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Nokia 130 Dual SIM
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Nokia 130 Dual SIM
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Nokia 130 white is highly recommended

Edited 29march15: Use a new Simcard if your old one is more than 3 years old. Make sure it is newly manufactured and not a languishing old one at some shop. I changed mom & dad’s MTNL Delhi Simcard from a Sanchaar Haat. This solves call drops and signal strength, to a large extent. With each upgrade, my iPhone-mad cousins always change the Simcard with a new one. Also, switch ‘on’ cell phone info through the setup menu. Nokia displays/scrolls the name of the tower connected in the main menu 24/7. If you are connected to a distant tower, switch on/off your phone. Also check whether a particular tower has poor signal. Nokia 130 like all Nokias has the earpiece volume at 50% by default. This volume can be adjusted only when you are listening to an incoming call. Just press the right button on Nokia 130 to increase the volume. Left decreases it. And…Dad got his Red Nokia 130. Red is most visible from a distance. A boon, if any of your old folks has a growing cataract/poor eyesight problem. Lastly, check whether you have any rcc re-construction in your home. This can make it like a mini-faraday cage/shield/nest, which is bad news for cell phone signals. Go to your balcony and check the signal strength. Jan 2015 Review: Bought this as a New Year gift for my mother, who was using a 5 year-old Nokia 100 that was Made in India at the Sriperumbudur, Chennai factory. My retired Lecturer Mom was unhappy that this factory has closed down and NaMo’s “ Make in India” has received a setback. Unhappier that nearly 8000 Indians lost their jobs. ? Microsoft Nokia-130 is made in Vietnam and the build quality is excellent. The in-ear headphone is good quality though I get my parents to use a Philps SBC-HL140(also bought from Flipkart). These headphones are safer than the in-ear ones as you can hear all the ambient sounds also. This phone has two speakers; one at the back for FM and music, and one for ear, hence the sound leak while conversing is near zero. Sound quality and adjustable level is excellent for old-age hearing. Separate Chiclet keypads are easy for old fingers. This phone also has a better mobile congestion survival. The signal boost is good. It seems to have some better circuitry for 2014-15’s glut of cellphones and the deficient servicing by the same number of towers. I bought a white one. My retired journalist Dad will get his Nokia 130 White soon. He liked the illuminated keypad a lot. The working of old Nokia is same, so there is no problem in switching for old folks. Nokia phones also display the MTNL tower-connected info; which is useful in lodging complaints to MTNL Delhi. MTNL Delhi is notorious for decreasing its signal strength in heavy Airtel or other private network areas. Nokia 130 is our answer to MTNL corruption. The connection stays good even with one-signal-bar ? We will be buying the next Nokia-130 as usual from Flipkart. In New Delhi they are the Masters, as the supply hub of WS Retail is here and EKart Logistics does a professional job. I wish Flipkart has a check-down choice for seeing only the products sold by WS Retail. So, I heavily recommend this phone. Though you can buy cheaper ones with cameras and other enticing add-ons, but, my Mom who was using a Nokia 100 for years says this Nokia 130 is like her still-going-great 21-year-old Sumit Mixer Grinder. It will last a long time. And, I am getting both the Nokia 130 with same white colour. One of my friends bought two Nokia 130s, white, from Flipkart. Its fun to see, two 80-year olds arguing; is it yours or mine? :D Lastly, Nokia 130 has its aerial at the down position so I guess it is safer, and USB charging can be done using any USB port, or even LED TV ! Though the cable has to be bought separately. USB charging means you can use any USB portable battery bank. XiaoMi smaller one at Flipkart has been earmarked. Nokia 130 data transfer speed with a Class 10 card is good. It can take a 32Gb one. Though I guess a class 4 and 6 will also do fine. Also, I listened the FM radio through my Sennheiser headphones, and it was amazingly good sound. my 2 rupees. Finally, I thank each and every review-writer at Flipkart. People, please do submit more reviews, and be proactive. Lodge public grievances at pgportal; lodge RTI; use MyGov website; interact with PM at his website. I have lodged over 200 DND complaints in the last 10 years + numerous PGs etc. As an NCC Cadet(in 1980s) this is my “One Good Act a Day for your Country”.

