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iBall Slide 3G 7271 HD70
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Rs 5,499
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iBall Slide 3G 7271 HD70
Out of Stock
₹ 5,499
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Never Buy Anything From iBall Company.....

Never Buy Anything From iBall Company.....nnI have been using iBall Slide 6309r tablet for 3 years...after that i have given it to the Pune iBall service Center for software update.nFirst they just give me back my tablet after 30 minutes without any change, and the executive asked me "sir, please check it?".nI checked it, they have done nothing, no software update, trying to fool me..I just asked "what you have to my tablet?"nshe said "let me check again". after that she told me it takes time to download the software. so I have given my tablet to them and received the tried to contact so many times to contact but failed. Their phone no is 02030487722. Try it for your self..nso, my suggestion for buying iBall product is that, buy it and forget about the after sale service..because there is none.nIts almost a month now and they giving me excuses like "sir the software needs time to be download." now tell me which software takes 1 month to download?neven to get my tablet back i told them i have internet at my home, so give me the link so i can download the file and give it to you..ndo you know what they replied ? "Sir as per company policy we cant give you the link..".nnow tell me, is that the service center?, which is really servicing anything ?.nthey even cant update the software, then what else could they do to your product..nI tried to live chat on iBall site about the issue but everything failed.nnso if you think i am wrong, just dial the number given above, then prove me wrong.nonce again, never buy anything form iBall company.

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Review after one week of Usage

Product is good for those who want to have a first time tablet experience ..... I found several Positives and Negatives :nnPositives :n-- Android OS n-- Capacitive touch is awesome (Was not expecting this quality touch for Rs. 7000)n-- Sound Quality is Good (Can't expect high quality of sound in tablet)n-- Box full of accessories (Cables , Cover (Not upto the Mark though) , Charger , Cleaning Cloth)n-- OTG Supportn-- Good Looks n-- Battery Backup is GoodnNegatives :n-- Charger Wire Length is small for my likingn-- Display is grainy , average quality (Most dissapointing for me , was expecting better quality)n-- Most of the other brands headsets are not supported.n-- Takes 2:30 hours to get fully charged (I think most of the tablets take this much time so not that much issue)nnDisplay is average for me but one can't expect the quality of Ipad for Rs. 7000 . Therefore a good Product at Cheap Price !!!

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Cheated Me Never Buy items from Flipkart

I Bought this Item for gift to my relative from Flipkart accordingly it should have 8 GB internal storage but actually they gave me 4GB storage . I shocked after checked it & i called to Customer care representative she told me sir this is 8GB but some Apps is installed by default so it so 4GB instead of 8GB . How stupid she was talking .n 4 Month ago i bought this item from other site they give me same configuration which i bought from Flipkart .n Finally Flipkart rejected to return my Items.nn So my dear all friends dont buy Any item from Flipkart

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Good Tab with all important Features with Reasonable Price

I am using this tab for last two weeks and very much satisfied with it. It has a good slim look and having all important features (1GB RAM, 8GB built-in memory, Inbuilt FM, HD Screen).nnI have tried some few games and all are running without any lagging. Multi touch,Screen display, & Sound is also good. Dual SIM Connectivity is fine. nnPeople who want a TAB with Call features with 3G support, this is the best TAB considering its price range. Go & Grab it soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AWSOME 3G Tab At this price point

A great product from IBALL Slide. At this price i got 3G facility. Touch response is good. Camera quality is better than previous iball tab. Processor is too good. No Hanging problem till now........Go and buy it........

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