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Karbonn Smart Tab 2
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Karbonn Smart Tab 2
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pathetic karbonn dead tab 2

Purchased this tab from it died 5mins after opening it and I don't know how people are saying that this is a good product when they can't locate the blue tooth option which can be accessed quickly by using the settings option. DON'T BUY THIS TAB ITS BETTER TO BUY MICROMAX ATLEAST IT WONT DIE ON THE 1ST DAY 3 OF MY FRIENDS BOUGHT IT TO THEM ARE FACIN CONTIONOUS BOOT PROBLEM AND THE OTHER ONE IS FACING THE NON-SHUTDOWN PROBLEM (AS STATED BY KARBONN REPRESENTATIVE) IT WS ON FOR 4 TO 5 HRS AND WAS NOT SHUTTING DOWN THEN DIED AFTER THE BATTERY DIEDnPLZ DON'T BUYnPLZ DON'T BUY

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Bad First Impression

I have to agree with Rajeswari. Even though appearance wise, the tab looks way better then the other equally priced tabs, but I am left with the feeling "why the heck did I buy this".n1. 2MP camera seems to be a "VGA" camera instead.nn2. Pre-installed apps like Skype, Hungama Play, ingenic market, saavn does not work. They seem to be installed just to populate the app home screen.nn3. Google Play is just to install uselss apps. Chrome, Firefox, G+ and most of the important apps don't work on this device.nn4. I played few HD movies, but they tend to force close after few mins of playing.nn5. Karbonn's website states Tab 2 will come in Jelly Bean, but this is still loaded with ICS.nn6. Karbonn Customer care seems to be non existant. I have emailed them but have not received any response. I called their tollfree customer helpdesk and the number is always busy. I am wondering how can a tollfree number stay busy the whole day?nnMy advice - Don't buy this tab. Shell a little more money and buy a better tab.nnI rate 3 because of the looks and the price and thank god for youtube, facebook and emails which works seamlessly.

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Take cation before buying it

I got it 2 days back, but its not to the expectations i had , Camera is too poor , n2. Skype was not working out of the Box, Niter I can upgrade itn3. Can't install most of the Tools like Goopls+, Firefox, Chrome, Adobe PDF reader from Google Play always getting error 'your device is not compatible with this version'n4. v4.1 Jelly Bean is not present on device as it shown on website, n5. to Fix any software issue Company put me on road to the service center nnso finally its crazy to see that I can't have apps for which I bought this product.nnops! I had to fix this now :(

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Quite good for the price....

This is my fifth day of use n all I can say is for the price it is quite decent... Since it has an xBurst processor like ainol novo7 paladin it doesnt support many apps as it is a new architecture based processor which helps the battery way long than most other tabs as i have seen in my case... But there is a workaround... Just install Magic Code 1.3 which enables many ARM based processors to run on this tab... Touch screen and browsing is very good so is the screen and video output... Sound is quite low... Build quality is extremely rich even better than galaxy tabs it has that robust manly feel when u hold it... Bluetooth is very much in the settings and wifi reception is very strong... Dont expect most of the HD games to run as it is a budget friendly lab targeted at education and entertainment field not for geektechs... U will definitely love reading books and browse the net,facebook and tweeter in this tab along with rich video quality n video codecs... All the best... and to end, many dongles are supported flawlessly and many arent just like most other tabs... no tab supports all dongle functionality... they have some embedded code which matches which specific drivers only... Overall quite a good tab... Worthy of it's price... And dont worry once apps start coming out heavily for xBurst which definitely will other people will get jealous coz xBurst is really a power efficient processor architecture...

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8 users found this review helpful helpful?

I used this product today for about 6 hrs, i my self have Samsung galaxy tab p3100, here is the pro and cons of karbon smart tab2.nnnPros:n1.ICS (Ice cream sandwich)n2.1.2gz processor n3.Usb 3g dongle.nnCons:n1.512 mb ram, very less for ics.n2.1gb internal memory,very very less becoz u cannot move apps to extsd in ics.n3.No bluetoth , as i haven't find it on SMART tab2.n4 Very slow to run apps, hangs too many times.n5.No sim card slot.

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