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Best mobile phone in town

UPDATE: I bought those earlier two phones from a different Indian ecommerce web site. I had paid approximately INR 1800.00 per phone. But, when I found deeply discounted prices (almost 200 less) at Flipkart, I picked up two more as gifts to people I know would appreciate a great, simple, functional mobile phone. :)nnORIGINAL REVIEW:nnIn India we often say "practice makes perfect". In Nokia's case, this mobile phone proves that quotable-quote to be true. nNokia has been making mobile phones for as long as most of us can remember. And I have known a lot of Nokia mobile phone fans. But, I could NEVER become a fan of Nokia mobile phones for various reasons: either they were ugly in looks or ran pathetically bloated software with tons of unnecessary features. nBut, as Nokia exits the mobile phone segment (or so I have heard) ... they drop this neat little phone onto the market ... and I feel this phone deserves a million-stars commendation. nWhat is this phone all about? It's an absolutely basic mobile phone with which you can make/receive calls and send/receive text messages. That's it! That's all it does. Yes, there's a calendar. Yes, there's reminders!! Yes, there's an alarm clock. Yes, there's a super tiny (and possibly useless) flash light. But, that's all there is to it. nSomebody at Nokia still thought it was a bright idea to include a "video" player, but, that fallacy can be ignored. Using this phone for playing videos would be "degrading" it from what it is: a superb, basic mobile phone. nOh! Did I tell you it accepts an SD card on you can stuff some music on to it and then listen to your music whenever you want? Remember the time when we bought super costly iPods to listen to music? Yeah? This phone makes us look super dumb!! nDid I mention this phone also has an FM radio, if anyone listens to "fm radio" anymore? nBut that video player, audio player and FM radio are features I don't care about. nThere's NO camera, so you don't have to worry about grainy pictures. nThere's NO "internet" and NO web browser on this phone so you don't get frustrated with 1kbps (yes, bits per second) data connections that are charged at sky-high rates. nnAnd the phone is unbelievably small in size and unbelievably light in weight and unbelievably "cute" in looks. nSo how did I come to discover it? Mom called ... she wanted to know what's a good phone in the market! She wanted a simple dial pad. No qwerty and definitely no touch screens. And she didn't want any "unnecessary features". So, I looked around and naturally homed onto Nokia. My first choice was Nokia 206. I have it. It's a decent phone but I don't use it. But, after a little thought we concluded the Nokia 206 still had way too many "unnecessary features" in it which mom wouldn't need/want. The Nokia 105 was my second choice, but that was quickly ruled as for "not being elegant". Next in line were Nokia 200 and 225 (or some such models), but I ruled them out because they still had too many "unnecessary features" built in. And then we found this: Nokia 130. Looks elegant. Has just enough features and almost no "unnecessary features" if you ignore the video/audio players. It was light weight. And the price was unbeatable! nVery quickly 2 of the same kind were ordered. One was shipped to mom, the other was kept with me so I can play "phone support" for her if she ever needed any help. She didn't! :) nPersonally, I have been using this phone for the past week or two. And I couldn't be happier with a mobile phone. This phone is there when I need to make/receive calls. It is there when I need to send/receive text messages. (Yes! This supports T9!!!) And then phone hides in the pocket without making me aware of its existence till I have to make or receive a call or send/recv a text mesg!!n nBefore we finish this review ... I have found only one flaw: the battery wanes "quite" quickly compared to our Nokia 206. In case of this phone we have to charge it at least once in 2 days and sometimes more often. But it has a regular micro USB charger, so you can use a regular USB cable to charge the phone off of the computer. And yes, you can mount the phone's SD card to copy/move files from/to it! How cool is that? nTo conclude: Super cute, super neat phone. Highly, highly recommended. Would give it a "million stars" if I could.

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Best Budget Phone ;

Hi I bought this Phone from FlipKart after doing Hours of Online research for a Good Basic Phone This was actually going to be used by my Mom It is one of the best Basic Phones i have came across Pros: 1.Does not looks like a cheap Phone, in fact looks like a LUMIA series Phone from back 2.Good Battery Backup & takes very less time to get fully charged 3.Signal reception is very Strong 4.Loud & Clear Loud Speaker during Call & listening FM 5.Very bright Torchlight 6.Right Pricing Cons: The only Con which i could find is, the Back Panel is bit slippery which makes Phone slip from Hand while picking it or handing it over.

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superb basic mobile

I bought this mobile from a local retailer a week ago, since it was out of stock in flipkart at that time. nPros:n1. Amazing battery charging time, recharges from empty to full battery in about 90 mins.n2. Has mini USB port for charging.n3. Can connect the mobile through USB port to desktop/laptop and use it for media transfer and also as a card reader.n4. Very light weight and good build quality.n5. Doesnt have voice leakage problems during call and the sound is pretty clear.n6. Superb Battery life.n7. Both Radio and Music can be controlled from the lockscreen, it allows u to change the station/song and volume even when the phone is locked(most basic mobiles doesnt have this feature).n8. Loudspeaker is really loud & clear, and can listen songs through loudspeaker for very long time. nCons:n1. Does not display call timer during conversation.(To turn on call summary setting->cost settings->call summary)n2. Locating the "now playing" song in the list is very difficult, since every time u have to navigate from start of the song list.n3. Does not have fast forward function.n4. Cannot browse the memory card or view image.

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Not recommended at all

Cell has fault. In 20 days stoped working. They say that 10 days replace ment warrenty. In this case if we go to service center they say go to the person from wherr u have bought. I called flipkart several times. U guys do not respond properly. Good bye to flipkart. U sell fake product. No value for money. With great difficulty i got this cell phone now its not working. U guys better change your name to fakekart.

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