3. Very difficult to get accessories. 4. No popular brand and may be difficult for getting service. Thats it... Go and grab it before flipkart make it out of stock.... I would suggest flipkart to provide necessary accessories for this mobile in order to gain some popularity by Huawei.

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Fantastic Phone...!!

Bought this phone on 14th Feb and as usual flipkart delivered it in 2 days’ time. No complaints from Flipkart.nnAs for G600, the phone is simply awesome. While buying this, I considered Samsung Grand and Micromax Canvas 2, but Samsung being at the higher end in terms of price (21K) and Micromax at lower end in terms of memory (512 RAM), I thought it would be wise to go for something which is in between. Huawei known for its network components and being a Chinese company I wasn't sure whether it would be good or not. But then I was ready to bet on Micromax (I had bad experience with a Micromax phone of Rs.2K which lasted for only 2 months)nnI have been using G600 from the day it arrived and I am completely satisfied with the product.nnReview points:n1.) Screen/Display: 4.5" display is large enough and picture quality is sharp. No screen guard provided on display, so better buy one from outside. Still 5 Stars.n2.) Battery: I will give it 5 stars. Usage pattern is as below:n A) Internet Usage (3G): 8 Hours if used heavily.n B) Normal Internet Usage: 1.5-2 Daysn C) No Internet: Haven't checked it, but it should easily stand for 2+ Daysn D) Gaming (Continuous): 5 Hoursn E) Music (on Flight mode): 1+ Daysn F) Music (on Network): 1 Daynn3.) Camera: It’s Ok. 8 MP BSI (Back Illuminated Sensor) rear camera. Don't expect fine prints. However, picture quality is not bad either. Also, this is based on indoor photography. As of now, I haven't got the chance to check it outdoors. Front camera-rarely used. Just to point, there is no dedicated camera key. 4 Stars.nn4.) Sound: Dual DTS SRS Speakers are awesome. They are loud and clear. However, I didn't like earphone sound. A good quality In-Ear phones may be good to have.4 Stars (For external speakers).nn5.) Gaming: So far I have played Angry Birds, Temple Runner, Table Tennis 3D etc and haven't faced any lagging issues. Though with Temple Runner, I found that the phone heats up little bit after few mins. Not sure if its software issue or something else. 4 Stars.nn6.) Looks: Descent Looks. One shopkeeper confused it for IPhone. 5 Stars.nnAn Additional plastic back cover is provided with the phone. Unfortunately, it is of 'Yellow' color, it doesn't match with the phone at all. nnFor people using drop box, Huawei has provided their own cloud+ service which after sign up provides 16 GB of online storage. nnAfter almost a month usage, I will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a budget smart phone with great features and looks. And yes, It’s not a 'just another Chinese' phone.

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very good buy

first off the cons-n1. screen/ display is a smudge magnet. smudges looks horrid in sunlight. screen gaurdis a must if you want to reduce the smudges.n2. no available case, pouches, covers. Flipkart should sell these too.n3. heats up after 1 hour of gaming/ HD videos using MX Player.n4. ringtone gets reset to default after disconnecting USB, probably an ICS issue, not hardware issue.n5. panorama pics are really hopeless.may be cos of the ICS cam sw.n and now, the PROS-na. very good built. looks and feels premium. very aestheticnb. very good voice call reception. clarity is exceptionalnc. easy to handle, doesnt impair single hand use.nd. display is crisp. watched a lot of stuff using MX player and rendering is touch is smooth. very smooth. no lag sound from DTS speakers is very good. some of you may complain its too loud!! but its not only loud, it delivers quality. the best sound i have come across so far. beats even Sony Xperia NeoV, camera is really really good. focus by tapping on the subject and voila! click and the photos are really gonna blow your mind. use PixlrExpress to edit into really cool pics. bsi really works at night for close subjects. nh. coming to the battery, its better than others. its definitely better than Sony and Samsung. but not as good as Apple. (battery life is Android's major drawback)but it lasts a whole day with heavy usage. it seems to drain quickly in the beginning, but when you reach 50%, it drains really slow. power saving mode of Huawei works typing with the Huawei input method is easier. nj. the PRICE!! nthis phone marks the rise of Huawei as a tech giant. i will use this one, till HUawei launches Ascend Mate, another killer smartphone. recommended? DEFINITELY!!

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Complete satisfaction

I decided to take a leap of faith while ordering this handset and went by specifications alone. I'm very happy with my decision. nFlipkart delivery was fantastic as always.nnBuild quality- The build quality is very good. Attractive device, looks similar to the S2. Two things that one should keep in mind are that 1. The micro-usb cum charging port is located on the left side of the device so answering calls feels awkward when the device is plugged in. 2. The speakers are situated at the rear and tend to get muffled sound when placed on surface though the quality is very good when held in your hand.nnDisplay- Very bright and crisp, held it upto a Galaxy S2 and could clearly notice the difference the Ascend being the better. One thing though as said by someone else, the screen is a fingerprint magnet. I'm considering getting a screen guard.nnBattery life- Excellent battery life considering the display and dual LED flash. Almost a day since last charge and the battery life nnConnectivity- No complaints wrt voice quality. Would like to point out that the wifi reception is very good. Has DLNA which is very helpful if you have multiple DLNA compatible devices at home.nnSound quality- Speakers are very powerful sound reproduction is fantastic. nnStorage- Apps cannot be moved to SD card. Internal memory is 4GB, external is extendable to 32GB.nnOverall verdict- Very satisfied with the purchase, the first person I showed it to offered his Galaxy Advance in exchange :) which is roughly 3000 INR expensive. A worthy alternative to the S2 specially considering the price range. Huawei has brought out a winner with the G600.

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I am really thrilled to have this phone and have just one word to describe..Awesome Thanks to flikart.Got it delivered by 11am today. Regarding the phone.Its the best you can get at this price range. Pros. Premium built and well built. Very clear and crisp dislay. Awesome sound output through the speakers.Best I have heard in a Smartphone. Nice camera.The secondary camera works well with skype. Fast and no lagging.. Cons. One thing that disappoints me is that the screen is a finger print magnet.This really destroys the good viewing the screen offers. The headphone is just average. Not a great phone for a gamer as it has a low gpu. Overall its a great buy for the given price.I thank flipkart for the extra sd card and a good quality back cover and not to mention their fast delivery. If you are not a game freak but want a phone great phone which offers great perfomance..then this is the phone for.After all its not a rebranded cheap chinese product but comes from a trustworthy brand .

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