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Lenovo S660
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Lenovo S660
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head to head with moto g,if not better

I bought the lenovo s660 from a local retailer for rs14000 and got a free lenovo magic case.Since using it for the last week two weeks the phone has appealed me to the greatest extend.I had 3 choices:lenovo p780,moto g and lenovo s660. p780 was too large and the moto g was quite small(although the screen size is 4.5 inch the available screen is about 4.2 inch due to onscreen softkeys).At last I opted for this phone,but had to compromise on screen resolution(its a qhd whereas other 2 are hd )but in all ways the screen is excellent.Now some folks out thereare saying"who would buy this dumb moto g from Google".Dont you guys know its lenovo that owns motorola and not Google.This phone is really a tough competitor for moto g.Its got the look a while moto g is made from cheap plastic this phone is fully metallic making it more premium.Now those of who are saying motog is more powerful (because of snapdragon 400) have you seen the benchmark score (s660 acres 7500 where as moto g scores 7200).Its got greater clocked processor than motog)So don't Jude a phone without knowing it in details.its got a 3000 may battery where as moto g has just 2070 mah)its got 8mp camera vs 5 mp of moto g.its thinner than moto g(9.8 vs11.5) and of nearly same weight(149 vs143).nnSo guys lenovo s660 is a much better phone than moto g except for its screen Res.Dont be fooled by those reviews in flipkart.I am sure they haven't even seen the phone.Go for it. its my word for younshawn

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Superphone packed with all features at budget price ..

This is my initial review after using S660 for 2 weeks. Earlier I had Galaxy Grand which I lost and hence bought this phone. Considering the specs S660 is much better than Grand as it has 1GB ram, 1.3Ghz processor and importantly 3000Mah battery. qHD Display is stunning and soothing to the eyes. You can configure corporate and personal email IDs very easily and Smart Push service is very efficient. It sync easily with Outlook, Calendar and other items. Now the key thing its just INR 12.5K, which is real value for money that all those crap Samsung Grand, Neo, Quattro etc. Battery last well for 2 days with normal usage. Overall I am very happy with the performance, ease of handling (Grand is too big to handle). User Interface is very easy and simple to use. Screen is much better than Moto G (4.5 but usable is only 4.3 whereas S660 has 4.7 inch screen).nOver all I am Loving It !!nnI strongly recommend to simply go for this value for money mobile. No need at all to invest heavily on 18-20K + mobiles.nnOnly con is very hard ear phone piece. But u can use other good quality ear pieces.nOtherwise 5 stars from my side.

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Amazing Phone....!!

I just bought this amazing device....some features and stuff that i like the most:::nn1. The Side actually use to..stand you phone horizontally...for movies...and also used as a cover for our awesome phone...nn2. Back is so strong...and looks premium...its actually plastic...but it is so hard..and premium..that it looks...metal body..nn3. Screen size...4.7" ...mind blowing..size....perfect size for everyone...i have used previously 5" phones...but sometimes, it is difficult for me to use my phone with one hand..!!nn4. Screen Clarity... if you think...that low qHD is bad...bro...plz...check the device then say anything...qHD is actually sufficient for normal user...nn6. RAM....i'm in shocked when...i used my device for around...5 hours...i've installed various other apps...and game....still ..almost 720 MB is free ...WOW!!!..out of..998 MB...amazing..!!nn7. Speakers ....are amazing...for example...HTC One...type...!!nn8. Camera ..8MP (Back Camera) good...not the best though ...but look at the price tag'on can capture FHD videos (1080p) ....and can capture fine pictures...using...flash....!! nn9. Battery....i used this device...for around...5 hours...without break.. :D ...the last charge was 98% .....after using...for 5 drop to 72% ....mind blowing...!! It can handle...very hard core gamersss...pressure !!nn10. No Heating Problem....the phone is amazing form outside as well as inside..too.!! The highest temperature that i encountered was 38 degrees(while charging)....otherwise...its a calm phone..!!nnCons:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::nn1. Earphone......why lenovo why....what the hell is this.....i love music...i'm a collage student...i love listing music while..traveling..or else....and the earphones are can's earphones...or any compatible one..!!nn2. Front Camera (VGA)....hahahaha...what the hell is this...LENOVO!!! ....Lenovo are you serious..thats camera.....i hate it...thank GOD...i don't take...selfies ...otherwise...i will kill myself :D :P 8) .....agar dena hi accha sa camera dete...ya to naa hi detee..!! IDIOTS !! :DnnOnly 2 Cons...i have find it yet..!!!nThe Custom UI is actually ..good..but you can use...various other Launchers...from Play Store.....!!nni don't know about the updates..for this phone...i hope Lenovo will give us..Kit Kat...or else...use the rooting method...and install a custom you desired!!!!!

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Lenovofor those who DO!

The tagline of the Lenovo lives up to its meaning by introducing the Lenovo S series smartphones. Generally we Androiders (android users!) look for the following important things in a smartphone to be purchased (at least I did):nn1. Android version (Latest or not)n2. Memory (Internal to run the app with ease and external for many things)n3. Camera with flash (for pictures and more imp for Selfie)n4. Screen resolution (size and HD or not) And most importantlyn5. BATTERY BACK UP. nnSo when I ventured for buying a smartphone with a Budget of 10k to 12k, lots of options but none of them came close to fulfilling the above 5 aspects. Lucky for me Lenovo then introduced S660 under budget category which fulfills almost all the criteria and even more! nnLet’s agree it; we smartphone users have to carry chargers for charging our phones very often, even if we forget to carry our wallet we cannot afford to miss USB cable! Lenovo scores a perfect 5 out of 5 for placing a 3000 mAh Lithium Polymer and User-replaceable Battery for running everything we need. I don’t need to carry charger everywhere coz once I charge my phone it runs for nearly 2 days with limited usage of net and 1 whole day for Heavy usage. No heating problem also.nnNext thing I loved about the phone is its Size. Packed with 4.7 inch screen and a gorgeous Titanium back cover, this phone looks like a premium phone, where everyone around is bound to take notice! It feels good and light to hold in your pocket as well your hand. I hate to use both hands on cell phone and feels errr! when I see other people doing it. Multitasking in one hand and Thumps up on the other! LOLnnThe camera is 8 MP rear and VGA on front. Picture clarity is awesome from rear but front camera sucks! Seriously if u r a selfie obsessed then my advice for you is not to go for this phone. Atleast Lenovo could have given a 1.3 MP camera in front!nnMemory is 1 GB RAM internal and 8 GB RAM, of which you will get 5.7 GB for use and memory card support upto 32 GB. Clearly no problem and winner in this front!nnRunning on Android 4.2.2 (no news on update to 4.4 Kit Kat) and a 1.3 GHz Media Tek 6582m Quad Core Processor, all apps runs smooth without any lags whatsoever till today. nnDual regular SIM (GSM + GSM) makes it easy to use further: one for personal and other for professional life!nnI am a very happy and a proud owner of Lenovo S660 smartphone. I purchased this phone 2weeks ago from a local retailer for Rs. 12,300/- So people looking for a budget smartphone within 12k range, please go for it! Lenovo is firmly establishing its foot prints in smartphone category and acquired Motorola recently! Regarding service, decent service centers in Metro cities.nnI migrated into android smartphone for the first time after using Symbian versions for years. Pls read review given by Mr. Shawn Sabu for comparison between S660 and MotoG!nThank you Lenovo...

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good phone

this is a phone with good hardwate and looks stylish


hardware , latest design, powerfull configuration in the mid range price


poor front camera, small screen size

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