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Micromax Ninja A27
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Micromax Ninja A27
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best phoe at this price............

I got the phone in 4 days by flipkart... I've been using it since then and this is what I feel about itn- 1ghz processor is pretty lags in screen transitions, gaming, and other operationsnn- Music is pretty awesome...... with massive outputnn- 3.5inch screen is larger enough buh the touch is kinda OK OK.... cous it gets mad sometimes..... then u have to lock and unlock your phone t get it working againnn- The VGA camera is totally bad in dark light buh can be used outdoors.nn- 256MB RAM is in stock buh you can only use 80MB MAX cous the rest is always used by something that i just cant figure outnn- Connectivity is an issue... even Vodafone's 2G works like crap in this phone.... My Wi-Fi runs pretty fast on my LG Optimus Black buh on this phone it crawls...nd it irritates...nn- Sensors? Yes it has sensors.... it is not mentioned in the Description buh it has Accelerometer nd proximity sensor too.nnBuh at the price of Rs.3500.... therez no point in complaining...nthis could be your first Android phone...nGo for it.... :)

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Simply a superb phone.. Smart as it says...

I got this phone 6 months before.. It is really a superb phone, given its price is just above 3k.nIt has a clear display.. sort of like a IPS display.. good visibility in sunlightnhandy battery backup..lasts for a day with normal usage.. ngood sound quality and speakers...nattractive design feels grt in hands.nthen, most importantly, it has good GPU.. touch games like fruit ninja, angry birds work fine but accelerometer is not quite good.. a35 has a good accelerometer..njust a VGA cam.. yeah.. a little compromise toh banta hai boss!!!nFlash Transfer app is inbuilt installed in it.. which is very useful in transfering files ,sliding images.. very cool...ninternal memory is just 160 mb.. a little area of concern for heavy app users... u may backup and reinstall.. or simply root the phone and use link2SD..

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About The Apps And Games...

READ THIS FULLY TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GAMES....nnMany may be confused to buy this phone or any other one, like mmx A25, and want to know if their favourite games would work or not..., Well then, here is the review---nnALL THE OTHER REVIEWS HAVE MENTIONED THE PROS AND CONS, SO I WONT WASTE TIME IN DESCRIBING THEM...LETS JUST TALK ABOUT THE GAMES...nnTalking Tom or Talking Tom 2 should work on this phone, but if it doesn't, try installing Chainfire 3D and then install them (Chainfire 3D reduces the graphics of the game a bit so that it is compatible with the phone.nnTemple Run will work but it will be so difficult to tilt your phone to move the character that you will get irritated and throw the phone away....better not do that....( When you tilt the phone you have to shake it so that the character moves, VERY irritating) So, the G- Sensor of this phone is the worst I've ever seen... I'll give it a 3/10.nnTemple Run 2= Same as the advise given above..nnMy Paper Planes will work I said...G-SENSOR, THE WORST ONE EVER!, you wont be able to play it properly...nnI think WhatsApp will work on this phone...because there is no reason for it not to...nnSo now you know about these, I'm sure you'll figure out about all the other thousands and millions of apps and games... Note that if Temple Run works on a phone, all the other apps SHOULD also work...but if they have a G-Sensor like this will WORK know...nn SO FINALLY, IF YOU DON'T PLAY A LOT OF G-SENSOR APPS OR GAMES, THEN ITS ABSOLUTELY FINE FOR YOU, BUT IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THEM.. I'LL ADVISE YOU TO BUY Micromax A25...but you have to sacrifice a big screen then....or if you want, you can buy Micromax Ninja 3.5 A54.....nBEST OF LUCK!!nn Cheers!

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Good Android phone.

just received this Micromax bolt A27 Yesterday. nI was Surprised when i watch this phone. Its looks bigger then my HTC explorer. and stylish den dat.( Not comparing in specs or anything , Zst the first impression.) Its light in weight lighter then my i pod touch and explorer. and big in size den dem(Comparing looks only.) nnFeatures:nNo preinstalled apps in Internal Memory.(like most of other phone has.)nInstead of transferring apps you can select direct apps installed in Sd card option avail.(not avail in my HTC explorer).nAndroid 2.3.6 user friendly and good interface.n80 Mb internal memory space available.( enough to have some important applications).nNo 3G, only 2G.ntouch is good,responsive. nice to hold. in first go it lags a bit, even my ipod touch do.(Its a normal thing).nWi fi range is not good.( atleast it has Wifi)n Edge speed is normal. nGoogle maps with out navigation or GPS. ( nice to have google maps).nIt holds feature like hot spot and two free EA games PGA tour Golf and Fifa 10.(Not played yet).nMusic output is good.(in speakers what i really like actually)nphone looks a bit cheap in terms of material using.( It looks ok.)noverall its a good touch phone at 3500/ dont know what is dpi or ppi how does it matter for resolution. but in 3500/- this is the best you can get. not the Apple i phone.nnIn fair this phone is meant for looks, watching movies, music, check emails, using some internet service like facebook, yahoo, skype etc and some light games. nnGet your style in just 3500/-. If you are looking for budget and a touch phone. This is it. n nThank you for the time and your patience.nnregardsnAbhinandan

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A good punch on SAMdog's face by Micromax!!!!!!

1GhZ processor ,absolutely no lag while playing graphics intense games NFS, like Angry birds space,Angry birds star wars,Fruit Ninja,Raging Thunder 2,Temple run and Ninjump.The thing is that you should use a task killer to free up your RAM before you start playing.nRAM-256 mb,who gives you more for this price point?nTouch-HVGA screen,even Xperia z uses old TFT screen,LOL:-)nSound-Awesome speakers.Headphone provided is not good,so using a creative one!So its awesome again!nFinally-Hats Off to micromax,which is the only company capable of driving out SAMdog out of our country!!nI'll give you 5/5.Sadly bought it from a retailer for 3700.nGuys,This is surely a hot cake!nI say go for it!!

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6 users found this review helpful helpful?