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Micromax Canvas Tab P680
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Rs 6,890
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Micromax Canvas Tab P680
Expected Price
₹ 6,890
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Good Tablet for Basic Need

I purchased it recently.nIt is a good tablet for your basic need. Speed is good. Look and feel is good. As of now performance is also Good.nWhat is the lackingn01. No WiFi Directn02. Can not transfer application to SD Card (Lolipop Limitation)n03. Many factory supplied app which is not required - eating space only.

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MY Experience with Micromax Canvas P680 Tablet

Micromax Canvas P680 Tablet is my first tablet. I was very much excited to use to it.nthe delivery of flipkart was timely as well as the packaging was good.nI have been using this for the last 3 days.. so here is my experience.. nnSIZE: the size of the tablet is what its meant to be.. Display 8.00-inch 800x1280 pixels. So the resolution is alright and for the price range i have to say its good.. u cant expect the resolution of ipad by paying 7500 bucks.nnBATTERY: This is the biggest CON of the tablet.. i have been facing such a lot of problem with the battery as the charging wears of so quickly.. i feel my tab is more connected the charger than me.. and it also taken 7-8 hours of charging time to reach 60% of charge.nnthough it has Battery capacity of 4000mAh. i frankly feel its useless...nnPROCESSOR: The processor of the product is 1.3GHz quad-core..and for the tab i feel its good.. I am browsing the net at a fairly good speed and also multitasking. But it is not facing problems..But don't get me wrong this product is meant for lightweight stuff only so mind that when you are buying.nnnCAMERA: When you are buying this tab even you know that u are not buying it for the good pictures that it takes.. But it came as a surprise as when i clicked a few pics in the daylight the pictures came very well. Tough the selfies are not that good. And they were as i expected them to be. okkk okkk as they say.nnFront Camera Rear Camera Flash n2-megapixel 5-megapixel YesnnRAM: Now comes the good part the RAM. Its 1GB and does justice to the name. For light weight functionalities it behaves well. But when you start to test the metal it looses its shine... So for browsing, reading, and playing candy crush you but this.nnOS: The OS that is provided to us is Android 5.0 So the UI is good an the experience is also good while using it.nnTOUCH: The touch is good i expected worse from MICROMAX but i was surprised to find it.nnSTORAGE: IT comes with 16GB internal storage tough we can use only 10. But we can expand it to 32GB. So no probs with that.nnAs for other specifications you can view the product. nnIf you are looking for casual use for the Tab then go for this.. Other than that if you have your pockets hot, then go for a higher ended IPad or Samsug Tab.. For the first timers who want a feel of how the tab feels in their hand the DON'T WORRY go for this...nntake care and happy shopping..

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Excellent Design, Build quality, display

Excellent Design, Build quality, display and battery backup. Nice for daily usage. Nothing better can find in same budget.nnVideo quality was awesome.

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Great tablet at this price!!

Bought this tablet recently and I have to say I am impressed by what it delivers at this price. nI'll write a customer friendly review rather than a tech-guru type high end review like others do usually, because experiencing the device yourself in-hand is always different from what reviews show on websites. nnI'll start with the display. As soon as you open the device, you immediately get impressed by its size, 8 inches is more than enough to enjoy anything on it. nThe display is bright, good with colors, apps interfaces look sweet in it. nGames also look great but don't expect nor compare it with high end tablets, simply because it's not any of those. You will get enough on it at this price. It has an IPS display so everything looks good. nI watched few movies and videos on it and they looked really good. nnOverall performance of device was good. Though 1GB RAM feels less when you try to play heavy games, or when you try to multi-task. For example, while transferring/copying big files, if you try to do other stuff, it responds a little slower. But that's miner issue that happens very occasionally and one can live with it considering other plus points of device. Almost all everyday apps that people use most, works great on this tablet. The size of the display makes the experience more fun. nMicromax gives you two games on the tablet pre-installed but they are just demo games but are good to test the feel of games on big screen device, they run really nice. Played few more games on it and found the same performance, as long as you are focusing on doing one task at a time. nnSound is good on this tablet. I have seen many people complain about sound gets distorted at highest volume, but then again when do we ever play songs that loud? It's a personal device not a speaker system so I belive it's sound is great as it is. The app is saavn pre-installed, and you get free music for few months, great free goodie for those who love music. nnStorage is 16GB but available is about 10gb as rest is reserved for Android OS. Fortunately you can add addition SD card on it. Back camera is good for daylight pictures, but I have my smartphone for that purpose so I didnt use it much. Front camera is good to check if your hair looks good. nnNow the most important part that makes anyone love or hate a device - Battery! nBefore I bought this device, I also read many reviews on it and most people complained about its bad battery, I was worried a little but now, not anymore after seeing it myself. nI have used many Android devices in past, IOS devices too, one thing I noticed in every device is that mobile data drains most of the battery as compared to all other things like WiFi etc. So I didn't use my Sim on this tablet when I received it and only used WiFi on it. The battery was 70% when I first started using the device. I played regular games on it, multi-player games on it for more than 2 hours, downloaded apps, watched an HD movie, transferred data, surfed the Web, WiFi was on all those time. In the end I had 14% battery left after all this and almost 8 hours had passed by that time!! 8 hours of heavy usage and battery survived! That is very impressive considering the size of the device and it's display as big displays use/need more power compared to smaller ones. nThe next day I used it very casually, Startin from full charge it it survived for full day. Both times I didn't have any Sim in the tablet, so no mobile data, only used WiFi. I know many would say why not use Sim when you have the feature, but for me, that is purpose of smartphones, walking around with an 8 inch tab on your face while making calls is just weird. Smartphones are best for that, not tablets. Though tablets are best for video-calling. Bigger screen, better experience. nnSo for those who want to buy this tab but are worried about its battery life, I would suggest them to only use WiFi for Internet related purpose on it and you'll get good battery life out of it. Use Internet on your smartphones and make Hotspot for the tablet through it, if your only source of net is through Sim. nnDon't compare it with smartphone battery life since it's bigger in size so uses more battery, rather compare it with a laptop which also has bigger display like it, who also gives 7-10 hours on average of battery, and you'll understand that it is good. nnConclusion: for 7300, This tab is a fair deal. If you want to enjoy what you love on a bigger screen, go for it, you'll love it. For First timers, average and intermediate users, this tablet is great at this price. nFor hard-core gamers, those who only want to buy a tablet for gaming, you need to increase your budget and search higher, heavier games need more RAM. nBut for a casual gamer, this is good choice.

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Not Value for money

Priced at 9500, this does not look value for money.nCompare this thing with the Mi-tablet, this has less RAM, less powerful processor, less resolution, less powerful battery, lesser resolution both front and back camera.nnMi tablet comes for 13000 though, but I don't think the difference is much.nnMicromax is a voice calling tablet, while Mi is not. But then, don't have a phone in your pocket already ? Micromax has 3G support, while Mi does not.

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