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Micromax X50
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Micromax X50
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should be a last resort phone only

I did not buy this from Flipkart. The screen is large,the display resolution is decent, the interface is easy-to-use and everything runs fast. The body is a sturdy plastic, but a hard fall might crack it. The volume while on call is very low and unclear. Cannot increase it and have to ask the person at the other end of the line to constantly repeat everything. I thought initially it was the network, but calls to several different networks produced the same result.nnMy main gripe with the phone though is that it seemed to have some kind of inexplicable glitch with the audio. It refused to play audio files from a memory card (tried many file formats), but it played FM radio just fine. Any other sound emitted by the phone including ring tones, alarms and SMS alerts was accompanied by a "krr krr krr", like a noisy cricket was inside trying to scratch its way out. No amount of tinkering with the settings would help. nnMy mom had a Micromax, another model, and the button 4 and 6 stopped working for no reason after just two months. Slowly, bit by bit, it started to deteriorate altogether. Even that one had very sucky sound quality while on call. nnMicromax tries hard to incorporate plenty of features into low-cost phones. But they are a business, not a charity. So you have to accept that they will try to cut costs wherever they can and that often means a compromise on quality somewhere or the other. I'm not generalizing here. Just stating a fact.nnIn conclusion, I returned the phone and got a refund. I think for this price, something by Nokia, Samsung or Motorola would be much more reliable.

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do not buy this phone

I used this phone for 1 month, and whenever i used it for more than 10 minutes i got a terrible headache and felt dizzy and nauseous, i changed my phone and these symptoms stopped automatically, so if you value your health and dont want a brain tumor don't buy this phone

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excellent cell

i purchased this cell a month ago. very good cell....every fine....good battery too. excellent job by micromax. the best part of the cell tat it is a waterproof n dual sim support too. camera is average. sports menu is superb n good for outdoor adventure trips.

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I bought this at a friend's suggestion who was impressed by online reviews, and I've been regretting that act ever.nnThe horrible battery needs charge twice every day, and needs more charge if you attend to more than 5-6 calls a day. nnTexting is a pain: two of the keyboard buttons on my phone began behaving erratically after two months' of use.nnThe sound from the speakers and the headphone sound like someone beating a tin. The pictures from the camera look like faded or overexposed ghost drawings in violet. The screen picks up scratches from cloth fiber and dust, and after two months' of use in a city atmosphere, becomes opaque and dirty.nnThe "ruggedness" is a myth: the phone switches off often, even when the back-cover is accidentally pressed. I've tried not dropping it.nnIf you want a thermometer, a magnetic compass and other gizmos, go for some cheap Chinese electronic watches.... If you want a "rugged phone", chose cheap phone models like Nokia 1280. But avoid this phone like plague!

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Why are people not buying this Nice Phone?

The main USP of the device is its ruggedness. The body is very strong and I have already had a minor drop and it shrugged it off like it was nothing. No scratches, let alone the cracks!nnThe call quality is good. I have used a samsung galaxy i5503 before and I am not finding the voice quality and receptiveness to be let down in this device. I use only one sim and I haven't had any headsches or hand aches too!!nnThe loudspeaker is reasonable at the price i paid for it and Im prefering to here audio right off that. The media player needs a little bit of getting used to. You have to add the music to the media library and then play it, If you want to play music in the background or set it as a ringtone.nnThe battery holds for 3 days under regular call and text usage. Only when GPRS, Torch, Loudspeaker music is played for hours together, there is a drop in backup.nnI use the Pedometer when walking and it is helpful and reasonably precise too. I use the E compass not just to show off but also when someone is mentioning north or south in a building since I'm a bit challenged in keeping tack on the directions. nnIm very satisfied because devices like these are retailing for more than i phone in USA and other places(SONIM XP3, Kyocera, et al).nnWhile being really thankful of the aspect that a lot of people decide against buying this that resulted in the Delicious low price, I would like to ask the people who thought in favor and opted for other devices a few rhetorical questions!nnIs it that important to have a mobile which other people are crazy about?nIs durability a lower priority than browsing and large screen?nWhat is a point in showing of the device when you know that Laptop at half the price is better than everything, even including serviceability and portability and durability?nWhy are you choosing a mobile that is not good in making calls because of a large screen draining its apparently powerful battery?nAre these "smartphones" a smart choice as phones?(cumbersome to call and having features like GPS, that are not that helpful in cities because of inefficiency and also out in the highways because of their redundancy. You can alwasy ask someone in this Nation)nnHave you made the right choice?nnI bought it from somewhere else at a lower price.nn (Google and find more on the price. But a lot of the low priced one are out of stock and you might be better off ordering it here at flipkart itself.)

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