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Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM
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Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM
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Great phone, have been using it for a month or so now. nVery happy about:nn- Battery life. I made a day trip out of station recently. Left home at 6AM in the morning, in a full day of use without charging - I made 3-4 calls for around 5-8 mins duration, used my mails and WhatsApp intermittently throughout the day - the battery was still showing at 70% when I returned back home at 11PM in the night. nn- The call quality. Sounds are loud and clear to me and for the receiving party too. nn- The screen. Quality screen - very readable and color looks vibrant. no problem in broad daylight and outdoors. nn- Glance screen. This is both good and bad. nThe good part - one of the major reason for buying this phone was that it supports 'Glance Screen'. I can see time, new message notifications, whether battery is charging or not without switching on the screen.nThe Bad is at the end below. nn- The Matt black back. nI love the black phone with matt black plastic back. It gives the phone a 'held back sophisticated' look (like wearing a black suite instead of bright blue one) - goes well in office settings. nn- The detachable back and SD card support and music playernFor around 1.5K I bought a 64GB microSD card and now I have a 64GB music player in my pocket always. Transferring my iTunes playlist was seamless (I was an iPod user earlier) using WindowsPhone app on my Mac. nnNot happy about:n- The charger! nThey decided to pack in a very lame battery charger. Usually mobile chargers are compact and have detachable USB cable, which you can detach and use it as data cable. For 640 they gave a biggish, three pronged charger which has old fashioned power cable permanently attached to it. I didn't end up using it - using a two pronged charger (which has detachable usb cable) from an old phone. nn- Glance screen.nFor some %^&* reason, Lumia decided to remove display of dates and detailed notification (example, the details - subject, time, place - of next appointment in your calendar) from Glance Screen. Its there in the older Lumia models but not in this new 640.nThis was a big disappointment for me personally, but guess will not apply for everybody. nBut putting this info out there for the folks who are big user of Glance Screen.

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I love my lumia 640

The biggest doubt i had before buying this phone was about the front camera. But, It clicks amazing selfies because of its HD resolution. I have not faced any issue till now (using it for the 5th day). No lag and we dont even need to consider about heating problem because there is absolutely no heating at all. Back camera is awesome. Battery gives backup for more than a day even if we use the phone for most of the time. Flipkart delivered it within one day. Everythng seems good about this phone. Amazing product from microsoft. Waiting for windows 10...

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Switch from Android to Windows

Had used two Android phones earlier Galaxy Note and Moto G2 bought them at around 32K and 12K respectively. For both displays are not working anymore and repair cost is too much when compared to new phone buying option. Moto G2 stopped working in just 6 months and service center (in Nashik?) told it is broken and cant come under Warranty and took 300 Rs. to just tell me Display is damaged. Had to change battery for Note for couple of times too. While buying new phone considered options of (Redmi Note 4g, Honor 4x, Yureka Yu, Lenovo (for better battery), Zenphone, Nokia 730 and 535) but settled for this new one.nnPreviously, totally fed up with poor hardware (like I was charging the mobile most of the time) and laggy performance by Android which happens after few months of use and not instantly. It may be because of Apps (quantity/ quality) being installed but has experienced this. nnJust had few days of use on this phone and now loving it..nnPros: n1. Display is too crisp compared to earlier mobilesn2. Buildwise and lookwise it is great compared to others.n3. Sound quality is good which is always the case with Nokia.n4. Maps work without internet connection once downloadedn5. Battery life is good and it is replaccable too. It is of 2500mAhn6. Pre loaded Apps (News, Money, Flipkart, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, FoodPanda, News, Sports, Travel, Skype etc.) are excellent and very few will be needed additionally (I anyhow want to keep them minimum for better performance based on past experience)n7. Games offered are too good though battery and memory consuming. It gives great quality experiencen8. All emails at a single place is quite helpful to me.n9. Office is far better and very useful software compared to any othern10. Photos captured have some effect as it captures moving facial expression. I think it is part of some Lumia moment.n11. MixRadio, Podcasts are nice apps nnCons:n1. YouTube App is not directly supported due to some fight between Google and MS.n2. FB and WhatsApp experience is not exactly same as in Android. But noticed FB is not consuming that much resources as it used to on Android.n3. Cortana is not yet available in India. To be frank I had never used Google Now either. So not sure if will use Cortana that frequentlyn4. UI Switch from used to Android (which offers customization) to new tile based Windows Phone using total screen layout need some learning curve.nnOverall till now I am happy with this phone and my decision and can recommend it.

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Good phone but with some few quirks

I am using this device from past 2 weeks and here are the my personal pros and cons for this device. nPros:n1. Screen is good and has a good sunlight legibility.n2. Dual sim and battery is long lasting. Its not like android which is shitting battery whole day even if you dont do anything. On light to moderate use it will last you 1.5 days.n3. Call quality is good and the speakers on the back of phone are loud enough for day to day use.n4. Phone looks awesome (I have Cyan model).n5. Windows OS and live tiles is good but take some time getting used to it. There are some cons too which i will list in cons section.n6. All day to day use apps are available in Windows store. If you are app freak then just check the windows online store to see if your day to day usage apps are there on windows store before buying.n7. Removable battery and SD card slot.n8. Glance screen, double tap to wake and double tap on navigation bar to sleep are the best features and they work seamlessly. nnCons:n1. Headset provided is not that great. Just given for the sake of giving.n2. Charger provided is very slow. It takes 3 hours for phone to go from 5% to 100%. Also, there is no usb cable provided. I use my tablet's charger to charge the phone as it charges the phone in 1.5 hours max.n3. Whatsapp notification is very bad. It shows the read message again in notification bar. I dont know if its app issue or windows issue.n4. The phone lags sometimes while disconnecting call. Yes, you've read it correctly. It lags sometimes while disconnecting calls but its not that much of a biggie for me.n5. The main issue which i have is the phone looses the network connection in weak areas and sometimes it fails to get it back. I have to restart my phone to get the network back. Putting it in airplane mode and back also does not help. Again, this I am not sure if it is the problem to my particular device or OS issue.n6. Last but not the least, if you rely too much on Gmail then you have to get adjusted to windows mail app. Though it syncs the gmail, it will not categorize it in promotion and social folder so you have to see all emails. There are third party apps but still they require lot of work. FYI, i use Metromail. Again, this con is only for my personal experience and it may differ from users to users. n7. Camera is ok and not that great.The low light performance of the camera is bad and even the daylight pictures come too grainy. Front facing camera is good for calls. nnSo there it is, my initial observations in 2 weeks. I would say that in 11k, you cannot get better deal if you want to move from Android and try something fresh. I paid 12k for this phone but still i dont have any regrets. There is no heating problem at all while charging this phone. Loving my lumia 640 :)

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Nice phone

it's a very pretty phone. Nice features. Many creative things to do with camera. The front camera is just 1 Megapixel but but it's super good. The phones design is perfect and looks awesome when put on a table. No lags experienced by me,everything is smooth and neatly organised in this windows phone. The phones display is awesome and HD. Call quality is perfect. Fast web browsing along with integrated skype,office 365 is a perfect package. The best thing according to me is that the transistions between menus,interface is so so fluidic and smooth!! Battery backup is also pretty good. I have used many phones of different operating systems,but this one really stands out. The price is also very reasonable. One more thing to flaunt when you have this phone is the new Microsoft logo. It really looks good. All in all such a nice new brand name, no-lags,loaded with features,beautiful design,beautiful display is all you need. why buy some other costly phone when you get all the beauty you need in the new microsoft lumia 640.

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