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LG Optimus Net Dual
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Rs 1,730
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LG Optimus Net Dual
Expected Price
₹ 1,730
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both SIMs are not active

For those who wants to buy just because of dual SIM, note dual standby. When you are on a call, other SIM is dead (not reachable to anyone). Even if you GPRS on one SIM, other SIM is dead. So both SIMs are not active. nnSolution for this is nnwhen using GPRS - use first SIM in 3G mode with 2G GPRS pack so you can use GPRS in one SIM and you can receive calls in other SIM. If you use GPRS in 2G mode on one SIM, other SIM is dead. nnnreceiving call waiting when on another call - activate call forwarding to other number on both SIMs so when you are on call and someone tries to reach you on other SIM will be directed to first SIM and you will see call waiting. nnOther functions are okay. I would say this is okay mobile. Do not expect much from this mobile. GPS reception is very bad particularly when you are inside a building. nnSometimes dual SIM function gives you trouble(restarts by itself, SIMs go dead etc.)

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It's the best dual SIM on android.

The phone has very nice look with the sleek design.nScreen clarity is excellent.nWe can also upgrade the Android latest version.ninternet and other applications works very fast, but performance would be a bit slow while dialing and receiving calls.nFor video games, it's awesome.nBattery backup is not that much good,comes 3-4 hrs if we use continuously, and comes 35-40hrs if we use it only for calls.nHeadset is not up to the mark.nTouch screen is too good.

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Very unreliable as a phone, great as a device in general

I bought this phone from flipkart about 2 months back. Before this, I had been using Spice Mi-270 (dual sim android 2.2) and also use Nokia E-63 currently.nnPros: really good screen:n(1) brilliant display. n(2) Touch is generally responsive, except while in call. n(3) Media audio quality is good. n(4) Phone is pretty handy, both in size & weight.n(5) Internet browsing experience is great on this phonen(6) General Apps work pretty well (didn't try angry birds & stuff like that)n(7) Given that it is dual sim phone, its battery life is pretty okayn(8) When Data connection is active on one sim, your both sim cards pretty much remain in coveragennCons: the phone features are very unreliable. n(1) When the keypad is locked, it takes at least 2-3 strong swipes to answer the call. Many times it takes so long and so many attempts to answer the call that the call would get disconnected by the time the swipe gets registered. nn(2) It is equally difficult to end a call. It takes quite sometime and many attempts to end active call. The touch doesn't get registered at all times to end it.nn(3) It is almost impossible to use IVR on this phone which requires you to key in your credit card number and pin (& things like that), because the key strokes don't get registered properly. nAll the above keystrokes issues happen only while in call, or when it resumes from standby/keylock.nn(3) Very frequent hangs & reboots: on avg, my phone crashes & reboots at least once everyday on its own.nn(4) After reboot of phone, if you leave the phone unattended, the sim cards don't get registered automatically, so many times your phone remains out of coverage.nn(5) If your sim card has pin lock, it hangs a lot while unlocking the phone. The startup of the phone is a nightmarenn(6) There is a proximity sensor in phone which locks the keypad when you hold the phone close to your ear, to prevent accidental touches on screen. This is a good feature too, but it is probably too active, and results in keypad not getting unlocked even in normal times.nn(7) LG has not released any bug fixes to the best of my knowledge

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This is a good mobile to start with

This is a really good mobile to start withnnThis is my first Android mobile phone, I got gifted, This is really good mobilenn1. This mobile has a really good processor, it runs many application at a time, but however it sometimes hangs & need to restart it, dont install any external keyboard layout, it could be very disturbing after a while, this could cause your mobile hang for a while more.n2. Dont like the dailer, it is the normal dialer as of all android mobile, sometimes causes problem to answer it & end it.n3. U have good phone memory 160 mb however some apps have alreay utilised almost 60-80MB of the memory.n4. Bluetooth is really awesome it has really nice range, if u plan to purchase a bluetooth headphone this mobile has really good range that can cover up the wide radius, ofcourse it has the 3.0 version of it thats really good.n5. Touch screen is good, u can have 2 touchs at a time function, its smooth and good, if u have high end phone experiance user, then u would like this touch, its a normal TFT touch screen.n6. Battery life is normal as normal as other android mobile, you have to charge once a day for sure, if u are an average user of all the utilities.n7. Dual sim is good, but in this phone if u use one sim card for the Net then/GPRS then other sim card losses its network connectivity, so make sure what are your users then use, cause i am using the single sim function in the dual sim phone, so choose other model P690, this is relative term.n8. Camera quality is Fair & also good, it gives u clear picture with proper lights, there is no flash light in this phone, there is good function to switch between the sim card.n9. This mobile is really good for the apps to work on it, u could do much more when u explore the android market.n10. Personally i loved this cell for my personal use, this mobile is worth its price.n11. The loud speaker is good, u can hear your alarm & ringtones for sure its loud enough.\, however in loudspeaker u will not like the music it will feel like its exploding, listen in the headphones they are really goodn12. The phone Mic communicated less volume to other party(Might be only my cell, but just telling you), as compare to the headphones.nnPurchase this mobile to get great android experience, u will love it for sure, great price tag Rs. 10K, its worth its price, dont be fool that says LG is bad company for the mobiles and all, people say alot about it, but my experiance with LG is really good & I am enjoying it.

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For the price that it comes with, it is a decent phone

Hi,nnI bought this phone through flip kart in feb last week 2012.nPlease find my review after two months.nI wanted a dual sim andriod phone from a branded manufacturer.nSamsung had few options but the cameras were 2 MP and screen was smaller.nI knew about optimus dual net for sometime but I was waiting for Motorola XT 532 for a long time but it did not get released till feb 2012. So i decided to purchase it.nnProsnnDual sim android 2.3 with a 10k pricengreat camera and video. Really good when shot during day light.nSurfing is good.nSimple to use interface and Easy to transfer files with usb. nBattery is decent and comes for two days with 30 mins call/day and surfing emails (not regular but sporadic).nnConsnnTouch Response at times is very badnOne sim is blocked during callnsim goes into deactivated mode at times after a bit heavynCalls dont end even after pressing end at times.nnOverall i am just satisfied with this phone purely for a fact that there is not much competition for dual sim android from branded companies at this price tag.

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