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Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM
Expected Price
Rs 13,499
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Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM
Expected Price
₹ 13,499
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Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

phone is very nice but let me tell you about this cheaters named flipkart they send me faultier piece 2 times and refused to refund.nI suggest you pay 500 more and buy somewhere else dont waste your hard earned money this cheaters should learn lesson lets be united and teach them a lesso.

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get your facts straight guyz!!!

those who r new to windows phone plz not that you cannot compare a android phone with a windows phone simply on ram basis... if you really wanna know about android than ask a computer science engg. who has worked on android app developer....(lyf expectancy 2-3 yrs max)nNow talking about the ram, a android phone need much more ram than a windows phone for same functioning because of background process ( check the task manager) whereas in windows phone there is no such case. ( it closes the app when back button is pressed).nnso a android phone with 4gb ram might lag but a windows phone with 1gb ram wont. nnnow the application part... As you all know that win 10 is rolling out on 29 july (for free) for all devices ( unlike android phone which get only one major update in its lyftym.) nwindows 10 include various features like otg support, ability to run ios apps and android apps, etc..nnso do the research properly... and happy shopping!!!!

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Well Worth the Wait

I grew tired of Android ages ago. I do not appreciate how difficult it was to get software updates, how the end-user has limited control over his/her device (eg. You can't uninstall bloatware that come pre-loaded in your phone. You can't move all apps to SD card. You can't take screenshots). Sure, rooting is the way to go, but as an end-user, I never had the time nor the inclination to jailbreak my phone and risk bricking a 19k device. iPhones reminded me of cute poodles in Ritz lobbies. They look good, cost a bomb, and don't really do much.nnSo I started following Microsoft closely. Their acquisition of Nokia meant they were very serious about their mobile business. They had India as one of their priority markets, considering how they started launching devices here before mature markets like the US and Europe. And I found in Windows, a sincere attempt to give the users complete control over their devices.nThings I couldn't do in Android without rooting my phone, were basic and built-in features in Windows. nnI watched as Microsoft launched the 535. The device was a bit too low range, so I waited for their next launch. 640 and 640 XL were announced, and I knew I was going to get the 640 XL. Sure enough, the device blew past all my expectations.nn* Great build quality. It's got a premium feel to it.n* Camera is out of this world. Zeiss is no joke.n* Call quality, display quality, performance - all get 5 stars. n* Battery is a mammoth. I can go 1.5 days on low usage, and 1 day with heavy use.nnCons:n* Accessories provided are basic. No USB cable, and the earphones are not the best. Anyway, I don't think this is an issue, since manufacturers build the cost of accessories like premium earphones, SD card, USB cable, etc. into the net cost of the device. I prefer to pay just for the hand-set and chose my accessories as I please.nnOverall:nI waited a long time for this device. I can tell you it was well worth the wait.

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Almost makes me not miss my stolen 1520!

I decided to buy the Lumia 640 XL the day it was announced, since I wanted a Windows Phone tablet to replace my stolen Lumia 1520 and I didn't want to spend another 40K.nnThe Lumia 640 XL fit the bill perfectly!nnBeen using it for the past one week, and it's awesome!nnThe screen is pretty damn good, though it looks a bit faded in direct sunlight, and the viewing angles are a bit underwhelming, but still, the Color Reproduction and the vibrancy of the screen more than makes up for it!nnThe Camera is damn good, especially considering the price range that it's currently being sold in.nnThe battery life is 'oh so great'!nnJust came back from work, had about 2 hours of calls on 3G, did a lot of Web Browsing, watched a few Videos, listened to music for 3-4 hours, and did a bit of facebook and the battery is still at 60%!nnFor now, simply loving it!

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Please mention variant for white clearly and Do not compare with Lagdroid android phones!

This is an excellent product available in the market and is a must buy for those especially bugged with using android OS.nI suggest flipkart to make it clear about the specification for white variant.nWhite is available in Matte and Glossy finish.nSimply mentioning the product as "White" doesn't serve the purpose!nDo not compare the configuration of this phone with simple Lagdroid phones! Windows OS doesnt need much configuration to work, it supports basic hardware!nSo no comparison with Xiomi, Mi and other Lagdroid phones!nWindows is something different!

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