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LG G4 Pro
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Rs 49,999
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LG G4 Pro
Expected Price
₹ 49,999
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Seen the Great, Felt the Great!!

Got this mobile from a retail store about 10 days back and boy what a mobile this is!!! I'll give you an overview of what i am experiencing with this mobile. DISPLAY :- It is one of the best. Its hard to take ur eyes off the screen. Colours are optimally saturated to make things vibrant (not too vibrant as in samsung). At max setting the display is bright and outdoor visibility wont be a problem. Add to this the slight curve and the compact 5.5inch form factor and u have got an awesome display in ur hands. PERFORMANCE :- The Snapdragon 808 as LG claims, seems to be nicely optimised for this mobile. There have been no hiccups so far. The graphics processor could have been a bit powerful though. Nevertheless, it will very much suffice ur daily usage and the occasional gaming sessions. UI :- This is one area where LG has evolved a lot. The UI is a lot smoother and it runs without any lags. LG hasnt compromised on the customisability. Bloatware is minimal and there are a few nice touches that will make using this mobile a lot easier (eg- smart cleaning, double tap to wake, dual window etc etc). CAMERA :- This is perhaps the best smartphone camera available now. Needs no introduction. Its AWESOME. The camera UI is minimal without any unnecessary filters. Most of the times u will find that the Auto mode will suffice, but if u have a bit of photography knowledge, Manual mode is what u would love the most. Ability to adjust the White Balance (in Kelvin values), Shutter speed (from as low as 1/6000 to as high as 30secs), Iso (50-2700), Exposure and Focus is a boon for those who want the best shot possible. Add to this the the ability to save the image in RAW format and u perhaps cant go wrong with this camera. Most of the times people compare this camera to that of S6, but believe me this one is the clear winner. The S6 produces great shots no doubt, but in low light this is the camera u wud want. Daylight pictures are more or less same for both except the fact that S6 produces images that are a lot saturated and may apparently look better to the eye. Same goes for the front camera as well. At 8mp, this is one of the best selfie camera. A few cons regarding the camera :- 1. Video recording and audio capture is not the best. The aggressive OIS makes videos wobbly and audio capture is not that good. There is no 60fps 1080p mode which is a bummer. 2. The camera tends to over expose and sometimes u will find the background light to be blown out. 3. Post processing is quite aggressive and occassionally u may note some artefacts(while u have zoomed in to the image). BATTERY :- Despite the fact that this is a 2k display, i have so far always got a Screen on time of 4-4.5hrs, which is quite good. Moreover, the back is removable and u can easily swap the battery. LG is providing an extra battery and battery cradle charger for those who pre-order/buy the mobile before 15th june. The mobile supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, but quick charger doesnt come out of the box. The provided charger (of 1.8Amps) charges a bit slow and it will take around 120-130mins for a full charge from 0% (provided u dont use the mobile during charging orelse charging rate will slow down even more). PRICING :- 49990 has now become a standard price tag for flagships and this phone is no exception. But since S6 and i6 are now available for a much lower price, its going to be hard for LG to attract customers (although G4 variant launched in India is dual sim and LG is providing free 3 months screen replacement alongwith 1leather + 1plastic back cover). However, having used this mobile for quite some time now, i must say this smartphone is totally worth the price. All in all this a great phone and certainly one that i will suggest to people in hunt for a flagship. The cons are not deal-breakers and im sure u wont even think about those after a few days.

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Best product at its prize

1)Camera is the best part of this mobile 2)speakers are louder enough 3)build quality is very good 4)performance is awesome

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LG G4 Worth the money

With alot of research on this phone finally i ordered from flipkart. Gadget Mania really good seller. Delivery was on time. Packaging was good. Talking about the phone priced at 33,000/- is really a good phone. After using this phone this is my review: Camera quality is superb. Battery is average not so bad so 4/5 for this product. Earphones are ok ok not so good not so bad. Golden back cover looks awesome. Overall worth the money. Front selfie camera is amazing. UI is amazing. A lot many features. Overall really good phone to beat samsung, sony or any other phones. Buy it from flipkart best seller and it won't be a problem. Flipkart keep it up.

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For an allround phone, the LG G4 sits at the top.

