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Motorola Moto X Style 16GB
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Motorola Moto X Style 16GB
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awesome phone (393)
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heating issue (408)
awesome performance (15)
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camera issue (1)
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★★★★★ Expert Review Makes a statement

Verdict: nConsider the Moto X style if you are looking for a big screen smartphone with a sharp display, stock Android UI and rugged build quality.nnHighlights: nLarge Quad HD display is a joy to look atnRugged build and ergonomic designnStock Android interfacenGood camera qualitynAverage battery lifennThe Experience: nThe first thing that strikes you is the way in which Motorola has managed to keep the overall device size in check despite the huge 5.7-inch display. The slim bezels and curved back design play a major role in keeping the overall size in check. What's even better is the build quality and finish on the device. The Moto X Style is built like a tank and it offers a reassuring grip. Thanks to the high quality rubberized back, you need not worry about scratches or be in a hurry to put a cover on it. The almost stock Android interface will appeal to Android purists and Moto fans alike. With no signs of bloatware or custom UI, the phone feels zippy in daily usage. Apart from the design and high quality display, the 21MP camera on the Moto X is a highlight feature. The camera captures good quality photos and is super-fast in response. We wish Motorola had offered a higher capacity battery on the device. With a 3000 mAh battery pack, the device offers an average battery life. That being said, Quick Charge support acts like a saving grace allowing you to quickly juice up 40% of the battery in 15 minutes flat. On the performance front, the Snapdragon 808 combined with 3GB RAM keeps things fluid and fast on most occasions. We did notice the occasional lag on heavy gaming, most of which can be attributed to the Quad HD screen that needs extra performance to fill up the pixel dense screen. We didn't face any heating issues on the Moto X Style, even after prolonged gaming during our review period. All in all, the Moto X Style should be on your consideration list if you are looking for a well-built big screen smartphone with stock Android interface.

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Honest Opinion One of the Best Devices of 2015

If you've been thinking about buying this phone but are still unsure - if this review won't convince you, nothing will! The Moto X Style has pretty much all you can ask for compared to any other phone from a major, reliable brand (excluding Indian/smaller Chinese companies, because they don't last more than 6 months - and I have a lot of experience with this) at this price point. I'm writing this after about 2-3 weeks of usage, so I have a fair idea about the performance.n nI won't be talking about the specs here, cause you can easily look that up. First and foremost, I'd like to clear some myths about the phone: n1) People saying there is a 'Heating Problem'nThere is no such problem. The phone is pretty cool on everyday usage, and yes, it does get warm on heavy usage (for example if you're doing intensive gaming), but that's perfectly FINE! The processors in phones nowadays do get a little warm, but those temperatures are completely SAFE for your device. This is a huge myth among Indian consumers for some reason and really needs to be cleared out. The only problem that comes with heating is that your performance might slow down, but as the Snapdragon 808 doesn't heat as much as the faster (and infamous) Snapdragon 810 at warm temperatures, its performance is actually better.n2) People saying Battery Backup is badnThe battery backup is definitely not bad, in actuality it is average. I'm not claiming that the Moto X Style has the best battery backup around, because it doesn't. But for a QuadHD (1440p) 5.7" display, you have to make sure you're comparing the battery with devices with similar specs, not with your old phone with an HD 720p or Full HD 1080p display. In that case, the battery backup is just fine. TurboCharging is by no means a replacement for good battery backup, but it does help a lot. n3) People saying phone is too bignIf you can handle a 5" phone like the Moto G2, then you will have absolutely NO PROBLEM using this device. I personally used the Moto G2 and find the X Style easier to handle. The curved back really does help with handling. nnA few facts I'd like to mention that I haven't seen in other reviews: n- OTG support is definitely there in the Moto X Style, I've tested it - works fine. n- Also, there is no notification LED but the phone has Moto Display, which might sound like a gimmick but is actually VERY useful, as I've realized over the few weeks. I actually prefer Moto Display because I don't have a bright light at night when I'm trying to sleep because of the notification LED.n- You might see 2 red dots where the back and menu buttons are on other phones - those are motion sensors for Moto Display. n- There is no fingerprint scanner, but, to be honest, it is more of a gimmick right now and is far from being a major feature for everyday usage even in the west, forget in India. But I'm mentioning it as it might be a deal breaker for some people.n- Has normal microUSB charging cable, not USB-C, which is, again, effectively a gimmick right now because USB-C chargers and converting cables are so rare and really just a hassle.n- The device is IP52 certified with a water repellent nano-coating, which basically means if you spill water on your Moto X Style or use it in the rain, it is completely safe. But don't go and dip it in a bucket! nnSo, you're getting:n- QuadHD (1440p, better than FullHD which is 1080p) 5.7" display,n- Snapdragon 808 - one of the best processors/ SoCs out there right now,n- A 21MP camera finally good enough to compete with flagships,n- A decent front camera with flash,n- Almost stock android with Moto's improvements (which I actually prefer over the android on Nexus devices, thanks to Moto Actions and display mainly),n- You'll get android updates as fast as Nexus devices, n- LTE (4G) support with dual SIMn- One of the best stereo dual front facing speakers out there (as good as HTC BoomSound),n- TurboCharging with an okayish battery backup,n- An IP52 certified water repellent device,n- AND most importantly expandable storage up to 128GB (first in a Moto X!), nALL AT 30-32k. nCompare that to the performance of comparable devices, say the Nexus 5X (no expandable storage, screen with lower resolution of 1080p, higher price, lower battery size) or the OnePlus 2 (average camera, slow updates, unreliable after-sales service) you'll see that this is clearly the better deal. I honestly don't understand how this phone has a 3.9 rating on Flipkart right now? Look up anywhere on the internet on trusted global mobile reviewing sites, and you'll see the acclaim this phone has been getting for a good reason.nnVery satisfied with my purchase as of now, and I might edit this review later on if I have anything else to add about my experience with the Moto X Style.

