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Motorola Charm
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Motorola Charm
Out of Stock
₹ 15,990
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Too little internal memory

The phone comes with Android 2.1, which means that you cannot install applications onto the SD card unless you root your android, by doing which you risk losing manufacture warranty. And the internal memory is too less, a great part of which is occupied by Moto Blur app. So all in all if you are an app-freak and want to have an app for just about everything on your phone, then this phone is not for you. Otherwise if you are just looking for a cool android phone with combined features of Qwerty and touch, then this might just be the one. P.S. The display isn't too good either.

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motorolla charm good pick for first time andrioders

i bought motorolla charm about a couple of months back from a retail shop. the phone is a fine piece with good touchscreen experience and social network integration (fb and myspace). this phone stands out for the ease with which you can message and write emails, as there aren't any other qwerty andriod phones out there. the battery life is pretty ordianry with a charge required every night, the camera gives good pics only in good sunlight, otherwise its average for such price range, the phone also hangs up (atleast 3-4 times a day), so you cant take a call during that time even though the screen shows an incoming call. This was my first andriod phone, and i have had a very good experience with the google operating system.

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MB502 Good on features that can not perform to capacity. Thumbs down!!!

Design Storage Battery OS - Android 2.1, Can not be upgraded at all until your death (MotoSupport words as interpreted from various websites) Score: -1 Connectivity - 3G, WLAN, Edge, Gprs and all. Score: 1. Keypad - Neatly placed QWERTY below the screen, nicely spaced without any problem in last 6 months, not a key has faded its embossed golden keyletters yet, Support for symbols is too bad... like i can not find a greater or smaller than symbol on normal keyboard or even in extra symbols. Score: 5 Display - Brilliant, Awesome! 3" * 2.8" effective screen area. Touch is best responsive till date as compared to All Nokia/HTC touchphones. Can only be beaten by high end HTC, Samsung Galaxy series(new series phones), WaveII, and other phones in 13K price market. The touchscreen is covered with Gorilla glass where you lay your fingers to touch the screen and is wonderfully scratch resistant. It still looks new to ppl after 6 months besides i dont keep it on table top. Only pockets or stationary on some soft platform. Score: 5 Camera - They say 3MP and its absolutely bogus, my previous samsung 1.3 MP is better than MotoCharm's 3 MP. Cam is pathetic. Score: -2. To be contd...

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Motorola Charm is Pocket Hercules Power Packed Phone

I am using this phone currently and this is a fully loaded phone which defy its price (7k). Battery is a concern for a heavy user but you can take the most out of your battery with the help of shutting down unwanted application running in the back ground. Track Pad is very convenient and better than what I was expecting. At 7k you won't get any other phone which can compete with this. I fully disagree with the people who gave a bad rating for the phone for its Android OS 2.1 Eclair. Come on!! We cannot expect Motorola Charm to behave like Pandorra's Box for a price tag of Rs. 6999.

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Good looker, well built but PATHETIC battery life and pathetic software

I ordered Charm and got it after one day.nThe phone is loaded with features, well built and is a great looker. I even got queries and appreciation at my workplace:) it was kind of good. However the phone software is pathetic and the worst among all phones I have used in past 10-12 years. The android interface is nice but the settings are impossible:-n1.The worst thing is that the phone keep forgetting setting.n2. There is an option of turning off the Haptic Feedback. But even after turning it off, it does not get turned off. The vibration on touching touch keys is irritating at times.n3. At times switching on WiFi does not switches it on in real.n4. Many times, the touch screen fails to accept any touch feedback. This happens more often when there is an incoming call. You simply can not pick the call and have to disconnect it, and then call the caller back.It does not happen always but it DOES happen.n5. In all phones we can set personal ringtone (apart from default ones) for incoming call and messages. Obviously..!!! But in Charm we can only set ringtome alert for calls and not for messages. You have to choose from the default ones. Not an important issue but required to be mentioned.nnAbove all the battery will rarely work beyond ONE DAY...that is for normal use and on 2G. (I do not have 3G activated on my number so no idea about battery life on it...)nIf you are a heavy user, ,,using 2G internet, mail, chats, Facebook, music for a while,etc. It might not last even for a day.nI boughjt it for looks, Motorola name and Android. Plus it was sold by I bought it...but now disappointed.

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