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Motorola New Moto E (2nd Gen)
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Motorola New Moto E (2nd Gen)
Out of Stock
₹ 4,999
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This is my fourth mobile purchase from flipkart and I got defective mobile. It's battery draining 1% per min . I requested for return and what they told me is to do factory reset. That did not fixed the problem and now they are not replacing my mobile. There customer service is very very rude. I will never buy electronic product on flipkart again.

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A complete review about the product in comparison with its competitors..!!!! Note : Am using Lenovo A6000,REDMI 2,and MOTO E(4G) Performance:: Benchmark: All the benchmarks test doesn't satisfy the overall performance of a phone..still we need something to compare.. Antuntu: Redmi: 19448(avg) A600: 17995(AVG) MOTO E :22349(avg) In the benchmarks results it shows that moto e is a clear winner!! Despite having (all the three has same Soc 1.2Ghz quad core snapdragon 410 processor) Actual day to day usage :: I will prefer MOTO E only ..its a 100% clear winner comparing the other two.. While sending messages,surfing webs,making calls,games ,medias,etc in all departments you won't notice any crashes or freezes in moto e,,while both a6000, and redmi 2 SUFFERS A HIGH CRASHES,FREEZES,not responding dialogues, heating issues while heavy usage DUE TO THEIR CUSTOM UI.. WINNER ::: MOTO E(100%) 2.Software:: Both redmi 2, and lenovo has a very customized UI ,u get lot of features in redmi 2. But both of them are very laggy and uses the resources as much. But Moto e runs on PURE ANDROID LOLLIPOP (5.0.2) with no doesn't has a very impressive customizations but A VERY BETTER USER EXPERIENCE with tons of smooth animations. Winner :: MOTO E.(75%) 3.CAMERA Both redmi 2 , and a6000 has a VERY GOOD CAMERA . REDMI 2 has excellent sharpness and contrast ., while a6000 has a better colours reproduction and focusing. Moto e has a pretty decent camera but indoor images are too noisy. It lacks flash...if camera is your major need PLEASE GO AND BUY A NEW CAMERA (SONY),, WINNER :: REDMI 2(90%) DISPLAY :: in regrading your need ,this may vary, if u like larger displays ( redmi 2 is ur choice,),,, But if u need a compact sized display the clear choice is MOTO E. WINNER : REDMI 2 ( based on pixel density and quality) SAFETY FEATURES :: in this department without having much competition MOTO E s the clear winner 1.CORNING GORILLA GLASS 3 2.WATER REPELLANT 3.ANTI SMUDGE ,OLOEOPHOBHIC COATING while the other two lacks some of these Winner :: MOTO E RELAIABILITY :: It is the most case,if u want your phone to last long.. Everyone knows MOTO has an excellent service care as well as reliability. While redmi 2 is Chinese beware of that. Lenovo has a good customer support too. WINNER: MOTO Battery:: No explanations MOTO E IS THE WINNER. LOOKS BUILD QUALITY customizations:: IF U want to look having a stylized phone I prefer moto if has a complete black display with a speaker gril above makes it look like a premium one and too stylized with moto bands.. Lenovo too looks good but not par with moto Winner :: moto (100%) ... In most cases moto e 2015 4G is a best choice for you if u like to be more stylized compact and a performer. With a decent camera.and a pure android experience.. With MOTO DISPLAY ,ASSIST,QUICK CAPTURE options. The lenovo a6000 , redmi 2 is also a good choice but beware of their performance and day 2 day usage.. Updated; 2-may 2015, Free RAM available: Redmi 2: max 150 mb,,min: 75-95 mb Lenovo : 200-300mb Moto e : 450-525mb Battery life.:: Moto has almost lasted one day with very heavy usage.and lasts 40 hrs(~2days) for light usage. Redmi has a good start at beginning BT now it is poor. Lenovo battery life is moderate only. Heating:: Redmi faces heating issues as much.,below the camera side. Lenovo is quite moderate. And Moto is too moderate.,when I play asphalt airbone for moto than 1 gets warmer in backside.this is quite normal..!! Better this review may help you to choose the right device( not by specs ,BT by performance)) Updated 18th may 2015 Issues in the three:: Lenovo : I experience sudden call drops more than 15 times.,not responding dialogues., screen goes blank sometimes for no reason.heating as much as before.,hanging too Redmi : a lot.can't able to type (sorry).the major is KEYPAD NOT WORKING( bt I fixed it), screen not responding rarely sometimes.heating.HANGING LIKE A HELL. Moto : ..."****(very much important as *****someothers RATED 1 STAR FOR THIS ISSUE.BT ACTUALLY THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE"*****))))rarely sometimes the other person in the my call says "I can't get ur voice talk loudly ".. I found out the cause for this issues. Due to the microphone located at bottom backside of the phone our voice is not that audible. Bt I checked it with my own. Most of the times it works correctly bt try TO HOLD YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM THAT MIC. that's it. Apart form that I didn't found out any minor problems in MOTO E. ,,happy shopping frds..!! Regards #dineshsenids

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Flipkart Theifs of online shopping

I purchased this phone 2-3 days ago . The problem is that the temp of the phone rises easily when i use the net on the phone for only 10 mins . Further, when i asked flipkart to return the phone they asked me to download a app and denied my request . They even said that the normal temp for this phone is 48 C . My friend had the same phone but he did feel the same problem that i felt . Other e commerce websites have better services and they take proper care of their customers. SO try to avoid taking phones from flipkart.

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Problem with Mic

After using for one week, I can say there is a problem with this model. Its with mic., which is located at backside of chager pin, instead of front as in all mobiles. Everyone I call is complaining that my voice is low. I had to speak loud to compensate this. Apart from this every is fine with this mobile. It would be perfect if the position of the mic is changed to front side.

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Pathetic phone, it hangs and not worth 7k... Flipkart Support sucks. ..

This is a pathetic phone, and honestly people should not buy this inferior product. I had bought this phone for my mom (thats y opted for some stable phone, rather than Redmi1s or Lenovo 6k), but phone is pretty slow. It hangs a lot, n multiple times we have to hard reboot to make it work. Worst part of the phone is the camera, thats like age old Nokia Camera .. Moreover the Flipkart support sucks. Though I intimated the issues within 3 weeks, they are not ready to exchange the hardware, and giving some weird reasons. one of the executive told me heating and hanging are not faults (that is expected). Update : Sent a legal notice to Flipkart regarding the same, will make sure they cannot cheat customers anymore. Earlier flipkart support use to be pretty good, now it seems they are least bothered.

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