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LG Optimus G Pro
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LG Optimus G Pro
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One of the great Mobile in this Era.......

Hello Flipkart Readers: nToday I am posting the review of LG optimus G pro. Please tick thumb up if you like the review.nnI got this phone a 10 days earlier from Flipkart (Why I am Not official Buyer ?),I was looking for the nexus 4 or Galaxy note 2, but when I see this phone on FlipKart. I couldn’t resist buying it. I think that was the best decision ever I made for mobile phone. Reviewing without any delay, let me write about this phone and my thoughts over buying this as better choice than nexus 4 or note 2.nn1. Looks : Phone's Outer surface is plasticky. But the front do the Justice with the price of 38k. There is thin bezel around the phone screen on right and left side. Bottom is also very thin, in case you can’t even press the button so easily & have to drag the finger inside the case to press menu. On the top there’s a speaker & 2 mp camera and few other sensors. On the back Camera and LED light which works great for my use even in the very dark rooms. Also single speaker which have a loud sound compared with Samsung S4 or note 2. On the top there is 3.5 mm headphone jack and voice cancellation mic accompanying with a IR blaster.At bottom there is a mic and a usb charging point.n2. Screen: Here full HD IPS screen which is best I’ve ever seen on any phone. Colour accuracy is amazing. Also it is good watching screen for longtime.You will miss those amoled screen deep dark. But for me I love the colourful screen. Best part - the phone comes with colourful themes. n3. Speakers: There is no dual speaker as HTC one but don’t get fooled by the this single speaker as not going to miss any calls. It is loudest single speaker I have heard in my life on any phone. n4. Processor: This phone got the snapdragon 600 processor & the only processor better is snapdragon 800 .Also there is 2GB ram.n5. Software: Here I like this phone most & will not require any custom ROM due to simplicity.There are few hidden tricks as we could access remote app pressing menu button on lock screen. Also can pinch zoom into the music player list & Possible to change themes which was never possible in touchwiz from Samsung. Speed of this phone redefines the performance,on almost 50 apps don’t feel any slowdown in mobile.n6.In Usability for me I use to check social world and surfing, screen is good so no problem in that.GPS lock on under 15 seconds everytime I try to locate satellites.This phone has good sound output via headphones but not as good as on s4.Battery charges very fast under two hours & last 2 days for me.nn*Not all is good in mobile, so here few setbacks of the phone *nnWithout any doubt LG support for software upgrade is useless. Don't believe what LG say as they never upgrade the software of any mobile and keep it on the same software always. Here biggest setback of phone is Logo LG.n1. No FM in mobile.n2. Headphone sound output loud but not better than s4.n3. No 32GB as in other west versions.n4. Low developer support.n5. On official LG website or anywhere you cannot buy any accessories in Indian*This feels like a death of a good machine*nnSo overall rate of 7/10 for LG Optimus G Pro.nnUpdate : Even after a month of Use. I am Very happy with device. Also there is lot of support on xda for the device now. Highly Recommended device. nnThis is Original review.

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Respect the badge, love the phone

After using it for over two weeks, I am glad I took a chance with this. The only reason people don't know much about this is that, surprisingly, LG has not advertised it at all in India.nnGo read/watch reviews like I did and you would know that for the current price (Rs 33000), it is awesome.nnIn brief: nnPositives: #The only 5.5 inch HD phone with PPI of over 400. Well PPI's don't matter unless remarkably low.n#Amazing 3140 battery. For a phone this size, can surprisingly give a little over a day with my moderate use.n# Quick remote is awesome. Most Indian brands are supported. Perfect substitute for universal remote. Easy set-up.n#Misc: Decent camera, sufficiently loud and clear speaker (when not on back), fast browser (same as any other phone) and LG smart share is very well supported by my PS3. Also, the notification light works like a charm.nnCons: #Speaker on back. About time phones had speakers on either end or front like HTC One.n#Smart pause hardly works in low light. I use a third-party app for videos, so doesn't matter.n#Very slight heating on the back when new. Fading though.n#Don't think there is a radio. Not sure.n#No stylusnnConclusion: Far superior than Note 2. Slightly inferior to Note 3 but costs a whole lot cheaper. Have not used S4, HTC one a lot but on paper, this is at par if not better.nnStop following ads, follow reviews and make an informed choice. nnEdit: I bought a Z1 on diwali. Gave this to my father. Z1 is great but still miss this phone a lot for its sheer size-enhanced beauty. 5.5 looks better on this than 5 on z1.

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Again Plz reduce the Price back to 27000, as it is costs 27000 on up to 31213

Plz reduce the LG Optimus g pro price back to 27000, as it is costs 27000 on up to 2-12-13nIm collecting the amount to purchase this Mobile for 27000. Just todat i got the amount on 4-12-13. This day its increased to 29000.nnnMe and My Friends Looking to buy this product on Flipkart as it providing a Gud deal.......nnSo I request u to reduce the price on or brfore 9th Dec 2013......nnnIts a Nice Mobile better than Note2....

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome phone

Best phone by LG so far ! dam huge screen .i have a G pro and it rocks.It has a 1.5 quad core processor which is super fast and the audio is pretty good as well.It is better than many other samsung phones at this range (better than my samsung Galaxy S4 ).I brought this phone yesterday (However not from flipcart) and I have not charged it even once,that is,the battery life is also superb.yesterday I installed around 10 apps in it and it still has a lot of space remaining.If you are the MUSIC LOVER and have the CASH in hand , I would suggest you to go for this phone.

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A totally underrated and unseen! product...

The G pro totally rocks - in all avatars.nnBe, as an office assistant, multi media viewer, game player or internet enabler.nThe battery back up is great.nThe wireless charging is wow.nnThe optimus interface TOTALLY out-plays the touch wiz of the note II.nnI just cant find any cons... ACTUALLY!nnok, maybe it is a little difficult to find covers and screen guards...that's about it!

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