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Motorola Moto X 16GB
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Motorola Moto X 16GB
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Faulty product delivered by flipkart.

I ordered this phone a month ago. No doubt, its one of the best smartphones in the market right now. But flipkart delivered me a defected piece. The camera of my phone has black linings and it is also captured in images. I asked for replacement and flipkart rejected my request without even contacting me. Camera is an important part of smartphone hence, I am feeling that I have wasted my 24000 Rs. I have decided that I will never buy anything from flipkart and will never recommend it to anyone. One of the worst services ever.

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This phone is fragile

Most of the good things about the phone have been covered, so I wont dwell into those. I am one of the unfortunate ones. Here is my experiencenn1) The phone which flipkart shipped to be wasn't exactly brand new. It was a return unit of someone else, the side and back were dirty. Before I could get it replaced, the following happened.n2) I dropped in from a height of about 1.5-2.0 feet (with a case) and the screen shattered. This made me read more about the display. It was then when I came to know that its a known problem with Moto X, it has an extremely fragile glass. The net is filled with complaints.n3) Motorola is well aware of this problem, and in the US provides customers with a free replacement of display if broken. Keep in mind that this scheme/offer wasn't introduced at the time the phone launch in US. It was much later when Motorola started receiving complaints about it.n4) I contacted Motorola, and as expected, this free replacement scheme is not offered in India.n5) I asked for repair, and I was informed the bill would be close to Rs 12,000. nnHere is my take on the complete situation. Motorola makes phones with fragile Displays. Motorola knows this, and provides free replacement for broken LCD in USA. But India and Indians are left out. Why? Dont we deserve the same kind of service? nnFor a second lets give Motorola the benefit of doubt and say there is nothing wrong with the Display and it was my sheer carelessness because of which it cracked (and the carelessness of countless other people). Fine fault accepted. But a replacement display for Rs 12,000 which is half the cost of the phone? That is outright crazy and ridiculous. nnSo my motorola adventure has come to a premature end, and I have no reason to continue with it.

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Too delicate, too high repair cost and poor service support for the mobile with best features

My love for Moto didn't last long though it had been the wonderful companion for a short time before it was dropped.nnGood thing first - No doubt that Moto (X/G) offers best features and performance in that price segment.nnI purchased one Moto G and going by its performance bought two Moto X pieces one for my brother and one for myself. All is well for 50 days till my Moto X fell from a height of ~1 meter. Single crack was observed on the screen initially, but touch screen was non responsive, the speaker did not work and in couple of days it was dead completely.nnThere are two service centers in Hyderabad and the cost of repair quoted by them was Rs.14,500/- inclusive of service charge and taxes. The reason for this high cost of repair is due to the "poor" design that integrates the glass, display, the touch screen and other hardware*.nnI need to justify the poor design and too delicate comments. The following is the reasoning.n1. Delicate: nI use Samsung Note 2 and I've seen iPhone and HTC phones used by my friends. The rugged looks would tell how casual one can be at handling these phones. Note 2 that I use still had number of falls before one day it had cracks on the screen. Moto X was dropped once and that is the last moment of life in it.nn2. High cost of repair:nOnly glass was broken in my Note 2 which could be replaced easily at very minor cost of Rs.1000/- by many service centers across Hyderabad. One call to Just dial will give an idea how easy and still valid is that option. But I went for the total display replacement to avoid risk and it costed Rs.7000/-. I just walked into the Samsung service center in Ameerpet on a Saturday afternoon and the display kit was replaced in an hour. Compare it with 2 weeks of waiting time with 2 authorized service centers and the cost Rs.14,500/- for Moto X. High cost is due to the integrated design where you have no pieces that are assembled but the whole assembly that needs to be replaced. I understand from the technician in the Moto Authorized service center that the camera and the battery can be continued and the rest needs to be replaced.nnA terrific piece when it works but once it falls the chances of survival are rare. Once the touchscreen is damaged there is no recovery as it is not practical to invest Rs. 14,500/- towards the repair where as the new piece costs you Rs.23,999/-(60.41% of the new piece cost).

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Buyer Beware

Bought this phone in Mid April soon after the Walnut finish was launched. No doubt a beautiful phone and possibly one of the best Androids available in the market.nExactly 5 weeks after I bought this phone I found the glass cracked on the right hand corner without any apparent mechanical damage to the phone. This is being with Gorilla Glass 3 et all..nCalled Flipkart in the hope that they might make an exception to the 30 day rule to replace the product. No such luck. Inspite of continued followups they stuck to their stand that they were no longer responsible for the product and I had to take it to the service centre.nCalled Motorola Service Centre. Was told that not only was there no hope of covering the glass in warranty, the cost of replacement would be 13,000/-.....@#$%??nImagine paying 13K for replacing the glass for a 26K product. Worse was yet to come when they told me that the spare was not available with them and had no idea when it would be available.nI am now the proud owner of premium Motorola phone with a cracked glass and nothing to do about it.nThanks Flipkart...thanks Motorola..

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The worst investment ever!

I bought this phone because I believed that Motorola was offering a phone with AMAZING features for a fairly decent price. It is a great phone in terms of specs and in terms of easy to use. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 weeks I had with this phone in perfect condition.nnBut the Moto X has ZERO durability. It fell from my hand on to the ground (a 3 feet drop at most) and the display COMPLETELY shattered! While it still works, it feels like I'm texting on sand. Also, the Motorola centre in Bangalore said they were going to charge FOURTEEN THOUSAND RUPEES for it to be fixed. They said this was customer abuse, let me tell you one thing - people drop phones, it happens all the time, your product shouldn't be so FRAGILE that it breaks from ONE fall. It's not like I threw it from the top of a building or I used a hammer on it! I'm a lawyer, so don't use technicalities on me!nnFor that kind of money I can buy a new phone, why on earth should I invest more money into this phone?! This was a poor choice on my part and I just wish to warn anyone who is planning to buy this product. nnI have had Nokia phones throughout and those phones have taken FAR more abuse and I have never had such serious problems with them. When I get the chance, I will move back to Nokia. I had faith in Motorola, but now my trust in the company is as shattered as the display of my phone!nnUPDATE: I spent one entire week trying to get people at Motorola to listen to me, but NOTHING came out of it! Their customer service is as poor as their product!

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