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Micromax A78
Expected Price
Rs 5,790
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Micromax A78
Expected Price
₹ 5,790
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best and cheep mobile

I saw the features of this mobile, it is very best and cheep rate.I am going to buy this mobile. I want to buy a qwerty key pad and camera having led flash. This is also having good GPS connectivity and also having video calling option

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To Save Battery

1. Stop all unnecessary service like google play, facebook etc which are default in the system. These use internet data and also huge amount of batter. Try to make the phone as simple as possible by closing most of the application, open them when you need. nn2. Reduce the screen brightness.

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Worst Mobile Waste of money

I bought this and just used for 10 days and it has started showing his true value. To open phone book or messages it is taking 10 to 15 min' Some time im not even able to lift phone because of slowness.nnDont buy any micromax mobiles.

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Good Phone... Value for the price tag...

The phone Function is Good. For the Price Tag, its worth it. Have been using this for two months now. This is one of only two nonflip and non slide phones with a touchscreen and Qwerty keyboard. That's wat I was looking for. nnPhone : Pros n1. Excellent Touch Screen. Really Sensitive and godd feedback. n2. Supports 32GB SDCard. n3. Dual Sim function is good. n4. Internet access is good and responsive. n5. Camera is good. Settings may be troublesome. Picture Quality is good. Has Panorama mode also which someone said was a big deal. n6. Front camera can be used for video calls. n7. All downloaded Apps(Games, utils etc) are working great. n8. Playes videos and songs like a charm.n9. Qwerty Keyboard excellent. n nPhone : Cons n1. Battery Sucks. Have to recharge every 6 hrs. I will have to change/replace the battery. Some reviewers have mentioned that they are getting 2-3 days of backup. Not my experience though.n2. Loud Speaker Sound is not good. Other phones have much higher volume and clarity. n3. Pre-installed Apps are useless, memory consuming and you cannot do anything aboutnit. n4. MI Apps DOES NOT work. n5. One of the the battery compartment lock broke when I was changing SIMs a few days back. I have now put a sticker to hold it there. My bad Luck. n nGiving it a 3.5(4) , if the battery and its compartment lock was good, would have given it a 5. nBut you won't get these features in any other phone at that price. I just hope it lasts. That will be a winner. nnFew things that should be noted:n1. The battery charging port is near the top left corner, due to which it is highly inconvienient to call when it is charging. n2. The only speaker in the phone is on the back and so the volume (if listening it music) is very low if it kept on a desk.n3. If any problem with the phone, it has to be taken to a Micromax service Center which is hard to find.

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Excellent Smartphone!

After using this phone I am finally reviewing it first time,nthis phone is a winner in price, performance and style. Surprise urself, purchase it without hesitation :nnPros : nKiller LooknEasy NavigationnFlash LightnWifi & 3G works very wellnCamera in still mode is goodnVideo OknMusic Player is amazingnSound in Headset is mind blowingnBrilliant Touch ResponsenScreen is too big to surf netnnCons :nSkype not workingnLess Internal MemorynPre-installed appsnNo Kernel sourcenPhone Cover not availablennNOTE : Install NQ Booster or other RAM release app to increase its ability and drain ur battery once and recharge it completely in off mode.nnU will get nice battery backup.nnFlipkart is a good online shopping site but I have purchased it from another site...!nnThanks & Regards

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