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iBall Slide
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I bought this tablet just yesterday not from flipkart but from another retailer. I saw a lot of reviews here where people didnt use tablets but commented on them based on their specs which didnt help me at all. So i thought it needful to give it a fair assessment after using it. ADVANTAGES Its been two days and since its my first android im glued to it. I reviewed a lot of tablets in this price range and Iball slide is no doubt the best of them. Its a capacitative touch screen so the touch is light and fun to use. Its one of the very few phones with 1 Ghz processor speed. i tried out some apps and they ran very smoothly. havent downloaded any heavy apps but it still looks good. it has two mini usb ports, and hdmi port, an sd card port which i found impressive. It is not at all uneasy to hold, is comfortable and ergonomic. Android 2.3 gingerbread is again a good thing iball people did with this. For ladies, Hrithik ROshan endorses it if u want to count that as an advantage. DISADVANTAthe first time i charged it to 100% and switched it off, it was 61% when i switched it on again the next day and the rest ^! percent drained out soon. Il have to see for if it happens again this night. This tablet gives u an approx 5 hrs working time from 100-0% battery charge, so the battery is a concern. one of the most annoying features of this tablet is the lack of a sim card port. U have to use a seperate dongle to access a sim card and basically u need to cable to do that because of the presence of a mini usb port. Its buttons are a little hard and gives u a feeling of using buttons on a 1970 radio set. So if one wants a tablet with better looks go for olive vt 100 if you are ready to compromise with the 1 ghz processor. All in all it is a very good tablet and i would recommend it for people who want to start with the tab experience. In this price range, i dont think theres any tablet as impressive as this one.

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Common Man's tablet !!

I bought this tablet from a shop but not through flipkart on 1st Oct. So far I am quite satisfied with the product. I was doing a bit of research about tablets for almost 1 year. nnPros:n1. Pricen2. Processorn3. out of box flash support.n4. Touch experience : I have been using apple products for quite some time , hence was skeptical on touch exp.But this one satisfies me on that too. n5. Skype: Using wifi , I can skype with my family and friends. Their feedback is quite ve.nCons: n1. Battery Life : Battery lasts for me a max of 6 hours ,even though I use it moderately for just plain browsing, reading RSS feeds.I have put juice defender and screen dimmers to increase it by a bit. Still it demands recharging quite often. nI doubt the under the bonnet 4400 mAh battery that ships with it.n2.Weight : Slightly heavier on hands.n3.No hardware volume control : You have to go to main screen to touch volume controls.n4.Menu button: The button is on the side,but one can get used to it.n5.Sound : Average quality. But I seldom use it as a music player.n6.USB driver: No additional driver support from IBall(neither any software in the box).I hope they will come up with something sooner.n7.Lack of connectivity as no slot for sim card/3g.nnPlease note my primary purpose of buying a tablet was to read ebooks, read from internet AT HOME.I seldom take my tablet out of home to use it.Reading is a pleasure as the device has awesome on-screen clarity, pinch-zoom functionality, responsive touch.nHence even though my list of cons outweighs pros , I am still happy with it.

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nice ... but with a catch.

Bought it few days ago, and loving it. Completely worth the money. The review might sound a bit not-so-impressive, that is because i am a computer engineer and bit critical of machinces. But i totally like the device.nnA very fine device for a first tablet buy. Contains all features that a common user might want. HD movies , music , wifi , documents. a good processor with sufficient ram and disk space.nnVIDEO - the screen resolution is a let down when watching HD movies. But you won't notice it in normal course of use. Don't compare it with the high resolution screens of i-phone , which has 2 times the no of pixels on half the area.nnMUSIC - Again not the best. Volume is just enough to reach your ears. Quality is good-enough. The iBall head-phones you get along with the device is the most useless headphone i have ever used. It gives you headaches. Not a music device this.nnTOUCH - Excellent sensitivity. Just love it.nnSOFTWARES - fine set of usefull tools. PDF reader isn't the most perfect one for reading long pieces of text ... like 400-500 pages. You should consider spending few bucks on the ezPDF.nnGAMing - There are no games , you should get some for yourself. I haven't tested gaming.nnBattery - just enough not to let you down for the time you need it. Gives 6 hrs of reading easily. What surprised me is the fact that over 80% of power is spent on powering screen. Which implies whether you run music or HD video , the run time won't vary like in laptops , where music runs for 5hrs and HD video for 2hrs. And sleep isn't very effective , the power consumption gets low but still only 5-10 times lower. nnPROCESSING - Awesome. 1Ghz !!!nnRAM - after kernel takes up it's share, you get around 220MB ram to play with. I multitask and always have over 100M ram free.nnCONNECTIVITY - Nothing works really ... you need a dongle for 3G. Android has disabled ADhoc, and you need to root your device if you want to do it, and if you do , your warranty is void. Wifi is fine , but pretty useless as authentication for proxy servers is not supported by Android. BlueT works like normal BT.nAll in all, most of the limitations are due to OS than the device itself.nnCAMERA - don't expect miracles from 2M camera. But who takes pictures from a tablet ? and video chat is low quality anyways.nnPRICE - You cannot demand anything more. It gives the best bang for bucks.nnUSAGE - A good reading device , poor connectivity ,fine multimedia. not for the high end users . Contains all, but best of none.nnI would suggest if you are not plush with funds and are likely to change device in 2 years , go for it. Otherwise look for the acer iconia 500.n-----------------------------------------------------------------------------nnRe-evaluated after 18months of buy - March 2013n----------------------------------------------------nnThe device is working quite well. I have used it everyday and on almost every journey and there are no creaking parts as of yet.nnThe hardware is quite old now. Any 15K phone now packs a dual core in it. With the advent of 300+ PPI displays, the screen looks terrible. You will not want to read much on it once you have used the Xperia line of phones or the AMOLEDs. It can render 720p on external displays (like a TV) but starts lagging when faced with 1080p videos. 1080p videos run just fine on the device (but it makes least of sense as the screen is barely qHD).nnAt 13K on this date, it is hugely over priced. Tablets from Karbonn and Micromax provide similar features at half the price. nnVerdict - iBall started in the budget segment pretty well, but it's definition of 'budget' didn't quite evolve as it should have. A definite no buy if you are thinking about it today.

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For Beginners one of the Best Tablet

It's worth buying to experience Touch and 7" inch display as most of the things are simple plug and play.nIam using from 3-4 days and it made vary good first impression light weight good UI and the options I use mail/music/photo/browse/game it's worth in this range. nnThanks Flipkart for on-time delivery (5 days)

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Value for Money

All you need is what you get in iball slide i7218. Good looks, Good design, Stylish, Good battery life, Very responsive touch screen, Good camera, packed with all the features needed for day to day life. What any one can expect more from a reasonably priced product.

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