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Lenovo P770
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Rs 12,048
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Lenovo P770
Expected Price
₹ 12,048
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The best phone under 15000 Rs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought this phone 1 month ago and till date I am really satisfied with its performance .I am sharing my experiences belown.nDisplay:-nThe display quality of the phone is really good.Colour reproduction is really awesome.It can play videos upto 720p really well.1080p videos can also be played but tends to skip afew frames.(I dont think any other phone in this price range can play 1080p videos better than this phone).nnGaming :-n3D games run very well in this phone.I have tried many high end games and I have never faced any issues till date.nnInterface:-nLenovo has done a lot of customisation to the user interface and it's really a fresh experience compared to other phones.nnCamera:-nThe 5MP camera works really well in daylight ,but not the best at night.It has got all the modes including panorama.The secondary camera is a VGA camera.nnPerfomance and memorynThe touch screen is really smooth.I haven't had any problems such as lag or hanging(1GB ram).The phone comes with 4GB internal memory but can be expanded upto 32 GB .The phone comes with lot of useful pre occupied apps.nnBatterynThe battery backup is main highlight of this phone.The 3500mph battery can easily last for a minimum of 2 days with heavy gaming,WIFI,and calls,nnThe phone may look a little bulky compared to the some other phones(due to big battery),but considering to the batter backup it delivers I think that's negligible).nnONE FINAL NOTEnLenovo mobiles may be new to Indian market,But they have really made a mark inall other major Asian countries.The device is far better compared to Indian brands like Micromax ,XOLO or Karbonn and even better than most of the Samsung mobiles.

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A best Choice in the range of 13K

I have not purchased this mobile from flipkart , I have purchased it from a retail shop at 13.2 K and using this from last 2 week, and very well satisfied with this , Below are the pros and consnPro; battery back op , nothing to say 3500 maH is more than enough , u can use the smart phone upto its limit ,complete day, surf the net, play game , watch movie , listen music .. still at night u will see that 20-25% battery is remaining nGraphics is very good plays 3D game smoothlynSound very good ( I am not comparing with the other mobiles ) , I just listen to my mob and get satisfiednSpecially I like some inbuilt application like lenovo note .. a very handy toolnnCons ;nCamera , it is not upto the mark nbut personally I like this mobile

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simply superb

First of all the phone has got a very solid feel to it.. .it looks very nice to hold in the hand. nThe display quality is superb.. that is, it provides justice to its resolution as mentioned. .nCamera quality is decent... especially in daylight.....nBattery backup is phenomenal... which is not there even in most of the high end phones.. atleast 24 hrs with full use of internet... 5 to 6 hrs of music....nVideo playback is very good.. nThere are some smart and pretty useful pre installed apps like Sugarsync which gives 5GB of cloud space and it automatically back up all the files.. .nTouchpal is another app which makes typing easier...nAnd lots more..nspeaker of the phone is loud..nOverall a great phone .. Highly recommended with this price range....

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A very good phone under 13k. I bought this phone from local reseller, not flipkart as this phone was not available on flipkart in month of may. nmy personal (2 months)experience about the phone:n+smooth touchscreen experience(not seen even a single lag till now)n+decent camera with good flashn+highly customized User interface by lenovo,(that gives u very feel -good factor )n+Tough & sturdy(I DROPPED THIS PHONE TWO TIMES, STILL NOT FACED ANY PROBLEM!!! I accidently sat on this phone and my 60kg wt. could not do any harm on screen.Phone working simply Superb!!!)n+3500mah provides Huge battery backup(lasts for almost 2 days)!! u can listen song, watch movies n more without any tensionn+U can connect pendrive, Mouse, Keyboard and can charge even other's phone!!n+all the important apps preinstalled(CAM Scanner, CamCard,Kingsoftoffice,Lenovo Note,Lenovo energy smart)n+After sales support is also good, sufficient numbers of collection point/service centers across India.nnWhat i did'nt like:n-Heavy due to its big battery(for 3500mah, still it is acceptable)n-never allow to discharge this phone completely or it will take complete 3-4 hrs to recharge fulln-difficult to find case and cover for this specific phone(not a big problem)n-720p videos are played flawlwssly, 1080p lags much(still it is acceptable)nnnFINAL VERDICT:nunder 13k, this is best ever phone than Samsung,micromax,spice,sony etc. As far as battery is concerned, this phone is King of all others!!

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Value for money

I haven't purchased this phone from Flipkart however this review for aspiring buyers. According to me this phone is a real value for money. I was using Samsung galaxy grand and had a pathetic experience with screen resolution and other several issues. This phone beats may similar phones in the same range and according to me better choice than micromax and stuff since lenevo is a well known and trusted brand. Would like to write about camera in particular. Many reviewers might not talk well about its camera but I think for 12k price this gives good pics in daylight at least. nFeatures to watch out for-n1. Screen resolutionn2. Wireless FMn3. Notification LED (though not very bright)n4. Brilliant battery backup (for me, lasts 18 hours with continuous 3G usage, don't be fooled by people who say 2 days on 3G, its impossible. There is no such phone made yet)n5. Superbly customized UI. Leaves Samsung behind by milesn6. Sound clarity is very good (loudspeaker)nOverall, if someone wants to buy a phone in the range of 12-13k, go for this blindly!

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