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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 2GB RAM
Out of Stock
Rs 13,999
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User Reviews for Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 2GB RAM

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 2GB RAM
Out of Stock
₹ 13,999
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Too good

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Don't waste your money

Only it looks good. Otherwise everything is worst. Stopped working on next day after delivery. Chinese will be chinese. In future I will not buy any product of lenovo and flipkart is no more trustworthy.

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Slightly disappointed

Buy MI or Samsung tablet,software issues no file explorer, cant transfer apps to sd card,bad resolution lot of bugs in android version,battery drains very fast,no volte for jio sim.Good if u get it for Rs 8000.

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Screen resolution is not upto the Mark... Texts are not sharp and slightly blur... Dull screen ....

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Just Like Marrige. Great at first....... Then a NIGHTMARE.

The thing looked and felt solid at start. Then I started to compare it with other devices and came to the conclusion that this thing is not worth the trouble and money. And it's proving that to me every day. Yeah It got 2 GB ram. Well I have a Moto E and it works smoother than this Yoga Tab 3. There are this Lag and freeze in everything you do. Swiping on the home screen or app pages the animation is always stuttering. The apps especially browser with lots of images or contents closes in the middle. The play store or google account does not load or get logged out for no reason. You have to restart the device to fix it. and last the display. Its not a phone and it got a large screen so you dont have to keep it close to your screen. That's a good thing. But when you do you see every single pixels. Zoom a picture or text then you hate yourself for doing it. The ends of alphabets looks jagged and wiggly. Watching movies and all is ok. No major problems. But if you try to be a perfectionist you can feel that the frames are not moving that fast. Come Intense fight and action scenes it feels like some frames have been skipped. These are the major problems. Now comes things which are problems for some like as follows. The screen shot option ( power + volume down ) does not work at least for me. When connected to PC There is no SD card. Only internal memory is shown. You cant write anything on it connected to PC. Only reading. USB Tethering does not work. So with Gio as a modem no hope. But with WiFi may be Ok.. So far its been the cons The any pen technology is great. You can use it as a notebook kind of Tony stark. Type write or snap a pic of the note and highlight in it all at the same time. with fingers or with pen or pencil or anything that you see fit. Battery also is great. The thing is heavy but feels solid. Hard to hold it in one hand. My tab died on me on third week. Gave it for warranty service. After that it creeks like a cheap toy everywhere you touch. So in my personal opinion after 3 Months the cons exceeds the pros in such a large margin. And given the price tag This tab is not worth buying. Chip in an extra 2000 then there is that IPad. or take 6000 away then there is Mi tab. Whatever you do Dont buy this one And its not only me - the technician at the store where i took it for warranty service also suggested me that there are a lot of glitches with this model. So better keep away from this one.

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