It's my first review at Flipkart. I bought LG G4 (H818N) around a month back. Long story short - I love it. At the beginning I thought - how it is possible to live with a such large screened phone, but after a month, I can honestly say - it's not so bad. Most of the things I do are typing, which is easy, thanks to Fleksy's compact layout. It's a bit harder to reach far left-top corner, but I do it very rarely, so no biggie. Everything else you can read below. Shortly - highly recommended! 9/10 - cause battery could be better and size sometimes is a bit much, but everything else just compensates it. Build Quality: Feels amazing in hand, Build quality is very good. Camera: Main thing for me was camera, as I am unable to buy and carry a DSLR with me all the time, and I just need camera with manual controls. 16 MP, f/1.8, 28 mm, laser autofocus, OIS, LED flash, Manual controls, DNG - what not to love? Image quality is mind blowing, and video looks incredible. Best smartphone camera on the market right now and maybe for a while. The S6 camera is great but when i fired up the LG G4 camera i was blown away. I may not be a professional photographer but boy this camera is awesome. Automatic mode is great and fast for the average consumer and Manual mode is awesome (I only used it a little bit but I did see the differences). Much better than almost everything else out there. Hope to see LG V10 manual video options in some kind of update. Multimedia: Incredible on such screen. Would be 10/10 with front stereo speakers. But still, the back speaker is loud and clear enough for me with clear bass production and this one is great for a back faced one. Internet: Such speed. Very wow. Much screen. Text Input: The same as previous phones using Fleksy keyboard with compact, one sided layout. And if I preferred, I could easily switch to full, or split one, and keep writing. It's more than manageable. UI Speed: Very, very minor hickups here and there. Mostly unnoticable, but had to be said. But extremely rare and for a brief moment. Display: Fantastic screen! Waiting for my Google Cardboard to fully enjoy QHD. Blacks are extremely dark for a IPS screen, but still lags a bit behind AMOLED, although difference is not so big as I thought. But colors are more natural than those on AMOLED screens. Battery: It's ok, i guess. It's not a big surprise. It's quite hard to feed 5'5 QHD screen and hexacore CPU. Could be better, but still - acceptable. Sometimes I charge it twice a day, but, to be honest - those are the days I spent browsing or gaming all day. Without those - easily one day. In a nutshell: a great smartphone!!! Just a couple of things to fix but the overall quality and UX is fantastic! Best 2015 smartphone for sure. Pros: 1. Photo and Video quality 2. Camera UI, f1.8, manual controls, OIS 3. QHD screen is beyond amazing. Amazing crisp and clear display. Colours are more vivid. 4. Leather back makes it unique (Plastic is super cool too) 5. Multitasking is great 6. Dedicated button for pulling notification bar down. Simply - AMAZING! 7. Speaker is very, very loud and clear. Sound and call quality is superb. 8. Thanks to curved screen, it`s harder to scratch it... I think. 9. MicroSD card slot 10. Lots of Ram 11. Knock Code screen lock Cons 1. Battery could be better 2. Sound quality lacks a bit of punch. But it is understandable - it's not a HiFi audio player. Sounds the same as iPhone 6+, so not a CON actually. 3. Double LED flash could be amazing, but this one is also very powerful. 4. When laying on table, it`s somehow difficult to manage volume for a music player. Although it can be done from notification bar. Hope it will be informative and useful. Thanks!!!

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Truly an excellent phone, really better than samsung!

I've been using this phone for the past one month. this phone really quick, fast and fluidic. design is excellent, slightly bigger when compare to lg g3 but feels great in hand also its worth mentionin that it has a slight curve. DISPLAY IS DAMN GOOD. contrast is super deep with this quantom quad hd display. CAMERA is the beast best of all i've used till date.. super fast , super crisp, manual mode is awesome, the colour spectrum doing a great job along with the laser auto focus. OIS 2.0 is extremely well optimised, couldnt find any shake in videos taken with this one also its s usefull one for long exposure shot.. LG had done a lot more new changes from its predessors and its really good. UI is very colourful and useful haven't faced any lag till date. the IR port is very usefull gets easily connected with my tv's and AC. phone gets full charge in 1 hour 50 mins and stands almost one full day for my heavy use, phone gets pretty warm while charging but thats not a big deal. also got a new battery and charging cradle along with this one. trust me, this will be best phone you'll get for ur money. worth every single penny. if u get the leather back one, you'll get the plastic back also for free. my rating for this will be 9.5/10 :)

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