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Moto X Style

Thanks to Flipkart and Motorola.nMotorola makes great mobile phone and Flipkart provides best e-commerce services.nnI received my Moto X Style - 32GB (White Champagne) today and i spent 2 hours with it.nBuild quality, Sound, Camera, Screen quality everything is great.nTurbo Charger is charging at the speed which was guaranteed by Motorola.nI had requested Motorola to bring Dual-SIM Moto X Style to India, as they did it in Brazil and China. nThey accepted my request. Big, thanks to Motorola.

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Moto X Style

Purchase the Phone in the month of Feb'16.Within 1 month of use, motherboard of the phone got corrupted (WIFI and SIM slots stopped working). I took the phone to the nearest service centre of Motorola "B2X GURGAON,S-113, First Floor, Sahara Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122002" .To my surprise they refuse to accept the phone , they said they accept Lenovo phone and not Motorola Phone. When i called up the call centre the call centre representative is also clueless. As it was my need i took the phone to "B2X ANSAL PALAM ,GF-13 Spanish Court, Ansal Palam " . They inspected the phone and told me the motherboard needs to be replaced "Job Sheet Number 7974" They said it would take approximate 20 days to repair the phone as the part is not available. It was again a surprise to me New premium phone launched by MOTO but does not have parts available.nFinally 20 days later i collected the phone . nI used for 3-4 days then i realised that the speakers are not working properly , the receiving voice are not so audible also the other side people are complaining about low voice . I again went to the service centre, they inspected the phone and came to the conclusion that the motherboard is faulty which again needs to be replaced "Job Sheet Number 8745" . They have again asked me to wait for 10 -15 days as the parts are not available. nnBest part is that Moto don't give any replacement phone, if your phone goes then it goes....u have look for a spare phone for your usage. nnnConclusion : Worst Spare part management , worst service centres and call centre support.nnPlease do buy Moto Phone

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Alluring Beast! Pros&Cons after 5 days of use.

*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PHONE*nnGot my hands on this Beauty 5 days back. Late Flipkart Delivery, but nevermind. It was worth the wait!nThis phone is just amazing for the price point! Has some minor flaws, but for me the positive side overshadows the flaws. IF YOU CAN SPEND 5K MORE, BUY THIS OVER One Plus 2!nnLooks & Feel: 9.5nTrust me, it looks much more attractive than virtual pics seen on the net. Thin bezels, Moto dimple, Metallic edges- Everything gives a Premium look to the phone.nnnDisplay: 8.5nDisplay is vibrant & Crisp! Though sometimes I feel the colors are a bit washed out. Nevermind, screen is beautiful enough. Don't forget to adorn it with a 2K wallpaper!nnPerformance: 9.5nPerformance is just colossal! Fast & Snappy. Switches between apps smoothly. No lag no stutter. 3 Gigs of RAM does the business right.nnGaming: 8.5nGaming in this phone is decent. Handles all top notch games easily- Asphalt 8, DeadTrigger 2, Modern Combat 5, etc. No drop of frame rates or lag at all. But in some less graphic intensive games like Into the Dead and Clash of Clans colors are just a tad bit washed out. Nevermind.nnMusic & Multimedia: 9.5nDual Stereo Speakers sound loud and clear. They are just Amazing! Better than HTC's Boom Sound may be. Speakers enhance the experience of watching videos, Listening to music & playing games. And ofcourse HD movies play like a charm! No flaws here.nnCamera: 8.75nCamera is pretty decent too. Better than many Flagships. A big upgrade over previous Moto devices.Takes pictures with clear & sharp details. But needs some improvements in UI. Haven't tested in low light conditions though.nnUser Interface & Extra Moto Features: 10nInterface is very clean, no bullshit bloatware - Just perfect! Moto Assist, Voice Commands are just amazing! Love how it wakes up and listens to me. "Jarvis, are you there? Play the song Photograph" & it does it for me. A big thumbs up for this.nnBattery: 6.75 Charging: 9nBattery has some issues. Might not last for a complete day. At around 7 pm, I search for my Turbo Charger. Turbo Charger charges my phone in just 1 hour 20 minutes! That's actually fast! Very Fast!nnAnd yes Finally the heating issues. Yes I do observe some heating in my phone. But it's nothing to panic actually. The phone VERY rarely becomes unbearably hot. Phones getting hot after playing Graphic intensive games- isn't that normal? I own a Note 3 too, trust me it has even more serious heating issues. nnGRAND TOTAL = 8.9/10nnSo pros? I think my complete review talks about the pros.nnCons: Battery & Heating are the only cons you can find apart from uncommon & rare washed out colors.nnBOTTOMLINE: nPhone is just Mindblowing! If you are okay with the low battery backup & other minor flaws, this is a perfect fit for you. Neglect them and go for it eyes closed. Trust me guys, buy this over One Plus 2 & Nexus 5X. You would never regret!

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