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LG A390
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LG A390
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Marathan battery...???? No NO it is Inverter.....

Oh my God..nI have bought this phone only because I was frustrated with one day battery backup of smart phones...nUnbelievable..... This phone has a battery backup of 8 to 10 days on normal talking and 5 to 6 days on heavy talking...nAfter recharging first time I have decided that I will wait for its recharge till the battery will fully exhausted... Believe me I got impatient waiting for its battery... Being used to of smart phones I have a habit to put the phone under charging every day.. BUT this phone... I have no words to explain.... I think LG has fitted an inverter in it instead of a battery....nnThis is best phone in the market for actual phone users ... it is just for talking and talking and talking...... You will exhaust but this phone will not .. I CAN BET....

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This is exactly what I wanted

This is beast,nSuper Fast, responsive and built on quality, do you remember Reliance 1st LG Mobiles. they are so robust, this mobile carries that quality, nnI ordered on flipkart, but even after 1 week when I did not receive the product, I cancelled it on flipkart and ordered on Amazon, but even on Amazon their delivery service not interested to deliver product even after 3 days of arrival, hence cancelled their also, so went to mobile shop and picked this last piece, I felt like I am buying the last peace of perfection on earth. :) nnwhen I told sales person I will buy this, that sales person want me to check touch phone, some huwawei touch phone of 6-7 thousand that is around 2-3 thousand more than this LG A390. for his satisfaction I took his mobile in hand and checked touch response, I hate touch screens, I really hate touch screens, I love the feeling of buttons, those curvy curvy buttons, wow. nnthis mobile is fantastic, this is broad/slim and enough heavy to make you feel like dating a superwomen, ;) nnas I guessed LG has given super responsive processor,. plays music, video and basic camera and huge battery enough to feed my 20-30 days usage, battery still not tested, because the only call I receive is from bsnl customer care on their never understood offers. nnThe biggest knockouts against Nokia is its speed and voice quality, Nokia eroded their quality very very badly, i ordered many basic Nokia phones so I get basic high quality mobile, but all Nokia mobiles were crap, they are slow like hell, should wait 5-10 seconds to get call log,. and has horrible call quality and reception quality, nmy last mobile is Nokia 206, and I swear its horrible in performance, nnThis is perfect piece what I wanted and I want this to live until I live,. nnfor entertainment I have Asus Tab, Moto X for showing people. but for pure romance I have LG A390.

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super product; great battery back up; extra oridinary voice clarity

iam using this mobiole from last 15 days, it is a really nice and perfect quality;n- 7 days battery back up, small LED indicators red & bluen- super clear voice quality in calls, its a dual stand by mobile, not dual active,n-screen is very clear,n- cam quality is ok;n- easy to use, great signal reception,n-slim body, simple looks; very comfort in our pocket;n- key pad is very copmfortable to type/use,n- music quality and FM recording quality super;n- best for all who is looking for a phone all basic features;n- you will be very much happy/ satisfy after using it.n- u can buy / go for it without any second thought, n- iam sure it is better than samsung in its range;

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Good Product..but a little over priced...Detailed Review

Hi all,nnBeen using this mobile for a month now...I owned a LG A155 model dual decided to go with this I had no other option.. because the lowest priced dual sim mobile by LG is this one...nnActually the main feature I wanted was a good battery backup...and high capacity memory card support (min 8GB..this one supports upto 16GB) that I can load all my music and videos in this....nnWith a lot of music playback and normal net surfing, this mobile gives me atleast 4 days back up..which is awesome...nnThe body of this mobile is well built..but the back cover is very thin and can get scratched easily..its matte finished...nnScreen clarity is good, and one thing that amazed me is that it played 640x480 resolution videos without any lag..(a song video that is 40 MB in size and just 3 minutes long)...nMusic player is ok, no equaliser...One good feature is that you can search for a music from your long list...just type in the keywords..And yes you can message while hearing to music..(in old models of LG we wont be able to open messages while playing music, and they only supported upto max 4GB..and didnt had 3.5 mm jack, instead had micro-usb port, which is rectified in this model now)..and no need to remove battery for removing microsd card, just remove the back cover and remove the card from the side slot on the left side of camera....nnThere's a side button to set your default sim 1 or 2....and this is the most annoying feature in this mobile..Explanation :- If a number is stored in Sim will make the call from SIM 2 only without asking the user for an option to call from sim 1..what an user can do is, he has to go to that particular contact, press the side button and then make the call, then it would be routed to SIM 1...same is the case with messages..(its annoying feature for me because my SIM 2 is a roaming sim, so i have lost some money by sending messages and calling from SIM 2 accidently)nnCamera is also average...dont expect much...nnAnother biggest drawback is the availability of a spare battery...I checkd online...and was shocked to see that the price of a new battery of this mobile is around Rs. 1500..I dont think I will pay this huge amount for a battery...nnHope this review helped...Thank you...

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not quite happy

Wanted to get a basic phone for primarily voice + text usage and zeroed in on this phone due to decent reviews. Ordered at flipkart with speed delivery option and got it in hand within promised time. The phone itself looks good and packs enough features for its price point. However,nn- The phone seemed to lose radio (GSM) connectivity after leaving it idle for a few hours. Incoming and outgoing calls/texts don't work after this point until the phone is restarted (power-off/on). No other settings seem to help with this problem. The same SIM works fine on my old phone. Phone is basically useless with this kind of problem.nn- Flipkart doesn't allow for refunds for electronic items which is pretty bad when the phone itself is defective. Allows only replacement. Have ordered for replacement, but not sure if the new phone will also have the same issue.nn- The replacement phone can be processed and shipped only at normal speed.nnOnline shopping has improved in India., but still not at the point where it is customer friendly. If flipkart wants to live upto it's 'hassle-free shopping/return' it should review refund/replacement policies so that the customer is not not left hanging when the phone has an inherent defect that makes it useless for him.nn5 stars for initial buying experience, 1 star for the phone and 3 stars for allowing replacement (at normal processing/shipping speeds + no refund).

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