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Lava Iris 405 Plus
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Lava Iris 405 Plus
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An okay phone along with its flaws.

I like this phone's design but this phone is not suitable for me. Read out my review and decide it for yourself.nn*****Packaging: (5 stars)*****nLava seems to use very good material to pack its products at the factory. The contents fit snug in the box that is made up of very hard cardboard. Lava provided extra accessories such as earphones, generic screen protector, flip cover, data cable etc. The flip cover is of good quality but the earphones are standard. The data cable is of good quality and it looks like it should work for a long time. One thing I dislike about packaging is that the whole box reeks of factory like smell from new leather/plastic products.nn*****Physical Design of the handset: ( 5 stars)*****nThe design and built quality of this handset is superb, Lava used good material for the shell. Everything seems to be positioned just right, the side buttons are smooth. 4 inches screen mobiles phones are perfect size, neither small nor too big. It's very comfortable to hold in your hands even though it has a thin design.nn*Lava Customer Support: (1 star)*n It's a hit or miss. We live in a small city and even though we have a dedicated Lava customer support centre, these people are not very professional. We called them to ask that if Flipkart purchased mobile is valid for warranty, the person spoke in a rude manner and started asking me to bring the handset to him before he could say anything. My question was a very simple one but he seemed to make things complicated and demonstrated a very poor attitude. We later spoke to a lady at Lava customer support and were assured that we will have warranty on Flipkart purchased Lava products. I will take this with a pinch of salt though; it's possible that in metro cities you will get better customer support from them but in smaller cities it's possible that you will face issues claiming warranties. Be careful about this.nn***Handset Usability (3/5 stars)***nIt's a nice phone for what it's worth. We liked the camera, nice pictures even in low light. WiFi connected quickly and worked well. Touch screen very responsive and good enough sound quality. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY WHAT I SAY NEXT THOUGH: nnThis phone is an utter failure in video playback. I tried to play a few videos of low resolution and they were lagging and skipping frames. I am not sure whether it's the RAM or the processor but the video playback on this phone is not fun. We cannot watch the videos with such lags so stay clear of this phone if video playback is important to you.nnAnother flaw of this phone is that the display of colors is not natural. The phone enhances the colors so much that even a movie shows the colors like those of a cartoon film. I think most phones at this price-level have this problem.nn****Final word:****nI don't want to give it more than 2 stars out of 5 because if we extend our budget just a little further, we could get better phones. I am being very generous giving it a 3/5 stars. This phone is good for calling and basic internet browsing but very weak for multimedia features. Thank you for reading my review, I hope this helps you.

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Amazing Product from Lava

The design is awesome. It's got a classy look and feel. It fits perfectly and is very comfortable. Now coming to the performance part. I'm more than satisfied with it. No lags while playing games. I have tons of apps installed. In built memory is 1.27 GB which is decent for this range. nnBattery with always on 2g/3g/wifi connection gives me 8-9 hrs which for a 1400 mAH battery is quite good and considering it's android.nnNow without any net connection, it has given me upto 18-20 hrs with ample calling. (As I write this, it's on 5% and has already done 17h 42m with some wifi and 2g and plenty of subway surfers :P) nnI am definitely not complaining about the battery. nnNo call drops. Sound is decent. Music does have a little noise. But after researching, it's something to do with the MTK chipset and can be removed by rooting.nnTalking about MTK chipset. It's a MT-6572 and not 6577. 6577 had a lot of heating and it's been corrected in this. Barely any heating up during heavy usage.nnOverall its an amazing phone for people on a budget. Go for it.

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Looks good, but feels sluggish in performance

I bought this one for my Dad for daily use while he travels frequently, to not be too costly and yet have the magic of android. Usage period as of writing this: 1 day.nThis looks and feels great in the hands. It is the right size to operate with a single hand and (because of plastic) feels light also. nScreen touch response if not as good as in Galaxy S2 or Lava Iris 504q or any Lumia. We need to sort of press to make it work, which is OK for normal use.nBottleneck of 512MB for RAM is quite frequently felt and it causes sluggish and slow performance sometimes when multiple apps are opened and updates are being done for eg. RAM usually stayed at around 80% occupancy even though we diligently close apps after use. nWhile playing temple run it plays smoothly though, no hangs.nGPS works, tested it outside and it gave 12 satellite visibility. nBattery wise, didnt test it much, so cannot tell. GPS+WiFi caused 10% to be dropped in ~20-25 mins.nFinally call quality is good and adequately loud. No drops. nnOverall it does make you feel like you are holding a plasticky phone, but for the price it is quite a bargain. I only hope it endures at least a year before going waste.nnEdit: After around 2 months of usage, the call quality is pathetic. The neighborhood is abound with my dad's frantic 'Hello HELLO's and he constantly has to come out of home to talk. It is not a problem with the service provider Airtel, as I face no such issues on my Lumia.

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Lava Iris 405 Yours Complete Solution in mobiling

Recently purchased Lava Iris 405+, its a complete phone. Whatever you need its there at your service. Internet speed is awesome, voice clarity superb, picture quality good. all in one. i m sure it can beat any super branded phone easily. trust me, i m not joking. 1st time in my life i am satisfied with any phone i have purchased. thanks to lava and family.

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Not Happy

Not at all happy with the product as not getting proper internet connectivity and the battery back is not at all dies with in half - an- hour only. Ring volume is also low and it does not fulfill my needs :( :( :( :( will not recommend to anyone.

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