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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 LTE
Out of Stock
Rs 15,999
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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 LTE
Out of Stock
₹ 15,999
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Worthy for 10.1 inch size Tab

Product :Worth this price for 10.1 inch screen size. Good Screen resolution. Good for reading magazines, articles & of course for entertainment purposes. Can not say much now. For Flipkart : Amazed by Flipkart service. I got the product delivered exactly in 15 hrs. Very prompt follow up by deliver person and smoothly delivered.

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2 gb ram or 1 gb

I m confused about the ram

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is good at its price and is worthy basically for its 10.1 inch size and speakers... If u want to watch movies or you want to do youtubing, read articles, magazines, want to try some tutorials then its awesome and that kind of stuff then its the best tab in this range. I am very impressed with the speakers and touch of tab. Graphics are fine, internal memory is 16GB and it has 2 GB RAM, Android is Marshmallow (6.0.1) and one more thing, it does not support WhatsApp or bank app, some apps like ALT Balaji, Episode, etc. I tried but failed. All the modes of this Yoga Tab are helpful. You want to study, you want to play they just help. There is no call facility in this tablet. It is just a tab which can be connected to internet via wifi or 4g-3g internet packs. Battery life is good. Charger cable is very very small. you cannot use tab while charging. Camera is also not that good. but its fine for this price 10 inch tab. There is no headphones in the box. I was expecting headphones but didn't get one. Just put a screen guard and add a memory card to use it for long purpose. There will be difficulty in finding a screen guard and case/cover for this tablet. I am facing in finding a case/cover. Delivery was one day prior. Packing was not that good. They just packed it. It was not bubble wrapped or any other safety precaution was not taken by Flipkart to protect device. At lest they should have bubble wrapped it.

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Again lenovo made good tab.The screen size induce to buy this tab.Good tab to buy at this budget.but need to increase ram at least 2 GB.

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Good Product

Usage: 2 WeeksnPrimary Usage for: Reading.. Newspapers, PDFs, News Apps (Inshorts), etc nPROS:n1. Build quality - Lenovo Yoga's build quality is unmatched. In this price zone, it offers THE BEST QUALITY tablet. All its modes (tent, hanger, etc) work well. The stand is firm enough and has no issues. It fits snugly into the back. nn2. Extra grip: MAJOR ADVANTAGE: The battery is where you will hold the tab. It gives extra space to your fingers and palm and they are not all over your screen. nn3. No heating issues: Battery cylinder becomes slightly warm after long usage. Otherwise the rest of the body stays cool all the time.nn4. Battery: 8400 mAh battery lasts multiple days between use, takes about 1-1.5 hours to fully charge, and give display-on time of ~18 hours to me. nnOn first charge, the battery took forever (8-10 hours) to charge. I was gonna return, but that did not happen in full testing in the next charging cycles. nnDo go for an app that alarms you when charging is 95%, like "Full Battery and Theft Alarm" on Play Store, as overcharging is really harmful for Li-ion batteries in phones/tablets. nn5. Big screen, big reading pleasure: 10-inch screen gives a stress-free smooth reading experience. Also, the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio fits most content (text, audio, video) very well.nn6. Dolby speakers: Loud enough to fill a regular room. A pre-installed dolby atmos app improves your audio equalization options and listening experience.nn7. AnyPen Technology: It's not perfect but really amazing to see anything can be use to write on this screen. It has a scratch-resistant coating that enables you to write using even your keys. But hard pressing on it may leave scratches. Handwriting will require an app like I used Evernote. The sensitivity is not very good, meaning your handwriting would not be exactly captured, but it does the job if you write in sufficiently large font.nn8. OTG supported: V important for me, and works fine.nn9. SIM and SD Card both supported: Works well without any trouble with 4G (but only data usage possible, no voice calling). Apple and Samsung tablets in this price range do not support SIM. nnCONS:n1. Extra weight (but bigger screen advantage): Initially I was worried about the weight (630g approx) and wanted to go for 8 inch model (~440g), but the bigger screen advantage makes up for the extra weight disadvantage, and u get used to it.nn2. 2-finger typing slightly uncomfortable: It is germane to mention that I don't use the tablet for a lot of typing. 10 inch model's keyboard is slightly larger for 2-hand operation as we do on smartphones. If you want to use it with sim and chat and type, my advice will be to go for the 8-inch model, which is considerably cheaper as well.nn3. Display: 1280 x 800 Pixels display is not very HD, but IPS display quality makes up for it. Slight pixelation shows up in HD pictures, but it does not bother that much. nOther HD display models are all very costly. You can go for Mi Pad which is cheaper and of very good screen quality. I ordered it first, but first and second (replacement) pieces both had multiple software issues. Hence returned. nn4. Low RAM and Processor: Low price's only MAJOR disadvantage is that a lower RAM (1 GB) and lower processor (1.3 GHz) leaves much to be desired. nFor heavier apps (>250 MB) or with more than 5 apps open, the tablet does hang a bit, but it was fine for my regular usage. You just need to close open apps now and then. Regular apps open smoothly.n nToday when smartphones of 2-3 GBs RAM are coming for 7-8k, Lenovo should have given more RAM atleast. you can wait for newer tabs. In my search, Lenovo's upcoming Yoga tablets have greater RAM (3 GB), but don't know when they will release in India, and I needed the tablet fast. nn5. Low storage space but SD card expansion available: ~3.5 GB by android OS + ~3 GBs in Apps storage, hence functionally you get 8-9 GBs only. So I got a 64 GB Samsung EVO+ card. nn6. No default pre-installed file browser app present, but koi na: Had to download one from play store (ES file Explorer).n n7. Poor camera + No Voice Calling: But rarely do one uses a tab for these purposes, ryt? nn8. NO Whatsapp: Cannot download & install Whatsapp as it can be done only on Tabs having calling facilities.nnCONCLUSION: nI took this tab out of all limited options. It's greatest USP is its rough-and-tough build quality (poor build has been a big issue in many electronic items for me), the multiple modes, the big screen and the BIG battery. nnI personally don't like Apple's iPads bcoz of its iOS's various restrictions on file transfer, limited apps + no OTG + No SIM / SD Card option + iPad's higher-than-thou price points. I feel utility not vanity should driver purchase decisions.nnI went for the 10 inch model as my wife's eyesight is not perfect, and she has problem reading small letters. But to overcome most of the cons, you can go for Lenovo Yoga 8-inch model.nnDo LIKE if you find this review helpful.

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