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Lenovo Tab S8 WiFi
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Rs 12,200
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Lenovo Tab S8 WiFi
Out of Stock
₹ 12,200
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nice product, doubtful seller & flipkart

got the product before estimated time! one of the two audio speakers was not working since day 1!! called up flipkart for replacement, i was asked to go to lenovo service center and get a certificate saying one speaker was indeed not working, service center refused to give the same.nam living with one dud speaker and fighting with service ctr. flipkart says cant do anything, doesnt allow to contact seller.nother than that tab is a super product, no hanging since over a month, smooth thru all apps and videos, great wifi receiver. much better than an earlier dell i had.

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Excellent 1080p Tab. But Speaker Problem

This tab is amazing for this price point. Recently got updated to lollipop 5.0.1. nnThe screen looks brilliant. And for this price it got 2GB ram, 1080p screen, 32GB sd card support. nYou can use nova launcher for better UI.nnEDIT:nnAfter few days I noted:nnThe top speaker has noise issues. Cant play games and hear songs with volume above 60%. Many people complain about this in lenovo forums, but no officials addressed the issue there.

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Class 10 SD cards does not work with this tablet well

I bought a Class 10 SD card along with this tablet. When the tablet was updated to Android 5.0, i get the SD removed unexpectedly error every 15- 20 minutes. I need to restart the tablet. nnThis issue has been reported to Lenovo about any year back and the fix has not been done. nnMore details can be found under the Lenovo forums with the subject "Lenovo-Tab-S8-50F-Micro-SD-Card-Disconnects-Unexpectedly"nnAlternative is to use a Class 4 SD card. nOther things are great with this tablet.

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Prompt Delivery & Very good product.

Ordered this item and received it in a day. Excpetional delivery by Flipkart, packaged and delivered in a day. The Lenovo tab is also very good product. Light and fast. Just got the Android 5.0.1 update and things look even better. nPros:n1. Price/ performance - Very Goodn2. Perfornamce - This tab is very fast and responsive. 2 GB RAM is more than enough for any app. n3. Storage : 16GB, with KitKat, you get 11GB free, but after the updgrate to 5.0.1, 9GB free.n4. Processor : The Intel Atom Z3745 Quad Core Processor is fast and very responsive. n5. Battery : 4290 mAh is okay, enough to last a full day of browsing. Standby time needs to be checked.n6. Screen: The Full-HD IPS screen is too good. Clairty is nearly perfect. The only cavet maybe sunlight viewing, but thats okay as we will not be in the sun all day. n7. Audio : The Dolby system is okay. Good sound reproduction with surround effects. n8. Camera : Rear 8MP autofocus is okay, not much to be expected from a Tab camera. nnOverall, the device is goodand worth the money. But this is only my opinion, you have to buy/use it to see it.

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I am writing this review after getting a replacement for my order. nMy sole intention was to use this tab for reading books. I was looking for Mi Pad but as it is out of stock, I came across Lenovo S8-50 F and the specs looked good. Even though there were some negative reviews about this product I thought to give it a chance, the attractions being the price tag of 8900 INR and the screen resolution and 2 GB ram. nThe product was received on the 5th day, the order being placed on a Sunday. The Fipkart packaging was superb taking into account the monsoon in Kerala. nBut the product was a little disappointing. The setting up was easy. But after using the product for nearly 1 hour, the screen suddenly got dimmed to almost 50%. The brightness slider was at its full. After a few minutes the brightness was normal. But again was dimmed. This was happening frequently. I did the software update but it was the same. Then i did a reset. But nothing changed. nIt was after I placed a request for return that I noticed that the bottom speaker is not working at all (there are two speakers; at the top and bottom). nThe Flipkart customer care called me in the evening. They were really courteous. I got the replacement within 4 days. Both the speakers are working. I didn't face the screen brightness issue. But it is not because the replaced unit is great. The fact is this brightness issue is plaguing a lot of units of this model. If you google, there are a lot of complaints regarding Lenovo tabs, including the Yoga ones about the same issue. It looks like there is something to do with the Lenovo made launcher or skin, whatever. In my first unit, I downloaded Nova Launcher and after installing it, I didn't see any brightness issues. I checked the first unit for 2 more days and it was fine. nAfter getting the replacement unit, the first thing I did was to install Nova Launcher and I didn't face any brightness issues. It is less than 24 hours. This is not the right time to tell anything positive. But the fact is a fact. And to say about Nova Launcher, you should try it instead of of your default launcher. Such a nice app, you will hate your default launcher after trying it. No gimmicks or heavy animations like other fancy launchers. It does its duty well. nOne positive thing about the tab is the screen can be oriented any side; meaning whatever way you hold the tab, the screen wil rotate, if auto-rotate is on. I can see slight flickering when I scroll PDFs up or down; I think it was not there in the first unit. But this is not a minus point. nVideos looks sharp and clear. I am using MX player and their latest codecs. nThe sound, labelled Dolby is not a highlight. But it is good. The first thing you should check after buying this tab is whether or not the speakers are working. nnDidn't face any lags while reading heavy PDFs. The only thing to take care is to use the right apps. The bundled WPS app is not at all good for PDFs. There is too much lags and flickering between pages. I am using Adobe Reader. Likewise, I will not recommend Kobo app. For those who had Flipkart Ebook account, their old eBooks are in Kobo. Too much lag. Must be some app specific issues. nFeels little bit heavy in hand. But will be used to it in two days. A screen guard is highly recommended. Too much smudges. The back cover is soft and grippy. nThe Intel processor seems good. This is my first try with an Intel powered Android device. Not too much heat. Anyway, always use the supplied power adapter. nIf you don't want to spend more than 9000 INR for a nice tab, this is for you. Otherwise, Asus tabs can be given a try. Don't go for Samsung ones.

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