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Karbonn A18
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Karbonn A18
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Differences based on actual hands on

First thing I would like to say is I am not relying on any review or specs on the internet. Second is I am not biased towards any of the 2 phones A100(Micromax) Or A18(Karbonn) as I am myself confused on which one to buy. Ok now let's startnSpent 10 mins on both phones and this what I found.nn1) A100 has a display that is bigger, brighter and has better color reproduction. But A18 has a really touch responsive/snappy/butter-smooth and accurate display, it literally gives the iphone a run for its money. nn2)RAM is 512MB on both the devices, but when all the apps are closed the RAM stats are A100 (155MB used and 225MB free) and A18(220MB used and 240MB free).nn3)Battery A100 has 2000 mAH and A18 has 1500 mAH and as far as I know IPS LCD(A18) consumes more power than TFT(A100).nn4)Internal memory free for the user is 1.4GB(A100) and 2.05(A18)nn5)Some other differences that I found are A18(bluetooth version4) A100(bluetooth version3). Front facing camera 0.3MP(A100) and 1.3MP(A18). A magnetic sensor in A18 which is not present in A100 (somebody please clarify WTH is this magnetic sensor).Android versions (A18-4.0.3) & (A100-4.0.4). Built-in apps.nnFinally the prices in Pune Telephone shoppe are (A18-9k) and (A100-9.5k) (I hope flipkart does not delete this review :|).

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Worth !!!

HinI bought this mobile yesterday , not from flipkart . nI found these things which may be useful to others .nRam is 512 not 1gb ,(nowhere in box label they said 1gb )nProcessor is mkt6575 single core ,nGpu is powervr sgx531 ,plays angry birds smoothly (far better than adreno 200 ) nAwesome screen !!nSpeaker audio quality is good but not loud .nOverall audio quality is good !!!neven though there is 2 mic for stereo audio recording ,it does use it . hope that will be rectified in updates .nCamera is average , records 720p video but low quality and amr audio , there is no burst mode , it has panorama mode , face detection etc..nIt plays 720p but with skipped frames , it lags sometimes ..

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Karbonn A18 definitely Rocks over Micromax A100

Karbonn A18 definitely Rocks over Micromax A100. Reasons:n1. A18 has 720p video recording. Which is not in A100, it has outdated 480p video recording.n2. 4.3" Screen is ideal for phone. If you want A100 due to large screen of 5" I would suggest you to go for 7" or 10" tablets they are more large ;) And I don't think it is easy to use 5" phone by one hand and carry it in pockets, and since A100 has large screen without any protection, it is more prone to breakage on fall.n3. Of course 1.3Mp front camera is an advantage. You can take good sized self portraits and video clarity during calls is also good.n4. IPS display: This makes the screen of A18 alive. It looks a lot better than A100 with better viewing angles. And of course you can not look into the screen always straight, so A18 does a good job.n5. A18 does not have problem in auto-rotation like A100. You have to keep A100 at 90degree for rotation of screen, which really is a pain.n6. A18 has physical buttons. A100 usage bottom part of screen for these buttons, It wastes 72pixels of 5" screen.n7. The 3.5mm audio jack of a18 is universal whereas that of A100 is not universal. You can not use other headphones in the jack of A100. If you lose your in-box headphone of A100, you know what will happen ;)nSo please Micromax fans don't come here to promote Micromax products and make others bad and down their ratings. I am sure that most of you have never seen Karbonn A18 and you just give it low rating and write bad reviews. Everyone has its own advantages.nnBy:nA Karbonn A18 User

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After all, you are not the mobile you use...

I generally don't write reviews but writing this one because like many others I struggled a lot for past ten days, to collect information about this mobile. I want to help all those poor souls by sharing my experience about A18. nnnWhy A18? First my budget was fixed. 10K. So I had only two options MM A100 and K A18. I was inclined towards A18 because the reviews said it is faster than A100.usage (My personal opinion) A100 is bit too large for daily Also A100 wasn't available in any shop in my city. All the shops asked me to pre-book and wait for 2-3 days. So I forgot A100 and happily chose A18. nnnMy Observations:nnnLooks? The device isn't thick. After seeing the photos, I thought it would be thick. But No. It is quite slim and light weight. The only drawback is the silver band around the mobile. It looks really cheap. From the front side it looks like costly mobile - designs are similar to Motorola. Few plus. Few minus. Overall OK.nnPerformance? I installed many social and productivity apps. Tested angry birds and temple run. No major lags. Working smooth. Totally satisfied with what it can do (You may differ based on your needs). Still, I don't think it will handle HD games very well. But it does play HD videos smoothly. nnBattery? Charge is also Okay. I got one full day with moderate-heavy usage. But the issue is charging. It takes really looooong time to charge. Disappointed.nnCamera? Good. Takes nice shots. Pretty fast. Lots of features. Though I didn't test video quality, I'm satisfied till now. nnnHardware? No issues with mobile data, wifi and earphones. Only downside is the poor speakers. Had to search for a really loud ringtone and set, to hear the calls. Remaining features are really good. Screen is brilliant. Best feature of all. Touch is also smooth. Pleasant to see and use. nnConclusion?nnThere are two disadvantages - Long charging time and low volume speakers. If you think you can live with it, Please go ahead. Other than these, I couldn't find any issues with the device. Its really worth every penny you pay. nnDon't think too much about Brand name. Just go for it. nAfter all, you are not the mobile you use :)

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not better than micromax a100

i was so looking forward to buy this phone and was ready to wait over mmx a100 but finally couldnt stop myself from buying a100 and after the release of karbonn a18, i m so relieved that i didnt fall for it. the earlier rumoured specs are finally bite the dust. and for all guys who are ambiguous about a18 and a100...i advice u to buy a100...for the following reason.nn1. if u think having pixel density 217 is better than 195. then u also have to check that mi425 have 233 and the display is sh*t..a100 have 16m color and a18 is 256k. which create huge difference(trust me). ips panel helps in only wider viewing angle and less power consumption(tell me will u ever want to see the phone holding it at an angle whole time...and for 1600mah it needs power consumption).n2. ram is misleadingly stated wrong to be 1gb which is really 512.n3. bigger battery also bigger screen size.n4. 1.3mp 2nd cam is overrated as its not much better for offline cam shoot. and uses more data for online video chat.n5. a100 has touch focus..i doubt about a18 has anyn6. a18 has physical touch button which is so outdated style and have more chances to get faulty after considerable time...good new phones like nexus are going without button.n7. a100 is qualcomm a18 is mediateknnp.s- not biased by thinking mmx > karbonn debate...they both are good companies.

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