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Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus
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Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus
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Bought this phone today. After 5-6 hours of testing, here are a few cons and pros that I could find-nnnPROSn1. Excellent screen, vivid display. n2. Processor is very fast(1.2 GHz Quad-Core). Games like Temple Run 2, Subway Surfer, Jetpack Joyride load in about 2 seconds. Asphalt takes about 4 seconds.n3. A little notification light on the phone tells you if you have missed a call. While charging the light is red and changes to green once the phone is charged. So, no need to check the phone again and again while charging.n4. A great multi-tasker. The phone is able to handle many heavy apps at the same time.n5. Wi-Fi tethering works great.n6. Touch is very sensitive.n7. The front and back camera click excellent pictures. The picture quality is not as good as an 8 MP camera of an Apple or Samsung phone(But, then again look at the price). The dual LED flash acts like the icing on the cake.nnCONSn1. Battery life is average. Just like all other smartphones, you need to charge it at least once a day.n2. Speakers are on the back and volume is a little on the downside. If you are in a market or a noisy place, you are likely to miss some of your calls.n3. The screen is prone to scratches.n4. The charger is the one in which the USB cable gets attached. The length of the USB cable is small.nnI got it in an outlet for 11,500 INR.nAll in all, it's a great phone at this price point with some minor glitches that can be ignored. I highly recommend it.

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Response To Mr Ravi kapoor

Sir, while buying a phone, no one considers so much the ill effects of falling from your hands.nSince if that would have been the criteria, then every cell phone company would have incorporated falling tests.nYes we do need sturdy\solid phone, which A110q is actually.nnI agree that in old days Nokia's phones have been rock solid. nnI also agree that Micromax's after sales service is still not at par with Nokia and Samsung, but would still say that they are improving, and lets hope that the way this company is growing, it returns back to the society, at least some portion of of huge profits which it has earning since last few years, and still earning!!nnBut hey you broke your phone yourself, it wasn't a manufacturing defect or system malfunction, so can't blame Micromax that much for any delays.nnHaving said that I myself own Micromax A110 Canvas2, since last 10 months, which has fallen dozen times, but the phone is rock solid, and doesn't even have a scratch and works perfect still. Thanks to screen guard and phone cover. (yes I have a small screen protector on the camera as well), And as you know there are no standard covers for camera, so I asked the person on the mobile shop if he can draft something for this phone's camera and so he did.nnIt seems you are bit unlucky that its camera glass got damaged upon falling, but this is the first and only time that I have heard someone complaining about the camera being bulged out.nnI do agree that the bulged camera seems bit odd at first, but from my personal experience of using( and falling ) this phone, this haven't troubled me at all. nAnd hence this should not hinder enthusiasts from buying such an amazing piece of technology at such worthy price :)nAll in all, Micromax has exceeded my expectations so far!

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This Phone Scores Impressive in Antutu and Nenamark Benchmarks test.

I am using canvas 2 plus for the past 3 days and works flawlessly. I purchased from Univercell store for Rs 12,500. It Comes out of 4.2.1 Jelly bean and it works great. Another good thing that micromax did was, u can install more apps bcoz u can transfer Contents to external sd card . U get flip cover free and its matt finish was very good. It scores 4004 in quadrant standard and 13199 in Antutu Benchmarks test.nPros:n1.Good IPS Display. so viewing angle is good.n2.Rear Camera quality is good. Front camera quality looks good for video calling and taking pictures.n3.Touch responsive is highly sensitive.n4.More customized User interface from Micromax.n5.It scores 56.6 fps in Nenamark 2.34. No other micromax smartphones in this category achieved this higher result.n6.Battery backup looks solid for 1.5 day with browsing, 2.5 hours of calling and playing mid end games. n7.First time Earphone quality looks great from micromax and 3.5mm jack is angled and gold plated.nnCons:n1. Audio from the Speaker is too low.n2. Sometimes it lags 2-3 seconds.n3. Low internal storage but u can transfer contents to external sd card.nnWorth for your Money and the first time im satisfied with the micromax a110q phone bcoz i had earlier so many micromax smartphones, none of them phones satisfied my needs. Try to get a demo in stores and work it once, u will feel good.

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from the heart !!

go for it blindly if u have a tight budget of 10000 only !! nimproved camera over canvas 2 the older version i hv tested both side by side both front and back camera ... nvideo quality is also improved nzero shutter lag is another cool feature ndaylight pics are very very acceptable .. only downside is a weak flash light. nit can run temple run more fluently than many samsung devices ndont think dat it is a similar old micromax canvas 2 a 110 .. there are certain constructive improvements in this newer version a110q nram is good processor is also very good .. m speaking the reality and practicality not the blaw blaw technical stuff making no sence to a comman man . nngo for it not just bcoz it is an Indian brand and u hv to show some respect to it as other says but but but it is a great performer in this price range . in performance it beats up galaxy grand ... my tab 3 is also feeling shy in front of this device... nnand ya OTG is another great feature .. u can attach cameras pendrives keyboards mouse and other pgones vias usb otg cable ...nnu can also connect its display via wifi to a wifi enabled LCDs and plasma tv and smart tv etc

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Best & Cool Phone over the Price with high scores.

hi everyone, this is a fair review to all,nfirst of all i'll write the scores which i did test with my phone, my phone got 13,525 scores in AnTuTu Benchmark, 4061 in Quadrant Standard and 56.2 FPS in NenaMark 2.4. which is really great (Cool) among all its've buy this phone just one week ago from outside the store for 11,500 Rs/- and i'm totally satisfied with this phone. As memory is good RAM of 1GB is cool, processor is outstanding with 1.2 GHZ QuadCore. JellyBean O.S 4.2.1 and this works very good no lack or lag seriously awesome.i've played heavy games with dual sim working and net was also on but this phone didn't lag or lack anytime. It works very good smoothly n utterly good performance. camera is 8 MP & is ok n front also 2 MP & is also ok means good. Finally go for it. i was using samsung galaxy s advance n htc wildfire s but this phone rocks among all of em. just one con is that it wont update if further comes, but it doesn't matter anymore at all. just go for it that's it i said and experience it by yourself u'll know how good it is. battery back up of one full working day with internet usage. ;-) no issues.

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