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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8
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Rs 16,000
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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8
Out of Stock
₹ 16,000
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Unleash the beast!!!

Yoga 3 8-inch with 2gb RAM is just awesome. nnCompared to Yoga 3 of 1gb, Lenovo done a good upgrade to 2gb. nMultitasking is smooth without any lag. nBattery is superb and Dolby atoms speaker rocks.nCamera is descent. 180` rotating camera is useful in video calls.nScreen resolution is good. nMy main usage is watching videos and playing high end games. So far all the games(incl RR3) i played is running smoothly. Watcing videos now is a cool experience with the different modes of display. nOverall I am impressed with this tab. nPS: Flipkart - TBL delivery was good as always

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Defintely the best tablets with calling features

I have been a Lenovo fan ever since I started using Lenovo ThinkPad. I was earlier using Lenovo Yoga 8 inches which I have used for more than 2 years and it kept working without any glitches.nnSo, after my previous Lenovo Yoga stopped working one fine day, I only thought about buying another Yoga tablet. This time it is in Black color with 2 GB RAM.nnTechnically this product is the best in tablet category and Lenovo has again proved that it does not compromises with the functionality and processing, let it be a laptop or a tab.nnDesign is very handy, easy to hold and now with single camera, which can be rotated for clicking pictures or taking selfies is a very usability experience. Older version of Yoga tablets selfie camera was not that good.nnBlack Teflon finish gives a very good feel and holding experience as it does not sweats my hands anymore.nnI only have issue with the seller's offer point of view. Last time purchased Lenovo Yoga tab was from a re-seller who gave leather case for Lenovo Yoga tabs (this case costs INR 3000 approx), screen guard and a very good Lenovo Ear Plugs as free accessories.nnBut this time it was a huge disappointment as no such accessories were provided with the Lenovo Yoga tab.nnI would expect such offers to be always included with such products which are hot on shelf.nnI will rate 5 for the product and 2 for the seller and offer.

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Best in the market!

Own it for almost a month now. Display crisp. Bright vibrant. long battery life. Could watch two movies back to back. Supports otg, stand /tilt adjustments help. Only cons, too sensitive touch and slightly bulky.. But worth the buy.

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Worth the money

Ordered it on 26th october and got on 31st, so a satisfying delivery by flipkart. Since I am using it for almost 1 month, I am noting down those facts and issues about the tablet that I have experienced without any exaggeration.nPositive points:- n1. Played youtube videos with the official YouTube app by Google, and it took about 7 hours to discharge the battery from 97% to 21%.n2. Read pdfs conyinously for 5 hours with XODO reader, battery went from 78% to about 56%.n3. Surfed internet(Facebook + The Hindu web + Gmail + Google search), it took 3 hours to discharge from 82% to 63%.n4. Played World Cricket Championship 2 by NextWave Multimedia, and in about 3 hours battery discharged from 89% to 41%.n5. Played Special Forces Group 2 by ForgeGames and it drained battery from 90% to 54% in an hour.nBut what I need to mention here is I didn't installed battery draining apps like I) Facebook, II) WhatsApp, III)IMO, Even I am writing this review after installing Flipkart app minutes ago.n6. The tab is very easy to handle, as it's CG is towards the side of the kickstand, chances are low that you will drop it from hand providing you held it by the kickstand's side.n7. ppi of the screen is less than 200, but still 720p videos on youtube looks enough detailed.n8. Dolby Atmos makes the sound quality very classy. It feels like I am in a mini-theatre when I watch a cinema.n9. Once I dropped it totally bare(without screen guard or cover) from my hand by the side of the screen from about 6" above floor, still I only noticed very negligible scratches it made.n10. Once I fully charged it and just didn't use for about 12 hours. On unlocking the screen, all I noticed was the battery status which was stating that it has 99% battery left.nNow time for Negetive points:-n1. If multitasked for long time, battery heats up to 35° C, as shown by 360 security app.n2. It runs a Snapdragon 210 processor which sometimes make it hang a-bit, even if it has 2 Gigs of RAM.n3. 720p videos in YouTube some times run laggy.n4. When I charge this tablet keeping it on(not power off), it becomes heated up after charging for about 2 hours. But when charged keeping the power off, this issue get eliminated.n5. Although it is 4G enabled, this doesn't have the VoLTE( Voice over LTE) technology. So if you use a a connection like Reliance JIO which is totally 4G band based, you won't be able to call or message anyone with tablet's default keypad or messaging app. But you can do this with Jio4GVoice(previously JioJoin) in case of Reliance Jio connection, which require you to have your mobile data on while calling or messaging others.n6. Though the camera of this tablet is tagged 8 MP, it would disappoint you if you loves to take pictures(not me), but does well job while video calling.nnLast line:- Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - 850M with 4G and 2 GB RAM is for those, who 1) loves to read a lot, may be offline or online,(Amazon Kindle app designed for tablets works well), 2) Draw or Write digitally(don't forget about AnyPen technology, it works with every sharp end conducting material), 3)Happy with low end games, 4) Wants to enjoy a whole night watching movie online, 5)Want to have an almost stock like Interface, 6) Love to surf the web and new blogs, websites every now and then.nSome suggestions from me:-n1. It comes with MacAfee antivirus with 1 months free subscription. You better uninstall it and use 360 antivirus(free) , because MacAfee sometimes makes it slow while protecting web.n2. Have a screen protector which is "Matte", otherwise light may refelect of the screen a lot during day time, making it a bit harder to carry on reading PDFs with it.n3. Using a cover on it may protect it physically, but it is designed in such a way the handling it with a cover makes it feel heavier. So my suggestion is instead od using a frame like cover, use a bag like case, so when you carry it , you keep it safely inside the case, and when you want to use it, take it out and use. It will make you handle it easier.nnIt's all I have experienced. Now decision is yours. Have a good BUY.

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Doest allow login after update

I updated the android on the device using the OTA update. After restarting it won't allow me to login back. It keps asking to login with a Google account previously synced with the device. Even though I used a previous account it keeps showing the same error.

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